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Alibi II
Rack time

Somewhere off the coast of South Carolina in the middle of the night Bill and Jake were able to catch a few ZZZZs.

05/18/2011 | Deborah Streeter
Nice that Billie can sleep! Confidence in the mate!!
05/18/2011 | Bill
Boys need their sleep
Cumberland Island

After a 75 hour run from Marathon to Fernandina Beach, we took a day off and hung out at Cumberland Island, GA. Miles of gorgeous beach and only a dozen other people. Puppies thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Photo taken about half an hour after this boat waked the hell out of us. As you can see, it is firmly aground with the tide going out.

05/18/2011 | Deborah Streeter
There IS a God!!!
05/18/2011 | Bill
I hope you did your best to compound his dismay...
05/23/2011 | Gail
06/10/2011 | Zephyr
Sometimes the smallest things can make your day! I've wished the same on a few power boaters, but have never seen the results.
Score one for the sailors!
Bye, bye Burdines

Last stop before leaving Marathon was at our favorite fuel and burger joint

One last night out

Since we're getting ready to head north, we had a farewell gathering with Mara and Bill on Puddlejumper at Castaways - where we happened to run into our good friends Cassie and Sarah. Yes, Marathon is a very small town.

Clearly Puddlejumper Bill does not mind being stuck in the middle of 4 girls.

Hey, where are you guys going without me??

Jake, not happy about being left behind.

Katie, Wayne and Lily came to visit

Last weekend some dear friends from Idaho were here, glad to be away from Boise where it was snowing. We hadn't seen Katie and Wayne since the summer of '08 and had not yet met little Miss Lily.

Had a great time - did some roaming around town, relaxing at the beach and, big surprise, happy hour. This pic is taken at Lazy Days.

We had a great time - thanks for visiting!!!

Sombrero Beach

View from the beach towel

Puddlejumper finally got here

Happy hour at the tiki hut with Bill and Mara.

Catching up with Kokomo

Roland and Leta from Kokomo rolled into town the other day after 4 months in the Bahamas. We have been having a great time catching up with them, inlcuding an evening roaming around Marathon hitting our favorite haunts. This pic is at Salty's Waterfront Grill at the 7 Mile Marina.

03/30/2011 | Anne from Annapolis
Don't you look terrific! Miss you terribly!
03/30/2011 | Anne from Annapolis
And the very diaphonous shirt set of by Billy's Banlon. Got it goin' on.
Speaking of Howard Livingston

Here he is with his famous outboard powered blender. For more info on Howard, click on the link in our favorites.

Harold and Val, sorry you missed it, we were thinking of you!!

Seafood festival

We had a great time volunteering at the 35th annual Marathon seafood festival last weekend. Great food and great music. Here Billy and Ann from Pura Vida take a well deserved break to listen to Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24.

Dinghy drift

It's been about 2 years since we've been to a good dinghy drift, last one for us was in the Bahamas. Since they never seem to do them in Boot Key Harbor, we thought it was high time to get one going.

We had about 8 boats participate and a good time was had by all. So good, that we are going to make it a Monday night tradition. Here is the link to the City Marina webcam ( so if anyone (or Gail) wants to check on us Monday after 5, they can. The webcam changes view every few minutes, so some patience may be required.

Here is a link to a video one of our neighbors made of last week's gathering

NOTE - both links are also on the side bar under favorites

03/07/2011 | Jacob
Boy does that look super fun. I've never heard of a dinghy drift before. (I've heard of rafting).

Anyways. Great blog... glad we found it! Enjoy your travels. We're following from Yacht Blogs.
First train to Key West

Today we went to Bahia Honda State Park to see the reenactment of the first train ride to Key West.

We wish we thought to take pix of the reenactment itself or the gorgeous beaches at Bahia Honda. Alas, we did not. Instead we have yet another picture inside another Keys pub - this time No Name Pub in Big Pine Key with Jack and Ann from Pura Vida.

We have heard several estimates of the number of dollar bills on the ceiling and wall of the No Name - supposedly somewhere from $75,000 to more than $100,00.

Sammie came to visit

Our old friend and Capital Yacht Club neighbor, Sam McKay, came down for a visit. Those who have visited CYC will remember Sammie as she of the houseboat decorated with pink flamingoes.

