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Alibi II's Ginger Beer recipe

13 April 2013
After experimenting with a half dozen different recipes, we came up with our own. Thought we should post it as it has become our most requested recipe.

Ginger Beer

In a glass or ceramic jar, mix
2/3 to 3/4 cup grated ginger
juice of 1 lime
1 cup honey
1 quart boiling water
mix together and let stand until lukewarm and then add
2 teaspons yeast that has been proofed in a half cup of lukewarm water
with a tablespoon of honey

Mix and let sit at room temp for a day in glass or ceramic jar or bowl
covered tightly with lid or plastic wrap.

After a day, strain and store in frig. You can store in a plastic jar but
should use glass or ceramic for the brewing.

If you prefer, you can use brown sugar or agave syrup instead of honey. While you need to use a real sugar initially for the fermentation, we have had luck using Stevia for additional sweetening after brewing.

You may find you may need to add more sweetener or lime juice as your
taste buds dictate. Same with the ginger, play with the amount the first
few times you make it until you get the flavor to your liking. We use
more than two thirds but less than three quarters of a cup.

Can be stored in the frig for up to a week. In theory anyway, here on
Alibi II it is usually consumed well before that.
Vessel Name: Alibi II
Vessel Make/Model: Allied Seawind II
Hailing Port: Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas
Crew: Bess and Bill
About: And crewhounds Gus and Jake
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