South Georgia Expedition Log

Welcome to: Kayaking to Save the Albatross South Georgia Island Expedition. This is a personal log by kayaker Hayley Shephard who is attempting a World First Solo Sea Kayak around this isolated Sub-Antarctic Island.

25 March 2010 | Bound for Ushuaia
24 March 2010 | Falkland Islands
23 March 2010 | Stanley, Falkland Islands
21 March 2010 | Onboard the Prince Albert II
20 March 2010 | Onboard the Prince Albert II
19 March 2010 | Onboard the Prince Albert II
18 March 2010 | Grytviken
16 March 2010 | Cumberland East Bay
15 March 2010 | Ocean Harbour
14 March 2010 | Prince Olav Harbor
13 March 2010
13 March 2010
12 March 2010 | Craigie Point
11 March 2010 | SALISBURY PLAIN
11 March 2010 | Salisbury Plain.
10 March 2010
10 March 2010 | Rosita Harbour
09 March 2010 | Rosita Harbour
07 March 2010
06 March 2010

Feb 7th Report

09 February 2010 | Stanley Falkland Islands
Hayley Shephard

A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us. John Steinbeck

Drama at sea

For all those who have been tracking our progress, you may have realised that we have diverted our course towards the Falkland Islands. Unfortunately our progress was slowed down by a storm which lingered in our vicinity over the previous 4 days.  We experienced winds of up to 60 knots, blowing from the N, NW and it kicked up quite a furious sea.
I was always relieved during the many Drake Passage crossings I have done while working on the big ships not being one who suffers from sea-sickness.  I've surely made up for it on this crossing as we spent most nights being tossed and rocked as the heavy seas dominated around us. We had to hove-to at times as well as lay-a -hull to wait for the seas to calm and allow us to continue our progress.  And then an incident occurred which has caused a big change to our plans.

Unfortunately a serious medical incident occurred onboard causing the need for us to immediately divert our course towards the Falkland Islands, the closest place for advanced medical treatment. Unfortunately, now desperately needing to make some head-way, the storm continued brewing around us and we had to hove-to throughout the night.  Finally, with slightly easing wind and steadying sea we were able to continue on our way, heading towards Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands.

We arrived in Port Stanley yesterday and shortly after Greg was in surgery having work done on his right hand. We have waited until now to write this update on the blog due to wanting Gregs family to hear from him directly to cause less worry. Please accept the vagueness in the actual incident just know that he still will be able to play the Cello and climb - his two of many passions in life.

Although he is doing well, he will not be able to continue with us to South Georgia and being one of the key crew members (Captain and Owner) it is uncertain the Northanger will be able to continue as support vessel for my expedition.
I have a Plan B and a Plan C in mind but will approach those in more detail when a few ducks have been pushed back in the row.

The well-being of Greg, his partner Keri and all those onboard is my first concern and the most important situation at present.  I do however believe that above all the trauma and unexpected drama we have all recently experienced, good will eventually come of it.
Stand by for further updates.
PS, it feels absolutely divine being on land once again.
Vessel Name: oceanmaid
Vessel Make/Model: Necky Looksha IV
Hailing Port: Ushuia Argentina
Crew: Hayley Shephard
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