02/21/2011 | Erin
Oh, I so wish I could have been there, too! Bob, the girls, and I are going to be in the Bahama in two weeks, want to come see us?
02/22/2011 | Gail
Maybe Erin and Bob will bring the girls by for an overnight on their way to the Bahamas!
Dion's corn dogs

One of our late night traditions (mind you, late night here is around 9 o'clock - also known as boater's midnight) is to stop at Dion's, which is in the Mobil gas station convenience store. They are known for their fried chicken, but we think their corn dogs are fabulous.

This is just further evidence that cruisers are like people who have reverted back to some college or high school life form. We wear flip flops, carry back packs, drive around in old VWs, are constantly on the search for cheap beer - and, yes, sometimes get our best meals at gas stations.

Impromptu girls outing

Last Saturday we participated in a pirate treasure hunt in the harbor. Since it was cold and rainy - and the event only lasted 45 minutes - and we were already on shore, a group of us (Kathy from Ishmael, Ann from Pura Vita and Tammy from Osprey) decided to head down to the bookstore for a Tim Dorsey book signing.

Who is Tim Dorsey you ask? A Florida author known for writing humorous crime novels featuring recurring character Serge A. Storms. Or, as Tammy says, the guy who writes the Tim Dorsey books.

Turns out that Mr. Dorsey is not quite so funny in person and seemed somewhat indifferent to our attendance at his event. Since we were already out and about, and since Porky's happy hour starts at noon on Saturday . . . . well, you can see where this is going.

Our favorite bartender

As evidenced by previous posts, our favorite local hangout is Porky's Bayside, so it should be no surprise that our favorite bartender might be found there. This is Cassie, a recent arrival from Alaska, who is a one woman instant party.

01/30/2011 | Doug
Hey Bess! Keep up the postings. I like to live vicariously through you
An outing with Ishmael

Our nieghbors George and Kathy from Ishmael joined us for an outing at Porky's, which not only offers the best happy hour prices and bbq in Marathon, but the best in local color and characters.

Celebrity sighting in Marathon

While Clarence Clemmons sightings are frequent here in Marathon, celebrity visits are something of a rarity. President and Mrs. Carter visited earlier this month and Johnny Depp was reportedly seen in town as well. At our favorite stomping ground, Porky's, we spotted none other than Travis Tritt, pictured here with Bess and Kathy from Ishmael.

Okay, it is in fact a big fat lie. This is just a local whose real name we either did not care enough to find out or we did not remember (it was happy hour after all). We're not really sure that the Travis lookalike appreciated our attention but he was a pretty good sport about it.

Conway girls

Bessie and her sisters got together for a weekend over on the west coast of Florida. A lot of hilarity ensued. Mummy would have called it a silly session. With luck this will just be the first of many.

No green flash tonight

This is a pic of one of the fabulous sunsets we experience down here in the Keys. This shot is taken from Burdines, no, not the department store, but a way laid back restaurant at the west end of Boot Key Harbor.

Yes, we are still in Marathon. Bessie's work situation is now a little up in the air since she injured her rotator cuff lifting heavy things. It's just not getting better and looks like she'll have to take it easy on her arm for a few weeks yet - this over 40 nonsense stinks.

So we're just playing it by ear right now and enjoying having the luxury of hanging out together.

Back in Marathon

We arrived in Boot Key Harbor last week and Bessie went back to work at Sunset Grille this week.

So far the weather has not been great, lots of wind and cool temps. Today we are waiting on the big blow that is supposed to kick up this afternoon - winds of 25 to 35 with possible gusts to over 40.

This little guy attached himself to our dinghy line this morning - cool huh?

12/14/2010 | Mike & Linda Bouchard
Be happy, it's bitter cold here. A frosting of snow on the docks here this morning, gusts to 40 and 20 degrees. If we could I'd haul the boat and stay at the house - on the positive the Reverse Cycle is keeping up - don't want to see our electrical bill. My new quote: If you want a white Xmas - "Move to Vermont!"

Merry Holidays to y'all

M & L and the "pooches gracias"
12/17/2010 | Gail Larcher
Very cool, I have never seen a seahorse out side of an aquarium.. Or dried up in a shell shop
Bottom's done, we're on our way

After 10 days in the yard, our bottom is repainted and various other projects completed. Lit out of there on the 22nd for Vero Beach. While we missed the big Thanksgiving gathering we did have a chance to catch up with a lot of friends, old and new.

After 4 days in Vero, we are now on our way to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale from there to hop out to the Keys.

While in St. A, we made a few trips to our favorite restaurant the Back 40. Here we are with Holly who works there - you may be a little too much of a regular when your server has you over for dinner and laundry. We're looking forward to seeing Holly again when she visits the Keys this winter.

