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The South Shore
A Jacqui Hangover
Jacqui/Sunny, Spring like
03/23/2013, North York

You have to know me to understand why this is funny.
Yesterday after work, Eriks and his mother and I went out to
Pizza Libretto for dinner and then on to Saint Anne's church for
a classical choral concert by the Orpheus Choir.

Lovely evening. But we didn't get home until almost Midnight.
I had my usual to drink, including a cup of tea.
This morning - I felt awful. Sick. My eyes wouldn't focus. I couldn't think.
And of course I had woken up at just after 5AM.

Feeling better now - but I won't tie one on like that anytime soon. :)

Polishing the stainless
Jacqui/ Cool but sunny
03/17/2013, North York Ontario

So, Peter knows a guy at Electro-Kleen. Electro-Kleen polishes industrial stainless. They will do small jobs, but the catch is you have to show up at 6 AM and go around back to the loading bay doors.
Wednesday I was up before 5AM for the drive to deepest, darkest Mississauga. And I do mean dark. There were no streetlights nor many exterior lights at all in the neighbourhood of Cawthra and the Queensway.
A woman alone, with a bag full of stanchions and stanchion bases. I finally find the back entrance and knock on the door.
"Hi, I'm looking for Gary - Peter sent me"
"Yeah, you got your stuff"
"Did you bring cash?"
"OK come back tomorrow same time and you can pick it up"

Really you can't make this stuff up. Anyway the stainless now shines like it's Jewelry.

03/17/2013 | How Much
How much cash did it take? The world wonders. Or at least sailors with dirty stainless wonder.
03/23/2013 | Jacqueline Cook
Less than you'd think but they wanted small bills.
Tree Wrangling
Cold, Windy & Overcast
03/03/2013, North York

Step 1,204 on the 39,000 step plan to erect the new buildings at the club. In order to get a building permit, one must create 'protection' for the trees that are nearby the construction zone. This protection must meet the City's specifications. So we had a work party and wrangled some poplars.

Eriks' Crewmates in St Martin
Jacqui/Winter Storm Warning

I post the bad weather reports to make my cruising friends feels good.

I don't know why Eriks sent me this picture.

I am the best wife in the world.

Eriks in St Martin
Jacqui/Overcast, flurries
02/24/2013, North York

Eriks is in St. Martin getting the boat ready for the Heineken regatta. He sent a picture. They are the small boat with the white boom tent.

02/24/2013 | Genia
Sounds like fun. Who is he sailing with?
02/25/2013 | Eriks
The boat is Hammertime II, a Beneteau First 36.7 out of Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club. The owner is Pasquale Leone, a university classmate of my friend Rob Bicevskis.
Whitby on my mind
Jacqui/Dark and warming up
01/27/2013, North York

We went to Whitby twice this week. Clearly it is becoming my new favourite place. We delivered the new traveller and the other deck hardware etc for the boat. And then yesterday we picked up the mast collar so we can take it to Klacko and have a new organizing collar made.

03/17/2013 | Allan Smith
Niiice..I see a lot of money spread out

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The South Shore
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