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Spellbound Pacific Cup 2012
27 27N 152 31 W
08/15/2012, 1623 to go to the SF Light Bucket

(from Bob) We had nice weather today. Wind mostly around 11 knots and VMG was around 6 knots.

I made boiled eggs and cup of noodle for breakfast. It was enjoyed by all. Scott made pasta and squash with chicken thighs for dinner. Unfortunately he was not feeling like eating.

I tried driving form the low side to avoid getting a wet seat form the waves that come over the bow and come back along the deck and then into the cockpit. I thought it was working rather well till a wave splashed over the windward side of the boat and landed directly on me. This gave the opportunity to drive standing up while I was drying off. I found that I could drive the boat much better standing up. I can feel the heel of the boat more accurately and get it going faster sooner.

Before we left, I was asking Nathan why boats collect so much stuff (other people stuff). I don't think I got a verbal answer, but I do have his swim trunks, glasses and possibly sandals. There are also kneepads that were left on the lifelines, and a shirt that was attached to the spin pole.

We cleaned and cleaned looking for the diesel leak, but didn't find the source. Fortunately it has subsided. It definitely made for some slippery floor boards.

We should be one quarter of the way home tomorrow. (1547 to go) I think that will be 4 days in, so hopefully we can get back in 16 days or less.

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35 36N 139 06W
08/15/2012, 803 to go to the SF Light Bucket (as of 12:30 PM)

(from Bob) Wow! As i am typing this, Scatt calls down form the cockpit to announce that the running back is broke. The turning block for the running check stay has disintegrated. We turn down for a few minutes to get it sorted and install the starboard running gear to the port stay. as I am trimming in the main sheet, I get dumped on by a huge wave. I had just come up in my inside clothes, so now I am soaking wet. (Well now< I have changed into a new shirt and my bathing suit.)

I was going to say we have cracked off and the boat is not pounding much. last night we were heading 090 and winds were 15 to 20 from 015. now they have backed off and we are between 090 and SF (~060).

It is hard to type (or rest) in these rough conditions. We definitely should have been higher before getting to this wind. Hopefully it will lessen in next day and we can get back to motoring...

Lets see if I can get an email connection.

Currently (12:25 PM) Bsp 8.2 COG 070 AWS 25 AWA `45 Main reefed. #2 Jib up and let out. Engine 0 PRM Barro 1020 Lat 35 36N Long 139 06W

Fishing No

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08/15/2012 | Bob's Dad
Stay dry. If you can't stay dry, stay safe.
08/15/2012 | Jeffry Matzdorff
GRIBs show decreasing winds as the high moves west of you Thurs/Fri. Looks like lots of powering in your future. Safe pasaage!
08/15/2012 | Jeffry Matzdorff
It's a known fact that sailors have bad memories. If we had good memories we would not do thses things over and least once on every long trip I ask myself what the heck am I doing out here.. having fun! See?!
On our way
08/14/2012, 1805 to go to the SF Light Bucket

(from Bob) Are the Paccup and Spot sites following us?

Every once and a while we will go through a sqall and get a pleasant fresh water rinse, but invariably after that a wave will come over the bow and fill our cushions with salt water. This gives a wet but that doesn't dry. I am considering driving from the low side to try to avoid the salt water bath.

We are learning to drive the boat better. There is an elusive 8 kont groove, but O can oly stay in it for a few moments before it drops down to 7.5. 7.5 will give us 6.5 on the VMG. It feels good to rack up 19 VMG miles in a 3 hour shift.

There was a game we played during Children's hour on the way to Hawaii. It starts like this "You might be an ocean racer if ...". Here is an ending for that. ... you have dreams after a passage and wake up and look out the window and see trees and have anxiety that you might be aground, or wake up and wonder who is flying the spinnaker and who is driving, and do they know where they are going. And all this is about the house you are sleeping in.

There seems to be a diesel leak. I think it is the inspection port on the starboard fuel tank. When we run th emoto, we are using that tank, so hopefully the leak will subside and we will start using the port tank as the other one empties.

We made 145 miles in the last 24 hours. It feels like a pretty good pace, but when looking at Expedition, it looks like we barely started. our heading is 0 to 45, and 45 is the rhumb line to SF, so VMG is pretty good. I wonder if we will see the high and it's tranquil seas.

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08/14/2012 | Jeffry Matzdorff
Yes, SPOT is on line! Valis is showing your lat/lon most of the time. I haven't been able to see any tracks for the return fleet on the PacCup site.
New photos in the Gallery

No professional fotos here but it'll give you a taste of life aboard Spellbound during the regatta.

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33 58N 143 41W
08/13/2012, 1047 to go to the SF Light Bucket (as of 12:00 PM)

(from Bob) Today I woke up for my 9 Am shift to motoring into 14 kts. After getting settled we raised the jib and headed North. We are able to make similar VMG, but are heading North. I am watching for getting headed West of North which would be good to get us onto Port Tack.

We will be at the halfway point in about three hours. I was hoping for a Sunday arrival, but with the progress we have been making I think Monday is more like it. We will see.

I will download a fresh grib to see what is up with our current weather.

Currently (9:09 PM) Bsp 7 COG 026 AWS 15 AWA 30 Main reefed. #2 Jib up and close hauled. Engine 0 PRM Barro 1025 Lat 33 58N Long 143 41W

Fishing No

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33 09N 144 58W
08/12/2012, 1123 to go to the SF Light Bucket (as of 9:00 PM)

(from Bob) Apparently a URL I sent out for Spot is not working. Here is a working one:;0F9ioqqmVEWTyaRUxx8ydh9ERHCpA7UtY

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