Sula in the Sea of Cortez

20 December 2009 | Prescott, AZ
06 December 2009
05 December 2009
02 December 2009
01 December 2009
01 December 2009
28 November 2009 | Kino Sonora
28 November 2009 | Sailing
28 November 2009
26 November 2009 | Kino Station
24 November 2009 | Northern Gulf
23 November 2009 | Santa Rosa Estero
20 November 2009 | Sata Rosa
19 November 2009 | Kino bay
18 November 2009
15 November 2009 | All over
13 November 2009 | Isla Tiburon
10 November 2009 | Kino Sonora
09 November 2009
08 November 2009 | San pedro Martir

San Juanico

25 October 2009 | San Juanico
San Juanico bay, we have been told, is the nicest place around to wait out the strong northern winds predicted for the next few days. We have anchored way in past the pinacle rocks where most boats can't because of the shallow water and have a very nice vista and some excelent spearfishing grounds. Our intial attempts at catching fish with the spears were unsuccessful and we cooked our worst dinner yet: undercooked rice with stewed tomatoes,one can of tuna all drenched in creole seasoning: to drive home the punishment for not having speared anything. the v-berth is still leaking even though we didn't get the bow underwater at all, tomorrow we remove and rebed the leaky stancion and probably also the u-bolt that is near waterline in the bow.
Vessel Name: Sula

Zak Robinson and Ross Beane


Zak Zak is a twenty two year old degree candidate at Prescott College in Arizona. [...]

Sailing Ross made the unfortunate decision at the age of 16 to buy a sailboat with the money he had saved up for a car; he has rarely arrived on time since. Amazingly, despite his transportation handicap, he graduated from Green Mountain College (on time) in 2007 and has spent the time since holding down steady jobs.

c22_manual05 Sula is a 1979 Chrysler 22 "Sandpiper" Shes rigged for heavy [...]
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Zak Robinson and Ross Beane