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Sula in the Sea of Cortez
San Juanico
10/25/2009, San Juanico

San Juanico bay, we have been told, is the nicest place around to wait out the strong northern winds predicted for the next few days. We have anchored way in past the pinacle rocks where most boats can't because of the shallow water and have a very nice vista and some excelent spearfishing grounds. Our intial attempts at catching fish with the spears were unsuccessful and we cooked our worst dinner yet: undercooked rice with stewed tomatoes,one can of tuna all drenched in creole seasoning: to drive home the punishment for not having speared anything. the v-berth is still leaking even though we didn't get the bow underwater at all, tomorrow we remove and rebed the leaky stancion and probably also the u-bolt that is near waterline in the bow.

en route to San Juanico
10/25/2009, en route to San Juanico

The sail into San Juanico was an all day pleasant down winder and one of the few downwinders we will likely experiance until we get to our northern most point and turn south. We set up a sun shade over the cockpit using the fly off the tent that i brought. The sun is hard to escape on such a small boat.

out in the thick of it
10/24/2009, Coronado Island


In the marine preserve islands just off of Loreto. We pull into the anchorage through a massive pod of bottle nose dolophins looking playful and headed southwest. Caught two fish on a handline but neither looked all that tasty so we let them live and had beans and rice for supper. Early to bed. I slept on deck to get out of te stuffy v-berth and woke up covered in bug bites.

New Launch Site

We Have decided to push our launch site north in light of the Hurricane and our delayed departure so that we are not stuggling to make up the extra miles. We have found storage in Loreto for the truck and trailer and Sula is sitting at anchor off of the local fishing harbor as I write. Later today, after some more grocery shopping and probably a few more delicous fish tacos, we will set sail headed north.Rowing In

10/23/2009 | Carole Goodwin
Zak and friends! I love your website, will check it daily. Who were your relatives? Must have been Pam & Tim. Praying for all of you. Love, Grandma
10/23/2009 | carol
It looks so beautiful and blue. Please be careful and eat well. Try a different road back. Enjoy yourselves as well. love mom
10/23/2009 | Kevin Beane
Good job guys. It was a lot of work to get there. Good luck on the water. Love, Ross's Dad
10/24/2009 | Ben
Well looks as if we did something right when we were re building Sula because there she is Floating.. I miss you boys already i hope this trip goes great... stay in touch
10/26/2009 | Jason Miess
Its on thing to be an arm chair sailor when you read about people you don't know. When you read about your friends sailing adventures it feels a bit closer. Have a great sail boys. Fatty Good Lander
10/27/2009 | Warehouseguy
Glad you made it. Be sure to check out Steinbeck's favorite collection site at Escondido.
10/27/2009 | Billy
Way to go Zak & Ross & friends! Glad to see all your hard work and planning finally out on the sea! The Chrysler-22 forum guys are all hoping you have a great, safe journey and will be following along! Love to see more picts of your modifications completed and gear also! Billy
10/29/2009 | max
You are amazing examples of living life to the fullest. Thanks for taking us all along with you through your story. (It'd get a little too crowded if all the people -- and at least one dog -- who care about the two of you decided to come along.)
All the best.
10/30/2009 | Dayyan Armstrong
ah man, i want a fish taco
10/30/2009 | johnny
Capt. Zak, please remember the first responsibility of the Captain--- the safty of the crew and then the non-stop fun and adventure of everyone on board. I hope you guys have a remarkable/amazing/exciting/memorable time that you will always be able to play back in your mind and smile.
11/01/2009 | Ben
Well its good to see that the boys are on the move again after long time in one harbor but they had fun with some older boaters...
11/02/2009 | josh robinson
hey zak just wanted to say hello nd I hope your journey is going fantastic stay safe and i miss you much. Cant wait to see you.

Love ya
Driving Mexico 1

Mexico Route One is a narrow road with a lot of oversized trucks going too fast over trecherous mountain passes, but we made it almost a thousand miles with little more than a flat tire and a few skipped heartbeats.One Dollar Grapes

10/23/2009 | Tim Connor
Zak and Ross,

Keep the photos and information coming. Great to hear from you guys. We have your beds and showers ready when you return to Phoenix.

Be safe,

Tim and Pam Connor
Phoenix, AZ.
Realtime Tracking

Today we cross the border into Mexico. We spent the night in South Phoenix with Pam and Tim (Zak's relatives) who cooked us delicious food and gave us access to some of the last showers we'll likely take for a while.

Try as we might we still haven't resolved the x-plot position issue with our spot satellite tracker. What that means is that there are two links on the right side bar of this website, one that says "current position" that will show the location of certain posts as we manually update them, and one that says "Favorites realtime tracking" below that that will show our Satellite updates in realtime.

10/21/2009 | leah p
I'm following you guys virtually. You're taking some great pictures. Take care!!

10/22/2009 | Warehouseguy
Enjoy the drive down - you'll never get used to those semi's barreling down on you. Shoulders are for wimps anyway...

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