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Please forgive me, Lord

02 February 2009
I could not help myself. This is a picture of our current neighborhood crank who I call The American Speedo. Not only does he commit the obvious swimwear offense (usually reserved for Europeans), but he has poor flag etiquette, flying the American flag above the Bahamian courtesy flag. Shockingly, this individual in single.

He hollers at anyone who tried to anchor near him. After we dropped the hook not too far away he drove around the boat in his dinghy going full speed with a menacing scowl. Bill and I bravely hid below.

On Saturday night a very pretty sailboat attempted to anchor within his hollering range a while after rum thirty. When the poor beleaugured boater decided to pull the hook and head elsewhere he had to pass through a gauntlet of cockpit cocktail parties. It was very funny to hear the comments aimed at them everything from "Go get back there" to "Hey man, I think your anchor is dragging."
Vessel Name: Alibi II
Vessel Make/Model: Allied Seawind II
Hailing Port: Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas
Crew: Bess and Bill
About: And crewhounds Gus and Jake
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