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Sula in the Sea of Cortez
Reading books
11/15/2009, All over

If you search back There was a post with a picture of all the books we've brought on the trip. Well, many of those are scientific texts and not suitable for recreational reading but we are nonetheless running somewhat short because when you are on a sailboat all day everyday you have a lot of time to read.

Hike on Tiburon
11/13/2009, Isla Tiburon

After a particularly substantial breakfast we took ducky the dinghy to shore and went for a hike into the vast and bizarre landscape of Isla Tiburon. Tiburon is where I will film my live action Hollywood blockbuster of Spaceman Spiff. Colored bands of rock streak across the hills in hues of green orange yellow red and every shade of brown. All the vegetation has brutal thorns and the only living thing we happened across was a deadly poisonous snake. The rest of the animals must have secret hiding spots because while their tracks are everywhere only the occasional high soaring bird is ever in sight.
Any two mountains next to each other on Tiburon look like they were formed on separate planets and crowded into this landscape by an architect wearing striped pants and a polka dotted suit coat waving haphazardly around as he directed the assembly.
After climbing a small peak for a vista that confirmed this was indeed a strange island we descended into a wash that traveled like a perfectly graded dirt road winding past hills and mountains each one formed of a different unfamiliar rock type. at one point we found an area of good old fashion granite and stopped a moment to sip water in the comfort of familiar surroundings. The wash gave way to sand dunes and eventually the ocean and our small boat was waiting upon it.



Kino Station
11/10/2009, Kino Sonora

Arrived at Kino station late Monday night and settled in to some hot showers, washing machines and nice cots on land to sleep on. The Prescott College marine conservation class is here for the semester and they have been sharing their food with us and generally providing pleasant company. Zak and I have set to work ridding the boat of the many extra items that we brought with us thinking we would need but really just take up precious space on Sula. We have almost two full dinghy loads full of stuff that we will be leaving here as we explore the midriff islands. The sail repair is being done by hand since we were unsuccessful at finding someone with a heavy duty sewing machine close by.
sail repair

11/10/2009 | Ella
Please tell me that cat is named Pony
heading North

After hearing two favorable weather reports on the single side band radio nets we set north from San Pedro Martir headed for Kino station. shortly after leaving the anchorage conditions built to 15 to 20 knots out of the north west which was unexpected but welcome as it allowed us to sail at a good clip on the exact heading we were trying to make. As we came up on the south end of Isla Tiburon we started to get wind and wave effect quickly building out of the north where conditions are funneled down the eastern shore of Tiburon. This is where things started to get a little crazy. Just as the sun was setting to a moonless night we started to get some of the steepest seas I have ever seen. We had a reef in the Mainsail and were just talking about switching to a smaller jib when we lost the foot of the main and tore the sail at two of the reef points. After switching to full storm sails we continued to beat into a furious sea sometimes taking waves right into the cockpit and sometimes riding up waves so steep it felt like we were climbing a vertical wall. Needless to say it was a relief to arrive at Kino and row ashore to some warm showers and dry beds.

11/11/2009 | Malcolm
Blew out your sails! You must have been healed over and making decent speed!
San Pedro Martir
11/08/2009, San pedro Martir

arrived at sunrise after sailing through the night at a volcanic island inhabited by Sea Lions and birds aplenty.
Sorry about the shaky camera work and poor quality of this video but if you sit through it you can see the awesome flock fishing techniques of the Blue footed Boobies and hear the Sea Lions in the background making lots of noise.

A French town in Mexico
11/06/2009, Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosalia Looks like it will be our last major town until Kino Bay, so we are restocking some staple fresh food items like eggs and onions and getting the last of our internets done. As usual the realtime tracking link lower left will show our daily position and the current position link will show the positions of Pictures and posts.

Santa Rosalia is an old mining town settled by the french. all of the buildings in the downtown area are built of wood imported from France by the schooners that were picking up copper on their return voyages. The local church is of prefab steel construction and was designed by Carl Gustaf Eiffel and was displayed next to his tower at the Paris Exposition in 1889 before being shipped over here. This whole town has a very unique feel architecturally and yet still succeeds in being distinctly Mexican which is really cool. So far we haven't taken any pictures that I feel properly capture the ambiance but you can always explore other peoples photos of Santa Rosalia on Flickr if you are curious.

11/08/2009 | Wrights
Zak we love your pictures and postings. Calli loves your blue star fish picture. Stay safe!

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