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Sula in the Sea of Cortez
11/26/2009, Kino Station

Thanksgiving here at Kino is a Prescott College tradition that we were really thankful to be a part of. There were almost 70 people in attendance including students and families who traveled south for the occasion and members of the local community who work with the school and their families. The food was plentyfull and delicous all planned and prepared by students From the Marine Conservation class. Apetizers were served on the beach at sunset and tables were brought to the station from a local resturaunt to seat everybody for the big meal. With so many people around the beach festivities started early in the morning and the dancing went late into the night.

11/28/2009 | Zak's family
Hi Zak
We're all together at Sue and Roger's for Thanksgiving. Considering your recent food poisoning episode - we took care of the turkey right away. Grandma says -We read your website - love the pictures. MaryAnne says -We miss you! Your favorite Auntie (Cheri of course) "loves you". Baby Braylon is here and says he misses you too. Georgia says hola. Jimmy says-get back soon so i can have someone to play with!!!! Calli says -I love you Zak... I could almost bring you a piece of apple pie in a couple weeks! Miss you Zak (says your best Aunt Sue). We all can't wait to see you at Christmas.
Shrimp Trawlers
11/24/2009, Northern Gulf

While up north the shrimp trawlers, purse seiners, and pangas have been our constant companions. The Trawlers work all night and sleep at anchor durring the day but everyday around sunset we cross paths as we drop anchor and they steam out.

12/01/2009 | Warehouseguy
Not to nit pick, but thats a sardine boat with a purse-seine rig. Trawlers have the otter-boards hanging off either side. Ok, OK I'm a fisheries geek...
11/23/2009, Santa Rosa Estero

Shortly after our first foray into the estero both Zak and I got really sick. I think it was food poisoning from some breakfast items but we both had fevers too so I'm not totally sure. It's been 48 hours now and I'm starting to feel a lot better although I still have not eaten anything. Zak is eating again so I have hope that we will be able to partake in the thanksgiving dinner that promises to be Delicious at Kino Station. Having two very sick people on such a small boat was very stuffy feeling, neither of us slept the first night as we were both in lots of pain and uncomfortable no matter what we did. about 36 hours into it we were feeling well enough to move the boat and headed for kino where we managed to be a lot more comfortable.

11/24/2009 | Ben
I hope you all start to feel better. Ross every one in CB misses you and says hi and they hope your trip is going well.. The pictures and your trip is looking awesome. I am so jealous of your trip hope some day we can all do something like this.. But that just means we will need to buy a bigger boat!!! Ok friends take care and have an awesome thanksgiving i will be working so eat lots of good for for me. Peace out
11/24/2009 | james eger
Beane! I am going to be in baja from the 26th till the 3rd. we are going to be kayaking for a few days around la paz. If you are around we should catch up...or if you want to crash at a swanky resort in cabo for a night or two get back to me soon.

hope you and zak are having a blast
11/24/2009 | Kelly Habig
I hope you guys are feeling better. If the symptoms linger please get some medical attention in Kino. Your site updates and pictures are wonderful. Stay safe!
11/25/2009 | The Wrights
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are both feeling better. We miss you Zak. We are looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks in AZ.
Santa Rosa Estero
11/20/2009, Sata Rosa

From Kino we headed North to the the northern most Estero (mangrove estuary) in the Sea of Cortez. We were hoping to be able to put Sula right into the Estero and on a new moon tide cycle we could have, but when we attempted we didn't make it very far so we anchored out and took the dinghy in though the sand dunes to the maze of channels that flow through the mangrove. Many passages were too narrow even for our inflatable boat, a kayak would have been the right tool for the job.

Quick stop in Kino
11/19/2009, Kino bay

We were on our way from the south end of Tiburon to an estuary up north and decided we might as well stop for dinner. Well, like any visit to town we got comfortable having internet and eating fresh fruit and waiting around for buses that never showed up, and here we are two days later. We are still headed north However and I do have a bunch of posts about Isla Tiburon and the islands we have been around for the past week, but the internet is too slow for me to be able to upload any photos right now so I will save those posts and publish them in 5 more days or so when i get to an internet Cafe. If you have been watching our location on the realtime tracking link it is worth mentioning that the map is wildly inaccurate and does not contain the biggest island in the gulf. In order to get a better idea of where we are: switch the map to satellite mode in the top left when you are viewing it.

11/20/2009 | Warehouseguy
Hey, I think I saw you guys sailing past me last week off the SW corner of Tib. I had pulled up on a beach near Ensenada La Cruz - only realized it was you after returning to Kino. Kinda rough late night westerlies that night, huh? I wonder where you stayed?
11/23/2009 | Zak Robinson
I think we made it to punta willard north-west that night, we got worked until we woke up the next morning and moved to the north east anchorage.
tight spot

stopped to take a few pictures and spear a few fish at Isla Cholludo which has a neat little deep water anchorage

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