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......till end 2017

15 January 2018 | cape town
Haven't done any updates since early October. Not sure why but mid Nov to - well basically now - is gearing up / down for or from the holidays…..and true to form I have just been to damn lazy !

So, a very brief description of what has happened.

By mid October, the welds had been tested and rewelding had commenced. Andrew decided to test welds by means of vacuum instead of the ‘traditional’ colour test……ok…..!
I think that this showed up many more ‘holes’ but we are not complaining.

The tanks as well as the straps to secure these, had been placed. The aft cabin cupboards were still in progress, sanding and filling prior to painting. All the trim pieces had been stained. New wood had been ordered as required.

All the shower floors had been placed. The forward heads cupboard was being trimmed down to fit, while the toilet was placed for ‘1st fit’. A rather lengthy discussion was had about exactly it would be - I am rather large so there had to be ‘lots’ of space between the seat and the side wall !

It being an intermittent sunny day, the colours could be seen in both sun and shade….mmmm…..we will stick with the 70% gloss.

An initial discussion was held about the counter top finish. At this stage, we are looking at, ’what we think’, is the more versatile black / speckled finish.

Beginning November, rewelding was in full swing. Andrew had found another welder and things were moving along nicely. All the suspect welds / points, were ground open, rewelded and retested.

One engine was placed into the engine room so that floor heights could be determined. While in, the generator, tanks and hot water cylinder were placed. Areas of concern wrt access, heat etc was considered. This also allowed for the allocation of space for the grey / black water tanks.

The aft cabin cupboards were receiving the 1st coat of paint.
Doors were still being sanded and prepped for final finishing. New vanity cupboard doors were being manufactured to visually match existing.

All the portlights in the hull had been welded closed.
The tanks fixing points had been welded to the hull.

The windlass was stripped down, cleaned, tested and painted. All good !

Mid November, all the hull welds had been retested and ground down. All the portlights to the raised deck area had been cut out in preparation of the new ones.

Edging to the caprail / gunwale, where there was suspect areas, had been cut out in preparation of new. Old mooring bollard plates were being ground as flush to the deck as possible.
A discussion was had about the anchor bollard / post, specifically about its position and the odd angle of the ‘arms’….something will happen here. To be decided.

The cargo hold base floor had been made and was being prepped for final flooring. The flooring was being trimmed and prepped into panels, prior to laying on the floor base.

In the engine room, areas behind the tanks had been painted and the tanks secured.

The forward heads cupboard and toilet raised pedestal had been placed. The position of the toilet was under discussion again : ))

A new frame to the chain locker had been welded in and the area primed.
The aft cabin hull areas had also been painted.

By early December, all areas on the hull where work had been happening, had been primed. Sections of the gunwale where required had been replaced and primed.
Certain areas were being prepared for a light fairing to try blend in some of the welds.

The saloon / galley temporary mock up floor was laid and marked up for discussion. Position of furniture, angles etc were debated and agreement reached.

The cargo hold floor structure was being welded in place - heaven only knows how you didn't fall thro the floors previously as there was virtually no supporting structure ! After the cargo hold, was the galley / saloon structure…..which currently consists of 2x posts !

The vertical inlet for the seachest has been removed. The anchor locker / forward cabin has been painted and the floor to the new chain locker was in place prior to welding.

Aft heads cupboard was placed and the raised pedestal was under discussion. The templates for the aft grey / black tanks had been made.

The cargo hold flooring was in process of being ‘glued’ onto the base, with a Sika 2 part product, that looks like baby poo, and evidently sticks like snot !

For images see 'Favourites - October 2; November; December'

a 'short' history

13 January 2018 | cape town
Ever wondered what came before.......

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Beginning October

06 October 2017 | hout bay
Arrived on site to find that the aft cabin furniture etc had been removed and moved to the workshop.
Some poor sod has the task of going over everything, looking for all holes, filling, sanding, priming etc, before it gets put back into the boat.

The welder in the meantime seems to be taking some strain. Seems his arms are getting sore and tired from grinding welds....and as for the welding 'upside dow'....Andrew says its akin to pouring petrol over your head and setting it alight......okey :o
Framing to the aft hatches were complete - geez, could lift the boat on that structure : )
All internal joints and most of external are now complete....except for the 2 upside down ones : )
Joints that he is busy grinding down all look good (to my untrained eye). The care he seems to be taking leaves a good feeling.....

The shower floors are in progress....
Waterline is about to be marked out so that they can set level floors.

Colour samples were being put up......mmmm, this isn't going to be easy......
The darker 'Staalblou' with a 10% gloss, altho a touch dark, is very nice and hides many of the surface imperfections. But it is a bit dark !
'Cobolt Blue' with 70% gloss is toooo shiny and imperfections are easily noticed.
However with a 10% the sun had done a runner, it looked like a reasonable compromise....but we will wait until the sample is dryer and the sun is shining.
'Off the shelf' colours were the rule so that they can be obtained anywhere.
Andrew's opinion was that the 10% was the way to go.
A colour board was prepared so that the Boss can also see......

