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The Adventure Continues...
South Central Texas Coast Classic
11/07/2011, Near Matagorda Bay

The picture says a thousand words, in Texan that is. Cruising the south central Texas ICW is a wonder of wildlife and wild sights. Where else can you see an oil rig out in the marsh and a Texas Longhorn on the beach in the same hour? (To see the wildlife click on the Gallery!) We are currently docked--for free--in yet another failed housing development on a grand scale. Somebody lost a LOT of $$ here. But it is placed conveniently between Matagorda Harbor Marina (where we docked last night...sort of a fish camp with State Park like amenities) and Port Aransas/Corpus Christi.

Tomorrow we will try to beat the next front and arrive in Port A, as the locals call it, for some R & R and laundry. We are having fun, laughing a lot and swaping tales with each other. Don's mom is truly enjoying herself and has been very helpful with all the work involved in cruising.

the good ship Straight from the Heart has departed!

We left Waterford Harbor in League City, TX at 12:30pm in a flurry of packing everything on board. We have never left in such a state of disorganization. But we wanted to beat the arrival of a front expected later last night so we blasted out of there.

Betty, Don's stepmom, is accompanying us on the southern-Texas-coast-portion of the trip. For those of you who have not been following along up until now, Don had a burning desire to sail to Brownsville before we turn around and head east toward the Caribbean . He wants to be able to say we have gone all the way from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. So we are off....and thrilled to be moving again.

We went all of 30 nautical miles yesterday and are snugged in at Harborwalk Marina till it stops blowing like stink and the water comes back in the ICW. Then we head south.

We look forward to sharing our adventure with you. Feel free to pass along the link to others who may enjoy keeping up with us.

11/03/2011 | Randy
Now THAT'S more like it! Enjoy!!
11/04/2011 | Randy
BTW, check the location the site shows for you on the map. It has you offshore. Is that where you were when you wrote this update?
11/04/2011 | Bruce
So you're off! On Heart, following your hearts. May the Universe be good to you and don't forget the Black Box! Love to all.
11/06/2011 | Terry
I'm soooo happy you're off on your adventure. Mom say's she is having a great time. Post more pictures of what all of you are doing.
Love, Terry
11/07/2011 | Genemarie
Glad to hear you are on your way.Take care have fun!
11/07/2011 | Joe
Congrats. We look forward to hearing about your adventure. Fare winds and calm seas.
What is this a symbol of? (Hint: it begins with a "P")

Correct----it is a Perfect Downwind Pole! We have completed the installation of our new Continous Line Furler System! It required fabricating a new mast plate, new deck fitting, new light air sail, new bow attachment, and new temporary bowsprit. Now it would be nice if we could just go into a big box Marine Chandlery and select one of those and 2 of these, etc. But, all but one of the parts was custom built. It took a lot of fittings, fabricating stainless steel and numerous trips up the mast. Which part was NOT custom made? You guessed it --- the pole that begins with "P". Perfect Downwind Pole.

The way all these pieces come together is that when the wind is light and from behind the beam we can keep the boat moving and stabilized WITHOUT using the iron jenny (diesel engine). Our rationale for buying this really cool setup is that we think the cost of fuel will continue to rise and we hope it will be better in the long run to sail as much as possible, not motor.

Now if we could just get away from the dock and deploy it! Three weeks and counting till departure! EEEK!

10/14/2011 | Randy Kruml
That looks like my staysail boom in reverse! Would love to see how that works. You said "3 weeks". You must be feeling excited! Keep in touch.
11/03/2011 | Ron Stuart
I think that is great Mom is going along with you. Has she been in any rough seas yet from the high winds you might have experienced? I like this site as it is easier to follow you on your adventure.
Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew

Imagine that. We have been working long hours and not exactly stopping to smell the roses. But, the aft cabin cabinets are pretty much complete!! It almost took a trip to the ER to get them near completion.....Don was taking the finished bulkhead off the boat for a fitting of the door frames, tripped, fell onto the wood bulkhead, hurt his side and cracked the wood in two. He is recovering slowly but insisted on finishing the installation. The cabinets are beautiful and are such an improvement over the plastic tubs, don't you think?

10/06/2011 | Randy
I am glad Don is OK, and I know it's not funny, really, but I have this image in my mind of that kind of thing happening to me and I admit I must chuckle a bit. Does Don see the humor in this yet? If not, will he ever?

As you know, boat projects are never ending. Hope you're not waiting to get them all completed before you get back out there ...

By the way, Faucett's is no longer by EGO Alley and has moved over near the evil empire (West Marine) in Eastport ...
10/08/2011 | Maryann Timon
Thanks Randy for the Annapolis update.....and laughing at Don! You know how much he digs that. He actually re-injured himself yesterday and is taking it a little easy today. Stay tuned for mor fun in the "pressure cooker" called the last 3 weeks before departure!
Back in the water and back to work

The haulout went well, the hull is smooth as a baby's bottom again and there were no blisters. So life is good again--till the next haulout in about 2 years.

So now the boat is back to being a construction zone again. Among MANY other projects, (kind of at the last minute) we decided to build cabinets for our aft cabin. For 6 1/2 years we have kept our clothes in plastic tubs on the shelves that were on the boat when we bought it. So, Don cut out the Teak plywood, we bought louvered doors and fixtures and I am varnishing the wood. Some assembly required!
So hopefully the next picture I post will be of the finished cabinets!

09/27/2011 | Randy
Yes, it has been foggy EVERY day here at Sandy Hook. Glad to see you are on to boat projects with Heart back in the water. Bottom work sucks!
Where did the last month go?

We can't believe a month has gone by (and I didn't post anything!). We have been running around crazily with that deer-in-the-headlights look. Definitely not enough hours in the day, especially when those days are filled with distractions.

We hauled 'Heart' out this week to get her biennial bottom job---scrape the old paint off and apply new. It should hold us for about 2 years. And who knows where we will be then. It is always a bit stressful as your 'home' is yanked out of the water: will the straps hold or will she crash back into the water, does the lift driver know what he is doing in placing the straps under her belly, are the straps in the right place, will we see dreaded blisters in her hull?

Good news--the driver knew what he was doing and there were no blisters! Now, we can't wait to move back on her at the end of the week. Especially the cats!!

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