Hanging out with shrimp boats
10/11/2013, Oriental, NC

Quick motor down to ICW mile 182 this morning to arrive at the sailing capital of North Carolina...Oriental! We fueled up on some diesel and got situated in a slip at the Oriental Marina and Inn right across from a fleet of about 14, 80 foot shrimp boats. As you would imagine, the harbor breeze smells a little shrimpy! We walked into town for some groceries and then Brian went up the mast for a quick repair job on a radar reflector that came loose during the recent high winds. This was the first time that we had been to shore in 5 days and it felt great to stretch our legs. Hanna was especially happy to see grass! She likes to take naps on the bow and seems to be totally fine with boat life so far! We'll be on the way again tomorrow with Beaufort, NC as our next stop. More then!

Broad Creek Again
10/10/2013, Broad Creek, Neuse River, NC

It's not our home Broad Creek in Deltaville, but it's a nice place to stop on our way to Oriental. We've anchored in a creek on the west side of the Neuse River near ICW mile 173ish. Should be an easy 12nm to Oriental tomorrow. Rain and drizzle today with winds anywhere from 10kts up to 35kts depending on what kind of shelter we had from land. Things should slowly clear out tomorrow (we hope). All for now.

Rain and more rain
10/08/2013, Pungo River, NC

It's been a bit grey here in the Pungo River, and we stayed mostly inside. Brian rebuilt the dingy motor fuel hose (which was leaking air and causing the motor to stall). Susie made a French style baguette bread this morning. And, we're having sauted white beans with garlic, sun dried tomatoes, chicken sausages, and Brussels sprouts tonight. If things look better in the morning, we'll head down the Pungo, cross the Pamlico River, and head toward an anchorage along the Neuse River (near Oriental). By the way, we have no cell or wifi coverage out here, so we haven't been able to check email in a couple of days.

Long Narrow Canal and Lots of Wind
10/07/2013, Pungo River, NC

Woke up this morning to light rain. The weather forecast called for building winds today from the South followed by rain and thunderstorms later tonight. So we decided to find a more protected spot a little farther down the ICW. The trip from Alligator River to the Pungo goes through a long narrow canal for about 20 miles and under two fixed 64' bridges. Very pretty in the morning light and heavily wooded. We had fairly good protection from the building wind from trees along the canal, and managed to exit the southern end about 30 minutes before a north bound tug (which took up almost all of the channel and all of the bridge widths) entered the canal. Currently anchored in the northern part of the Pungo. Winds S-SE at 25-30kts, gusts up to 40kts. Yeah! Probably stay here a couple of days until things settle down.

Position Correction
10/06/2013, Deep Point, Alligator River, NC

Tech issue. Just updating our position coordinates to the correct place in NC.

Destination Mile 102
10/06/2013, Deep Point, Alligator River, NC

Had a great dinner at the Coinjock Marina Restaurant. Based on the weather, we decided to push farther south and find a spot to anchor. Traveled 43nm and are currently anchored at the southern end of the Alligator River just off the ICW. We seem to be protected from south winds (which we have now at 18-23kts) and north winds (which we will likely get tomorrow night along with thunderstorms). Looks like we will have company tonight with a 44' sailboat named Makani which also stayed at Coinjock last night. This post is being sent via HF radio. Will have to add a photo later :-)

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