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Storm Haven
Profile for Storm Haven

Crew: Don & Paulie Grover
Hailing Port: Wellton, AZ, USA
About: Don & Paulie have been married 23 years (as of 3/14/2010) and have 6 kids between them (Don has 1 son and 3 daughters and Paulie has 2 daughters). They are also expecting their 9th grandchild this May, 2010. Don and Paulie own & operated their farm in Wellton, AZ for over 39 years (Paulie's 2nd life ;>) and have finally retired to the Cruising Life full time!
We've been cruising the Sea of Cortez for a little better than 20 years. Living and running our farm in Wellton, Arizona, 30 miles east of Yuma, it wasn't a long drive to the Sea and with six kids it was our "time alone". Now that Don has officially retired - as of 12/31/2009 - we're off to see the world (or at least the South Pacific!) in our 46' Nordhavn! We bought Storm Haven in 2004 and have been cruising Mexico for the last 6 years and having a ball. Our plans are to go out to the Socorro Islands again (we went the 1st time on Storm Haven 2 years ago.) in March/April 2010. Then we'll do the "Baja Bash" up to San Diego to have some upgrades and maintenance done on Storm Haven and spend a "cool summer" there instead of the hot summer heat of Yuma;>)!!! From there we plan to go back to the Sea of Cortez, Mexico and leave from Cabo to head for the Marquesas Islands and the French Polynesians in March of 2011. Plans are open as to the length of time we'll stay in the Islands. But we'd like to go to New Zealand and Australia after we do the Islands. Our 5 year old kitty, Bootsie, may be a problem. Australia and New Zealand are very strict on animals coming to their country so the requirements are pretty tough. She's our only "Kid at home" now so it's hard to decide what to do!!! We'll have to see how that works out later on. Then we plan to head for the Alaska Inland Passage. We're not sure if we'll transport Storm Haven or take her to Alaska on her own bottom. Paulie's not too hep on the upward battle to Alaska, so we'll see. Anyway, we hope to keep you all updated as we start our cruising life and we will try to update as often as possible! Thanks for entering our "new" blog.
Don & Paulie
Vessel Make/Model: Nordhavn 2546

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