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The Adventure Continues...
03/18/2013 So long and thanks for all the fish
02/11/2013 "Don't hurt your tongue, mon!"
02/07/2013 Whoohoo Wahoo!
02/05/2013 Touring Acklins Island
01/22/2013 The Bight of Acklins
01/14/2013 One Month in and No Hiccups...Yet
12/15/2012 A Good Story Sometimes Starts with the Punchline
12/07/2012 OMG! We're Gonna Get Married
12/03/2012 Stuck in Paradise
11/26/2012 Clearing In & Moving On
11/22/2012 We Are Thankful for So Much
11/04/2012 Wow! We finally left the dock!
07/25/2012 Welcome to our new splendiferous galley!
07/19/2012 The galley is coming along nicely
07/06/2012 Then End of Day One--Ground Zero
07/05/2012 Let's Blow Something Up!
06/27/2012 The Floods Have Receded
06/02/2012 Trudging to Titusville
05/29/2012 My Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman
05/25/2012 Caught in a Concrete Canyon
05/22/2012 Leaving the Bahamas
05/11/2012 Farewell William
05/11/2012 Cute as a Kitten
05/11/2012 William the Conqueror
05/10/2012 Simms Long Island to Black Point Exuma
05/09/2012 People Watching--Simms
05/09/2012 The Tropic of Cancer
05/07/2012 Beachcombing...Bahamas Style
05/04/2012 Sundowners
05/03/2012 They don't tell you this in the cruising magazines
05/02/2012 One Last Beach Walk
04/29/2012 Oh! We almost forgot....
04/29/2012 The 59th National Family Island Regatta
04/29/2012 Hiding out at Red Shanks Anchorage
04/19/2012 Maryann and Don's Excellent (Birthday) Adventure
04/17/2012 Haitian Relief
04/15/2012 Anchor Flu
04/10/2012 To Black Point and Exuma Sound
04/09/2012 Cambridge Cay, Exumas
04/09/2012 Staniel Cay All Age School
04/09/2012 Big Major's Spot & the Pigs
04/09/2012 To Fresh Creek, Andros
03/29/2012 Leaving the States
03/27/2012 We Escaped Marathon!
03/19/2012 Tropical Party
03/19/2012 What DO we do all day?
03/12/2012 Marathon Seafood Festival
03/12/2012 What DO Cruisers do for vacation?
02/27/2012 We Were VERY VERY Bad
02/12/2012 We'll Give You One of These for 2 of Those...
02/04/2012 Settling in at Boot Key Harbor City Marina
02/04/2012 Our Apologies
01/03/2012 Happy New Year from Ft. Myers Beach, FL
12/19/2011 Going to the Greek
12/15/2011 Who needs the tropics?
12/14/2011 The Forgotten Coast
12/07/2011 What are the top 10 things cruisers do in Pensacola?
11/29/2011 How do you spell Mississippi?
11/24/2011 The Big Easy WAS Easy!
11/22/2011 Almost to the Mississippi River
11/21/2011 A Scourge Upon the Land
11/19/2011 Shell Morgan Landing
11/19/2011 Q: Would you rather wake up to an alarm clock or to gunshots?
11/19/2011 Our Version of Rush Hour
11/19/2011 Bye Bye Texas
11/09/2011 Not really Polly Anna but...
11/07/2011 South Central Texas Coast Classic
11/03/2011 the good ship Straight from the Heart has departed!
10/10/2011 What is this a symbol of? (Hint: it begins with a "P")
10/06/2011 Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew
09/19/2011 Back in the water and back to work
09/13/2011 Where did the last month go?
08/08/2011 Countdown begins
The crew and boat
Who: Maryann Timon & Don Mack
Port: Baltimore, MD
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