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Apparently, we are boring

16 December 2008
I just checked on our friends Bill and Christy's blog, and it put us to shame. We are so pathetically boring by comparison. And not funny at all. Do they really have lives that much more interesting than us? Dammit, I hate being a piker.

So I guess I will try to ramp up the text - I just figure no one (except sister Martha) would want to read that much and that they are all really just waiting until we get to the Bahamas to see pix of blue water and huge lobsters that we caught with our bare hands. Aren't they? or am I really that bad at assuming everyone thinks the same as I do.

Okay, well here is (surprise, surprise) another picture of Bill Storm and the boys. Bill is completely absorbed in Nigel Calder's diesel book as he gets ready to do his big transmission install.

Behind him you can see my goal shorts. They are size 8s from about 4 or 5 years ago. They are placed there, right above the lockers where all the food is stored - something of a reminder. As it turns out, the 'it just falls off you when you're cruising' diet really only works if you go offshore a lot without scopolomine patches - thereby spending entire nights face down on the floor clutching a trash bag for when you lose the ginger shaps that were supposed to help settle your stomach. Sure, if I did that every night from Annapolis to Miami my goal shorts would already be too big. But it really is not my idea of a fun time and who knew that Bessie was that much of a weenie??

Anyway, after that exhausting burst of activity, crafting four whole paragraphs, Bill and I will go back to doing what we do every afternoon, sitting around, doing nothing and drinking rum. In the morning, we sit around, do nothing and drink coffee. I'm not sure that schedule will give us much material for future posts, so you might just welcome the blue water and big lobster pictures after all.
Vessel Name: Alibi II
Vessel Make/Model: Allied Seawind II
Hailing Port: Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas
Crew: Bess and Bill
About: And crewhounds Gus and Jake
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