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Sula in the Sea of Cortez
The best snorkling yet
11/06/2009, Isla San Marcos

Zak took a total guess at what might be a good research site and stopped at a little rock outcropping off of the south end of Isla San Marcos and had what was easily the best underwater adventures so far this trip. Sea caves and unexpected beaches, hordes of fish, all sorts of features to explore. Click any of the pictures below for a larger veiw.

Coyote Bay
11/03/2009, Coyote Bay

We stopped at the NOLS base in coyote bay to try to buy some snacks from their rations room but it turns out that a group of NASA astronauts was doing a team building exercise before their launch in a few weeks so we left the boat and went to find some lunch totally forgeting about the full moon tidal range. When we got back from lunch our boat was hard aground which is pretty embarassing in front of both NOLS and NASA so we played it off like we meant to do it and set to work scrubbing the bottom of the hull which was now conveniently exposed. hardaground

11/03/2009 | West
strong work! hows that keel holding up?
11/03/2009 | Ben
Must be able to get a good look at it from there.. Looks like you have scrubbed the bottom quite well.. It was great talking to you today.
11/05/2009 | Ross Beane
The keel is strong. No leaks in the keel hardware and we have made contact with the bottom on several occasions in order to properly test it out.
11/06/2009 | Tim Connor
Zak and Ross,

Very cool! Sounds exciting. Keep her floating boys.

Pam and Tim
Phoenix, AZ.
11/12/2009 | Kevin
NICE, thats quick thinking, I think i would of just gone and got a beer. Sounds like yall are having a good trip. Wish I could have gone...
Underway again

By sailing North and then west we were able to work with the NorthWest wind instead of against it. Sailed all Night and arrived at Coyote Bay just before sunrise.

11/05/2009 | Ben
Hay Zak its good to see that the electrical an is still working and has not burnt the boat down yet!!!! It was awesome talking to you the other day man.....
11/11/2009 | Aunt Carol
Hi Zak, We're having fun tracking you - great pics. Stay safe. LOL
Eating food
10/30/2009, San Juanico

Cooking on such a small boat really takes up a lot of space. We cook on a campstove in the cockpit and since food is stored in various compartments all over the boat preparing each meal usually involves tearing the entire boat apart. nonetheless we are eating pretty well; Our fishing licenses cost $50 American each so we are trying to get our money's worth out of them.


For Breakfast we usually do potatoes and onions with eggs and garlic, sometimes peppers if we have them.
People on other boats have been extremely generous with inviting us over to dinner and giving us extra fresh food.

11/04/2009 | Ella
Glad to see you guys have proper utensils, and dishes this time
Kite Surfing
10/28/2009, San Juanico

Still hunkering down in San Juanico. the much predicted winds are starting to blow and we are finding ways to pass the day.

Bocce Ball
10/27/2009, San Juanico

We are not the Bocce ball champions of San Juanico bay. It turns out Robert and Virginia off the windship harmony are very very good at Bocce. We had an epic hunt today spear fishing when I lost the tip to our only good spear in the side of a yellow snapper with a lot of fight in him. Zak then proceded to stalk this wounded fish across the reef and nail it with the flounder tiped spear (no barb) against a rock; not only did we get our spear back but this fish was delicous.

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