Last of the coach house windows cutouts are in. Buckles in plating around windows were resolved.

Battery, grey/black tanks, as well as hot water cylinder positions were (re)discussed, as well as the new foreword cabin layout.
The foreword heads layout / placement was also finalised

The new rub rail was discussed. Andrew has sourced a very nice rubber rail.....just waiting for costing.....!

For images see 'Favourites - October 1'

September 2

03 October 2017 | hout bay
By the end of September, the new welder had decided that he was not happy with the previous welding - he had found residue flux in the weld joints - so...he had ground out all the old welds, rewelded, ground down most of the joints, and done much of the structural internal work as well (new stringers etc)
The chain locker had been completed, other than the new frame section, and the watertight bulkhead had been repaired.
The new plate for the coach-house window had been welded in as well.

A lot of the external work, had been stopped due to rain.... : (

The carpenters were completing the aft cabins. The new lockers etc had been completed. Sanding was progressing furiously.

Aft cabin hatches had been marked and cut out. Andrew had decided that what had originally been designed actually worked fine, so off he went : )
The aft cabins are nice and light now.....

The heads floors are being prepped. Templates have been made and the 1st floor masking has been cut. Basically the entire floor is being made out of glass fibre, with the shower base bonded into this so its a contiguous unit.

The engines are expected end Sept / early October. Andrew was reminded to ensure that we get the serial nº's before delivery, so that they can be insured by the time he takes delivery.....

Two serious discussion were had.
The first, regarding costs. Basically, there are to be no 'extras' as there is no additional funds. If there are alternatives and it doesn't cost anything, we will consider, but if it costs, we revert to agreed contract :((

The second, about completion….oh oh !!
In terms of the agreement, the project should have been complete approx end August, but there were a few delays. Altho not technically our (i.e. the owners) issue, we were happy to allow a 3 month extension. This would take completion to approx end November.
Realistically, we did not see this happening, and as we didn't want Andrew to rush and take 'shortcuts', he was asked when he thought completion would be….realistically. We agreed to the new date.
So, we are now looking at launch towards end March 2018 !

For images see 'Favourites - September2'


13 September 2017 | Hout bay
September dawned grey, windy and slightly wet.

Progress still seems slow. ‘Instant coffee’ approach does not sit well with a small yard and boat repairs.

A new welder is on site and things are happening, altho if you give a cursory look over you wouldn't tell. Most of the weld joints have been done on the interior. Welder had started welding joints on the outside, but rain has kind of gotten in the way. Currently he is doing the watertight bulkhead that had rusted thro, and then moving onto the structure in the chain locker.
Once the structure is in, the new bow thruster tube will be cut.

The aft cabin cupboards etc are getting along. The new ‘entrance’ to the cabins works well. As there are 2 double cabins aft, space is tight so Andrew has juggled things to be as practical as possible, while giving as much space to the cabins (as opposed to the passage / entrance). Even for my fat frame, I can get around.

In the coachhouse, the old engine bed has been removed in preparation of the new motors. These are expected at month end : )
‘Wobbles’ in the steelwork around some windows, has been removed. One panel is going to be completely replaced as the ‘Heath Robinson’ work done previously......well, lets just say it will be easier to replace the entire panel !

A discussion was had regarding the internal helm station. Do we or don't we keep it......?
It was decided that as a practical thing it was almost pointless, but as a marketing item it was invaluable. Andrew has the un-enviable task of installing an internal removable helm station......over a watertight door (hence the removable)....both of which we don't foresee using......

The forward heads hatch has been cut and is awaiting additional support. Ditto the enlarged new forward cabin hatch.....I am glad to say that even my frame will get thro it !

The positions of the aft cabin hatches / helm seat / mainsheet rail / gallows structure was broached. A block / working / concept model was used visualize setup, and identify possible issues and solutions. Hopefully by next visit, the positions would have been marked up for discussion and finalizing.

External paint colour was also discussed. 4 samples are going to be painted - 2 in sun, 2 in shade, of 2 different colours.
Basically blue is the above waterline colour....its just a matter of tone / shade.
Currently we are looking at Cobalt and Steel Blue........

For images see 'Favourites - September'


29 August 2017 | Hout bay
In August things started picking up again.

The wood flooring was delivered to the yard.
The windlass was stripped and serviced. Andrew reckons that it has hardly been used which is good for us.
The water tanks have been put into the boat. The straps to secure them have all been cut and formed.
The soft patches have been made. All old 'holes' / fixing points have been welded and primed.
Beginning August, the hull below waterline was being prepared for priming.
Sanding of doors is continuing. Some doors were found to be shorter than the rest, so these had to be adjusted to conform.
Aft heads layout is being 'worked on'.
Aft cabin soles and cupboards are being mocked up, and fitted once agreed to.
Saloon windows are being prepared for framing.
All holes (other than the bow), portholes etc have been plated / tack welded.

Progress still seems 'haphazard'....but it is progressing again

For images see 'Favourites - August'
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Hailing Port: currently Kraaifontien, South Africa
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