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The South Shore
The Perfect Restaurant Name
Raining & Warm
01/13/2013, North York

Recently we spotted a Korean BBQ restaurant with the perfect name - Piggy's Restaurant. We had a date night Friday and went. The food was good and reasonably priced. If they would just make the lighting a little less like a school cafeteria it would be a great place.

The Holidays are Here
12/27/2012, North York

The holiday season began with a bang on Saturday December 22nd. The annual QCYC sister's lunch. Each year the ladies of the club descend on a restaurant and celebrate the upcoming holidays. The village gathers. This year's lunch was on a Saturday. I have attached a picture of about half of the attendees.

To Whitby to Whitby
Jacqui/Warmer Overcast
12/17/2012, North York

Just can't get enough of Whitby. The project is turning into one of those - while we are at it, why don't we ......

Today we decided to replace the hatches with lovely ones from Lewmar. We tried getting the old ones refurnished, but we were having a hard time finding someone and the new ones look beautiful, won't leak and will be shiny like the new ports.

We also ordered new clutches - actually I think that's what I am getting for Christmas from Eriks. What every woman wants.

And the new traveller will arrive at the Boat show in January. You won't recognize the old girl the next time you see her - oh and you won't recognize the boat either.

12/20/2012 | carol hamilton
wow! Fantastic work you are doing. Will you also be putting in an aft cabin? HAHA. I can hardly wait to see the pictures.
Lobster for Dinner
Jacqui/Overcast and coldish
12/15/2012, North York

I spent the morning with the advisory committee for the new buildings at our yacht club. Then I met up with Eriks at St. Clair Avenue. We found lobster tails on sail for $3.99 each and decided we deserved a small feast for dinner.

It made us think of our cruising friends and all the adventurous meals they are having.

Oddly enough today I began wishing for a little snow. Not a big whopper of a storm, just a nice dusting of white to make everything look crisp and new.

4 Red Cardinals
Jacqui/Clear and Cold
12/11/2012, North York

A big day at the bird feeder. Dozens and dozens of sparrows, morning doves (2), squirrels (6), 1 blue jay and 4 red cardinals and 4 Mrs. cardinals. Quite a beautiful sight.

12/12/2012 | Veronica
Sounds lovely Jacqui.
QCYC Christmas
Jacqui/Overcast and coldish
12/02/2012, Algonquin Island

Yesterday was the annual QCYC holiday party. As usual Whit and Allie and elves did a tremendous job of putting on a fine feast. I didn't take any holiday photos. However, here is a picture of Andy Oakes who jumped into the lagoon (earlier in the day) to put a fish through the block of the Marine Railway. The down haul cable has broken and a new one will need to be put in place in the spring.

12/02/2012 | carol hamilton
boy! that Andy sure is tough! BRRR- Glad the Christmas party was a success! I put up a Christmas tree today for the boat!

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The South Shore
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