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The Adventure Continues...
Caught in a Concrete Canyon
05/25/2012, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl

After entering Lake Worth Inlet, we cleared Customs and Immigration via phone (first time we didn't have to shlep to an airport) using the new program called Small Vessel Reporting System. What a breeze!

We made our way north to the Old Port Cove Marina in Lake Worth on a recommendation from our friends Drew and Stephanie on LaVita who had recently stayed there. All the many times we anchored just off the marina, we never thought to stay there, thinking it was cost prohibitive. Come on, Tiger Woods keeps his mega yacht there and there were 25 Nordhavns there (really high end trawlers)! But the price was great and the marina complex is located in the middle of a cluster of high rise condos. The photo shows a few of them but after the peace and serenity (and flatness) of the Bahamas it was a reality shock to be in a concrete canyon.

Leaving the Bahamas
05/22/2012, Nassau

After spending a few days in Exuma Land and Sea Park and Highborne Cay recovering from William's passing we headed to Nassau. We intended to spend a few days there, catch up on boat chores and be tourists but the weather was dreadful. Walking on the muddy streets in the rain was a dreary affair. The marina we stayed in was surrounded by razor wire (as were all the area businesses) and guarded at night so we didn't go out at night. And we didn't get any siteseeing in either. The photo is of the famous Atlantis Hotel Complex...this is the closest we got to it!

I had boycotted Nassau for the last 38 years and upon arriving I immediately remembered why. The harbor was filled with fast moving vessels of all descriptions throwing monstrous wakes at all hours. We rolled in our slip at all hours of the day and night. It was great to walk a mile to the big grocery store and resupply all the foods we had been missing. Don was even able to score some NA Beer....something he had been searching for since we got to the Bahamas.

After about 4 days we were ready to go but TS Alberto was heading up the East Coast. One morning at 6:30 AM I spoke with Chris Parker (marine weather forecaster) on SSB radio about the next suitable weather window to South Florida. He said "if you don't go now you may be stuck in Nassau for 1-2 more weeks." Even though it was not our ideal weather window in both type of conditions and duration, we made the boat sea ready and left an hour and a half later! The photo is of the famous Atlantis hotel...this is the closest we got to it as we passed. by exiting Nassau harbor

The first 2/3 of the trip were benign, although a motor sail. About 3 AM we exited the Great Bahama Bank and entered the Gulfstream. For the next 3 hours it was a little rolly from the 3 ft northerly swells that the Tropical Storm, hundreds of miles away, sent our way. Not enough wind to sail but enough seas to roll. Ugh! Then the winds built to about 25 kts from the southwest and a cross sea started up.

Soon we had about 3 ft seas from behind us and the northerly rollers had built to 5 ft. THEN the squalls started. It was raining quite hard for the last few hours. So much so that even though we could identify an 883 ft north bound freighter on AIS he could not see us on radar due to the rain clutter. Good thing we talked to each other on the VHF radio and missed each other.

We arrived at Lake Worth Inlet around 10AM. Total trip was 187 nm, our average speed was 6.9 kts, total time underway was 26 hours. It was a wild ride but at least the uncomfortable part was over quickly.

Welcome back to the US. :(

Farewell William
05/11/2012, Exumas

William grew up aboard Don's boat Copacetic and circumnavigated the U.K. with Don and his wife Margery. He had more adventures than most people do in their entire lives! Nearly 7 years ago I met William and so did my cat Velcro. William immediately and forevermore established himself as Alpha cat. He deserved it--he was clever, smart and charming. My mom even called him "the great seducer."

William and I had our certain routines living aboard Straight from the Heart. Each evening, for example, when he thought I was getting ready for bed he would jump up on the bed and ask to play. Even though he was a proper British cat with a stiff upper lip who possessed high intelligence, each day he briefly turned into a kitten and chased the laser light around and around in circles on the bed then up and down the hallway till he was tired out. We would also "box" paws until one of us would get ticked off or wounded, usually me.

Most importantly, his loving bond with Don was so amazing to see. To see them nuzzling each other and watching William rubbing against Don's beard was so very touching. Don loves him very, very much. So do I.

