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SV Dawn Treader's Adventures
New Sheet Winches

Here is another shot from above with the old one beside it too.

SV Dawn Treader Upgrades
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New Sheet Winches
06/23/2012, Olympia, WA

OK, so maybe not 'new', but they are to me. And the PRICE WAS RIGHT!!!
I got them from a guy who bought NEW Self-tailing winches for his boat and wanted to borrow my welding equipment. Nice trade I think. The old smaller ones were original and were Barient 21s. The 'New' ones are Barient 28s. I used to have to strain real good when the sails were full to get any trimming done, but now with these it will be a piece of cake. I can get a kit that makes them self-tailing for about $600 each. But seeing as I am not a racer and just a cruiser, I may, or may not get them. They do make things nicer though, so we will see.
Many more projects are coming together on the boat, and I will be happy when the house sells and I can get the funding for a few big projects. Besides a few little items, I will get the new house bank batteries and then be off. I will have the rest of the stuff on board and will get it installed and whatnot as I go south.

SV Dawn Treader Upgrades
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Summer is pretty much here...
06/14/2012, Olympia, WA

Yes it is, but I need to get more stuff done fast on the boat so I can get out of here as soon as the house sells.

SV Dawn Treader Upgrades
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06/14/2012, Olympia

OK, so what have I been doing?
Got the engine smoking issue straight I believe.
A major issue I think is the Amsoil Oil change I did. I used to use DELO. I think as the engine gets used the 'new' oil will replace any deposits that were on it and this will be back in order. The hour meter stopped working and the gauges are freaking out. I believe it is the cause.
Started installing the long awaited 'Lazy Jack System'.
This is going to be sweet. Soon I can drop the mainsail from the mast base and not be too concerned with it going all over the place.
Have to finish the mast steps too. I am kind of chicken now a days since my big accident about heights. Went up today, by myself, alone, no one around, and had 1 line on me with a 'JUMAR Ascender', and 1 around the mast for a 'safety'.
Working on building some custom 'mast exit blocks' for my halyards. It has 2 sheaves at the masthead, but only 1 exit at the base, both fore and aft.... Interesting issue.
I was told the mast was foam filled. I took out an exit box, and it has foam on the outer perimeter of the inside. IT looks like to me it is hollow up the whole thing. I will find out soon enough, when I get back to the masthead and send down a messenger line...
So other than that, life is OK, I just need to sell a house, FAST!

SV Dawn Treader Upgrades
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It is almost summer....

So here I am, almost summer, generator still has an issue, and I need some $. Well, I guess everyone needs some $ but I want it more!!! I need to get new batteries for the house bank.
Looking at a total of about 1200 Ah in AGMs for the boat. Long term self-sufficiency is the idea.
Engine is running good and the boat is really getting close to being ready to leave the dock permanantly.
SO, back to work on teh boat projects I go...

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Long time, NO blog....
Clear sunny, 2000 feet above us, wet and overcast down here.
03/04/2012, Swantown Marina, Olympia WA

Just an update to say nothing is happening on the boat for upgrades.
Winter is here, getting about 2 gallons a day from the dehumidifiers. But it is warm and dry inside.
We have had some wild wind days and lots of rain. Some of it being very heavy.
Solar panels work excellent. Right now the sun is showing only a small amount of sparkle/light thru the overcast and I am getting about 2 amps constant from them. Wind Generator is an interesting item. It only gets good amps flowing at the higher wind speeds. I am thinking that down south I may need to get the 5 blade modification so I can take advantage of the winds in the 10 - 20knot range. The other day there were gusts in excess of 40 knots. THe wind gen hit 110amps for a moment. As it gets up in amps, it has an internal brake that slows it down so it doesn't get messed up from overspeed.
I really need to sell the house so I can get this boat finished good enough to go. It will never be completely finished as that is the life on a boat.

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