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Cooling My Heels

There's not much more to report - work takes most of my time and energy. I am moving to a marina for hurricane season, so that if we get hit I will be in a sheltered spot and not have to run for Puerto Rico like everyone else. It's a hard decsion, as I like it on the mooring, but now that I have a job I can't just cast off every time the weather looks bad, looking for a place to hide out. The coming months will be about working, paying off debts, repairing the boat and gathering my strength for adventures yet to come.

Chili Cookoff

Chili, beer, cool water to swim in, even an 80's cover band. I love listening to Blondie and Men At Work in new settings :)

Beach Party

There was a big beach party on St. Thomas, with 18 kinds of chili and lots of people. It was the only time since I've been here that I've seen white people hanging out. Lots of folks came by boat, but I hitched a ride.

Underground Tunnels

There are tunnels connecting the bunkers and such. I walked through but couldn't get into the ammunition rooms. The ghosts of old servicemen were there but keeping quiet.

Observation Bunker

This is where they would watch from - on top if nothing was in sight and down in the slit if the bad guys were attacking. I was thinking this would make a good place for my solar smoothie stand.

Gun Emplacement

On the far edge of the island overlooking the Caribbean Sea are the ruins of ancient gun emplacements. There were 2 big 6 inch anti-aircraft guns here. They never saw action other than testing and training. It's a strange feeling, standing up there, imagining the guys watching for Jap planes flying in low to attack the submarine base on St. Thomas. The guns are gone but the bases remain.


Just minding his own business. I wanted to pick him up so bad, but felt that he would be happier if I didn't. He looked pretty dry - I wished I had some water to pour on him. I bet his shell would show the color beautifully if it was wet.


Don't sit on this one !

Flowering Trees

What could be prettier than a glorious flowering tree and a clear blue Carib sky ?


Sometimes it seems like this place is just like the Southwest, only with water.

Caribbean Stone Wall

I walked around part of the island. There are narrow paved roads. Lots of people use electric golf carts to get around. It reminded me of the east end of St. John, all those years ago, when I would follow the roads and trails until I discovered a hidden beach.

Water Island

I spent a nice day exploring water island, along which I am moored. There's a great beach where everyone hangs out in the evenings to watch the sunset. After dark they show movies on a big white sheet stretched between the palm trees.

Saba Island

A nice Sunday sail over to Saba Island, just a short hop from Water Island. Got to take a pretty girl for a picnic lunch and we had the whole island to ourselves. Pretty sweet.

The Path To Work

I got a job right away, as funds were (and still are) very low. I am working for a general contractor called Custom Builders. They do mostly commercial and government work, and they are very busy. My position is as purchaser for the whole company. I supply all the jobs, keep the equipment and vehicles working, handle all the ocean freight we receive and make sure it all comes together. It's a big job ! But I'm thankful for the work and I'm learing about things I've never had to deal with during the Blue Sky years. And the office is a nice place to be, up this pretty path, in an old stone plantation house, with air conditioning. This latter is no laughing matter - it's freakin' hot here all the time, and working outside during these summer months causes rapid melting.

Water Island Mooring

I had the good fortune to meet a salty old sailor named Stan who is letting me use one of his mooring balls just off Water Island. This is a nice spot, close enough to St Thomas that I can take the dinghy in every day, but removed from all the cruise ship chaos and traffic and such. Stan and his friend Deb have been super, and made me feel right at home.

St. Thomas

My new home for awhile, the island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

Hanging Out

We're all here because we're not all there.

Looking Toward The BVI

The view from the plantation is beautiful, especially looking northeast towards the British Virgin Islands. Hoping to head that direction when I have some more time, maybe when someone comes to visit. hint hint


Color everywhere.

Purple And Green

A weird and wild plant.

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