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Happy Morning: The Caribbean
All the Gear; No Idea...
It hits the fan - Heads Up!!!

Bill has blocked the toilet.

Quote of the hour - Dave "what the ******* ***** ****"

Las Palmas
Water Water Everywhere, so lets all have a drink...
10/05/2012, Rodney Bay Marina

So we have arrived safe and sound at Rodney Bay Marina. In true HM style we were an hour late leaving but the plane was nearly empty, Bill was able to sleep across 4 seats for most of the journey.

A trip to a local bar last night for the annual St Lucia Jazz festival has seen Dave, Stuart and Simon walking around a little the worse for the rum punches we sank.

It has rained consistently since we arrived and as I type torrential rain is pouring down outside - but its still 30 degrees C so its humid, muggy and a little uncomfortable. To the bar then....

Quote of the day - "I cut my finger" - Stuart

Mount Gay Rum Regatta
10/05/2012 | Peg Worth
Oh we feeellllll so sorry for you that it is muggy while we are freezing our "blips" off up here in Maine. Hope you can get focused on winning....P
10/05/2012 | Simon
We thank you for your genuine sympath Peg!!!
Hello and Welcome
Dreary, dull, wet and generally Uggh!!
04/05/2012, A dreary Maldon, UK

Roll forward 16 Months. Happy Morning is snug in her sunny new home at IGY Marina, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. Many new friends have been made, and some great adventures have been had in waters and places new.

And more are set to begin.........

The next Rum-fest and regatta is scheduled to commence on 17th May, 2012. The event: The 2012 Mount Gay Regatta, Barbados. The Essex boys are ready to rock & roll. The countdown has begun.

T-5 days until we depart this green and pleasant land. And the floods.

The Epilogue
05/05/2012 | Kathleen
Glad to see the blog back and I can follow the joys and woes of Happy Morning!!! Good luck in the Mt Gay race. Last year you won stuff, yes? get more stuff this year!!!!

photos are good......
06/05/2012 | David
Hi Kath. We did well last year, got a podium result every day and came 2nd in our class overall. The event is really fun. Happy Morning is dragging an extra 2tons round the race track with all the cruising gear onboard, so we have to go some to get amongst the prizes. We'll give it our best shot as always, but the main thing is to enjoy the whole regatta experience, party hard, and meet friends new and old. I think you and Thom would have a blast!
The Finish
03/01/2011, Rodney Bay

RORC Final Result:

6th overall in IRC
3rd in Class

- around 20th out of the combined results of 200+ boats in the Rally.
- at 36' Happy Morning was among the smallest yachts taking part

Well done the Prindle boys, aka 'Dads Army'


As a postscript to the ARC we have just heard -and we are very proud to tell you- that Marconi Sailing Club have awarded us the Seamanship trophy for 2010. Not only that but additionally (amazingly?!) MSC have awarded us the Mamgu Trophy for the best club blog of 2010.

We always said it was going round corners and parking that are the difficult bits. Straight lines are easy. Therefore these awards are doubly meaningful and deeply appreciated by all of us crew. Especially considering our shakedown was spent in the Green Man at Bradwell (arrgghh...we was storm-bound me dears!).

Equally no doubt we will always be reminded of our scrubbing-post escapade (prime time and witnessed by the entire cadet fleet and camping ensemble), which nearly scuppered the adventure before it began and appropriately bears out the difficulties of parking.

Remember, if at first you don't succeed.....

And so, our thanks to Marconi SC from Happy Morning and her crew.

ARC2010 - The Race
HeyBridge Video and unconfirmed result
Dave/hot with intervals of cold beer
16/12/2010, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Hi everyone,

Mike D's pal Anthony kindly shot some video back in september of Happy Morning departing Heybridge Basin. Here is the link:

We beat Alpha Tau by 1 hour and 40 minutes and Nibani finished just 9 miniutes behind us on corrected time. Very close after some 2800+ miles and 23 days at sea!

That puts us in 6th Place and 3rd in class on the leaderboard.

All results will be confirmed after the race timelimit expires on 17th December. Considering the fact we spent 3 days in windless holes this is a great result and quite an achievement for the lil 'ol boat and team from Essex.

Meanwhile, the crew are larging it up on Piton beer, rum punch, and chilling by the pools and sea. Its a tough job, but someones got to do it!

Love to all,

Happy Morning and Crew

ARC 2010 - Day 23 - 14th December - THE FINISH LINE!

They made it in! Currently sitting in 7th Place behind Alpha Tau who are still racing but ahead on handicap, Dads Army have arrived in St Lucia. Just spoken with Capt. Mainwairing (the american contingent might need to ask David about that one!) who is already rather merry(!) on the rum punch and is happy to be on dry land after a thoroughly enjoyable past 3 weeks and a tight race - if only the wind had held throughout!

All the crew wish to express their thanks for all the support, messages from home and 'armchair' sailing sent to the boat during the race - it really helped to keep the crew going and they are genuinely appreciative to everyone who took the time to contact them during their adventure! The engine gave up the ghost after finishing the race, so an hour of tinkering was required to get them into Rodney Bay Marina but they are there, had a fantastic reception with friends, family and the ARC crew. The final email update frm the boat is below:

"Barring any more disasters we should be in later today.At 09:30GMT we are 48nm from the northern tip od St Lucia, we then have about 5nm to go down to the finish line in Rodney Bay. Some squalls overnight but the day is dawning bright by the looks of hit. It was Mick R's turn to get hit on the head by a flying fish last night, the same happended to me a couple of nights back.
Thje batteries finally gave up the ghost and as of now we are engine charging to keep the nav lights going and to get the batteries topped up a bit.
Can almost smell the beer from here :)

13:05UTC: Land ahoy!! The peaks of St Lucia spotted at 25nm distance. Running down to the northern tip of the island where we do a left and follow the coast for only a couple of miles into Rodney Bay and the finish.

We have had a passenger for the past 24hrs Sammy Swallow, a baby swallow who must have been lost at sea (Like us). He's been living with us and even sitting on my arm whilst I was helming. We hope to get him safe and sound to Rodney Bay.

ETA around 5hrs, 18:00ish UTC/GMT
Dave & Crew"

Unfortunately 'Sammy' the swallow didn't manage to finish the journey with them.

The command centre was in Birmingham catching up with the past 3 weeks work all day today, so the crew will be picking up todays messages themselves once they get over tomorrows inevitable hangover!

So from the crew of Happy Morning, Thanks again for all your messages, words of support (and banter - Mr Payne!) and general encouragement from all. It really kept them pushing on. If it was not for the wind hole of the past 3 days they could have won it, but offer them 7th place at the start and they would have taken your arm off!

Braintree Command Centre signing off!

ARC2010 - The Race
15/12/2010 | Dave Payne
If the calculatiosn are right then it's 6th place they have finished in as Alpha Tau are still have 30 miles to go. As for the flying fish hitting Mick R was the fish hurt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See if Mick J can fry that 1. Best Wishes Dave P

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