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Adventures of North Star
Follow the Adventures of Kim and Steve aboard their yacht North Star!
kids at Thanksgiving
11/26/2009, Virgin Gorda

These are some of the kids from 4 or 5 boats at Thanksgiving Day.

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Happy Thanksgiving
11/26/2009, Virgin Gorda

On Wednesday 11-25 we were finally able to get a buoy at the dive site The Rhone. It was a great dive and the wreck was amazing. Some of the angel fish were the largest I have ever seen. The coral and sponge formations on the wreck had a beautiful array of colors and provided a great home for many fish, large and small. One lobster we found would have made a meal for a family.
After the dive we had a nice sailed up to Virgin Gorda. This is a area surrounded by islands and upscale resorts and provides a very protective anchorage. A group of maybe, 10 or 12 boats from the Caribbean 1500 congregated here for Thanksgiving, BVI style. I had already bought a package of butterball shaved turkey and told the boys that this was the best they were going to get. It has been so warm here we did not want to heat the boat up by cooking a turkey for 4 hours. There was a generous amount of all the Thanksgiving usuals including turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potato pie and cranberries. We will stay in this area for a few days. There are several towns and resorts we want to check out, some snorkeling near Saba Rock, diving and a few museums and, of course, we have to see The Baths. More on that at a later date.

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Peter Island

We left The Bight and spent the morning at White Bay at Peter Island. We did some snorkeling and then moved to Key Point to spend the night. This anchorage had several boats already anchored up for the night when we arrive. We had to anchor a little further out from the protective cove and spent the night rolling all over the place. The beach was beautiful and the water crystal clear. The following morning we sailed over to the other side of the island and spent the day at Deadman's Bay. This is the area where the photo was taken and is the prettiest area we have seen yet. North Star is the boat with the blue hull off to the right of the photo. The photo really doesn't show just how beautiful it is here. We spent the morning hiking to the top of the mountain. We defiantly have sea legs now and not land legs because this took a lot of work to get to the top. There were literally, thousands of white butterflies everywhere. The views off both sides of the mountain were amazing. One side had quite little bays and the other had crashing waves rolling up to shore. We spent some time just taking in these unbelievable views. Before it got dark we headed back to Road Town, the main town in Tortola, and anchored near customs. We had dinner at the famous Pusser's. The following day consisted of not so much fun. Laundry, groceries, a getting parts from the local marinas. While we were having lunch, we thought we saw the previous owner of North Star. After we finished eating we were not able to find the person we saw. Later, while I was at the grocery I ran into her again, and sure enough, it was the previous owner. We had a nice talk and she told me about her new boat. Tomorrow we hope to dive the Rhone, one of the top ten ship wreck dives.

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11/19/2009, The Caves

One of the caves extended back a pretty good distance. We used flashlights to see the surroundings. The ceilings were very high and rugged.

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11/22/2009 | Ruth Anne Johnson
Enjoyed reading your blog. Tried to email you but it won't go through. Praying for your safety. Happy Thanksgiving!
11/19/2009, Normand Island

We left the dock on Tuesday afternoon. The weather is great and the seas are calm. It only took about an hour and we were almost to Normand Island. We decided to stop off at The Indians. This is an area where four large rock formations extend out of the sea. This is normally a very busy and crowded site. Today was an exception. We picked up a mooring ball and spent some times snorkeling and then moved to an anchorage in The Bight. We fell asleep in the cockpit. The breeze was blowing gently, some kind of bird on the island sang all night and the stars were amazing. This is almost a deserted island. One restaurant, a few people and some wild cows, or so we hear. Thursday we snorkeled The Caves and an unmarked site just to the south of this spot and then back to The Bight for dinner and bedtime. Tomorrow, after a dive, we will probably move to Peter Island.

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Caribbean 1500

Scott and Greg were our two crew members that met us in Hampton and made the trip to Tortola. They were both great guys and their knowledge and strengths really added to our first passage in North Star.

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11/16/2009, Sopers Hole

We left a foggy, wet and cold Hampton area around nine am on Monday morning. All six of us were in the cockpit with sailboats and large boat traffic all around us. Within the first four hours we had various crew members sick. We hit the Gulf Stream around five am on Tuesday and as usual it has yet to be a boring area. Crew began to come back to life and the fishing began. Michael caught a wahoo and two mahi in the first few days. We did experience some intermittent rough weather and high seas. No matter what the conditions of the sea and wind the boat did great and felt very comfortable below. After eight bumpy days at sea we finally arrive at Sopers Hole in very dark conditions around eleven pm. We picked up a mooring ball and had a good night sleep. In the morning, Michael and Tim hoisted the Q flag as we waited to clear customs. When all the paperwork was complete we headed for Nanny Cay Marina. We enjoyed several days of camaraderie with the other Caribbean 1500 boats and hope to leave the marina tomorrow. The area had bad weather last night with winds around 60 mph and we heard a tornado hit somewhere on the island. Schools were closed and flooding was a problem. The water in the marina was filled with debris, limbs, trash and dirt, that ran down from the mountains.

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11/19/2009 | Karen
Glad to see all is well! Sorry to hear you had bad weather, just glad everyone is safe!

And a few mahi.

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Michael caught fresh wahoo a few day out on the passage south.

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11/14/2009, Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola BVI

Just a quick note to let everyone know, we are in Tortola, BVI, and everyone is fine. We arrived Wednesday night around 10:30 PM to Soper's Hole where we had to pick up a mooring buoy to wait for customs and immigration in the morning. This was after 1500 miles of ocean passage. We all slept like rocks. Once through immigration we went around to Nanny Cay marina ( Nanny Cay is the host marina for the Caribbean end of the this rally. We all received our awards last night and had the concluding festivities of the rally. Now the boats are all starting to depart for their various destinations in the Caribbean.

We'll be back soon with more info on the passage, photos, etc., soon. But for the last 2 days the internet on the island has been off more than on.

We'll update soon. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts,

North Star

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