We buried William this afternoon on an uninhabited island on a sand beach looking out at a small island called London Gin Rock. Don said it seemed appropriate because he was a sea-cat and he was born in London. We will miss William greatly.

Say a prayer for Don---he is having a tough time with this loss. And we all have a large hole in our hearts

05/14/2012 | t2
What a handsome man he was & so sea savvy, I know he will be watching you 3 & helping to keep you safe, sane & happy.

I'm so very sad for all of you, especially DOn.Our hearts, & kitty hearts go out to you.
05/15/2012 | Randy and Nikki
Hey guys,

Nikki and I are so very sorry to hear of William's passing. We are pet lovers and know all too well the feeling of great loss when a member of the family with 4 paws is gone. No doubt Velcro is feeling out of sorts as well. If one has to go (inevitable), it's hard to imagine a better place to be than paradise. Know you are in our thoughts and hearts. Raise your glasses to toast Sir William, and we shall do the same.

Be well and be safe, dear friends.

Fair winds,
Randy and Nikki
05/16/2012 | Des and Betty
So sorry to hear of your loss. William was such a classy cat, world traveler taking it all in stride. We still remember the sessions with his fishing pole back at the condo, always up to something. He'll be missed.

Take care, and fair winds.
Des and Betty
05/16/2012 | Curt and Kathy on Five&Dime
To my buddy Don, I can only relate to you in how I have felt over loosing Scooter. I am still not able to discuss it, sometimes. I am sitting in my office, with tears coming down my cheeks for your loss, as I write this. We spent great times with William and Velcro. William was the great conqeror, both in the his deeds and his ablity to entrench into your heart. We wish William fair winds. Hugs to both you, Maryann and Velco. See you in Maine
05/20/2012 | Gina & Bruce
Don and Maryann - we are so sorry for your loss - praying for comfort for your heart and for the Lord to bring joyous memories of William to your soul. Much love, Gina & Bruce
05/21/2012 | Whitney
I have a special place in my heart for Sir Wills, it took weeks for him to accept me and once he did I felt so special. Don hang in there you n Wills had something special n rare. My thoughts n prayers to you all especially Velcro who will be lost without his mate.
I know Wills is in kitty heaven hissing at someone. Much love to you all - Whitney
Cute as a Kitten

William was born in London, where Don bought him from a Rastafarian in the projects who was on the dole and sold kittens, puppies and ganja. Certainly an auspicious beginning. He did exhibit a British stiff upper lip and Cat-itude.

Over the years whenever Don met people who showed an interest in cats, he would proudly show them William's baby picture. He was a beautiful baby (kitten)! And turned into a handsome Tuxedo cat.

William the Conqueror
05/11/2012, Underway, the Exumas

Hi, this is Maryann writing because Don is just not ready to write right now.

During a passage this morning, both William and Velcro came up into the cockpit to sleep/keep watch as they typically do. After breakfast, William sat between us on the settee. At 8:40 AM he lifted his head up, let out a small squawk and dropped over dead.

We are devastated to say the least. Anyone who met William will agree he was a coooool cat. He was very smart----sometimes I thought he was smarter than me for sure. He turned just 12 years old and had an adventurous and well-traveled life.

He was a sea cat and was quite comfortable living a life aboard a sailing vessel. He had more sea miles than many humans we know! he circumnavigated the United Kingdom, sailed from the Chesapeake to Florida, to the Bahamas, to Maine and back to Florida. Then he sailed from Clear Lake, Texas to the Bahamas again.

Truly a remarkable pet and companion who will be sorely missed by the remaining 3 crew members.

Simms Long Island to Black Point Exuma
05/10/2012, the Sound

We wanted to get to Eleuthera and thought we would jump up the outer island chain through Cat Island but the winds were better for sailing if we went to the Exumas. So we went 76 nautical miles from Simms, Long Island to Black Point, Exumas. It was a long day but a gorgeous one. We got to use the Code Zero sail and after we had to strike that we sailed with the main and jib. We arrived before dark and the best part--Velcro did NOT get sick!

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