11/15/2012 | Wendy McGregor
Hi Bill and Bess. I'm currently sailing with Holly from Trinidad to Florida. In Nassua right now and we looked up your blog. Well done, it was fun searching for her photo
Catching up with Lee

One of our favorite things about St. Augustine is catching up with Lee on Krasna. This time he was a day behind us as he was asked to sail on the schooner Lynx from Charleston to St. A.

Since the Captain, First Mate, Second Mate and many of the crew were women, Lee was literally low man on the totem pole. Here he is tending to fenders upon the ship's arrival.

For more on the Lynx, check out the website

Yay!! St Augustine

On Tuesday morning we were able to shed our long johns for the season and by afternoon were in shorts in St. Augustine, Florida.

We met up with Veranda and Savage Son for happy hour - two for one drinks plus free pizza!!! can't beat that with a stick.

Good thing we got some playtime in, tomorrow we get hauled and will spend the next week working on the boat - so we might not look this happy in the next set of pics.

11/25/2010 | Mike & Linda
Happy Thanksgiving boater friends... best wishes to you and enjoy! Btw: Linda is wearing her Tiara while cooking in honor of B-day month.

See ya...
Our annual Ryan photo

On our way through Wrightsville Beach we checked in on nephew Ryan. Per his mother's request, here is this year's pic of Kathy's baby (sorry Ryan, her word not ours.) As always we had great fun with him.

Perhaps a new tradition

Gail, Steve and the Bouchards came out to the boat for farewell coffee before we left. Thanks for the visit guys, see you in May!!

11/15/2010 | Gail Larcher
a motley crew
Another Annapolis summer gone

Yep, we're outta there - but just before we left, we took the boat around to the Rhode River for our traditional last evening at Gail's.

Anne joined us for the first leg of the trip and then we feasted at the Old Stein in Edgewater. Yes that is nice delicious German beer in front of us - and oh the jaegerschnitzle and spaetzle and red cabbage, yummmmm.

Goofing around with some Boatyard colleagues

It appears that in recent months have we made no mention of the fact that Bessie has been working this summer at the Boatyard Bar and Grill here in Annapolis.

She has really been enjoying it, especially working with some great, funny characters - such as with Adrianne and Jess, pictured here.

This is her last week as we hope to head south in a matter of days, but we'll be back in Annapolis, and Bess at the Boatyard, come May.

10/26/2010 | Gail Larcher
Where are you now????
11/08/2010 | mike
are you two every going to stop fleeing the cold to update your blog... jeez - fire up that old laptop.

Take care,
Veranda's last night in 'Naptown

Bill and Christy on Veranda pulled out early Sunday morning. To mark their last night we joined Jeff and Tessa from Innamorata, and Terry and Bob from China Rose at Davis' Pub for dinner.

See you guys in Vero!

At the boat show

Thanks to Tory Salvia from the Sailing Channel for this pic from the last night of the sailboat show. One of our favorite things about the show is the 'boat parade' on the last night - when they break down the docks and all the boats leave at once.

Bill is working for the show this year. The powerboat show is this coming weekend and he'll work after that doing breakdown. As soon as he is done we'll start the trek south.

Taking the big boat down river

In late September we moved the trawler from CYC to Fort Washington.

Here Billy takes a turn at the helm, wondering 'what the heck is this other engine for?'

Our crew

We brought Stanforth along for the ride, here he exhibits his top boating skill. Fortunately, in addition to drinking beer, he is pretty helpful getting into Fort Washington in the dark.

Bessie at the helm

On the trip down river - a little bittersweet to drive the old boat, not sure if or when it might happen again.

Birthday bash continued . . .

Here is Bessie with Leo, an old friend she first met in Montana way back when. It was truly a delight to see him again - it's been a few years.

The birthday boy

Here is Bill with Ladonna at his birthday party on the aft deck of the Mary Morgan. We had a great gathering of good friends and good wine.

Haven't you ever wondered . . . . .

During the evening out with the girls, we found ourselves at an Irish bar frequented by bagpipers in kilts - so given the opportunity, Bessie decided to check on the oft asked question of kilts and what lies beneath. Wouldn't you look too?????

Out with the girls

Bessie got to see the girls for a night in Old Towne Alexandria - here are Eliza, Robin, Laura, Sue, Jen and Sallie hitting the town.

The Watertown News

We arrived in St. Augustine just in time for the arrival of the very first edition of Lee's paper, the Watertown News. He did great job - it really looks fabulous. In only 6 weeks he was able to write or get written all the copy, get almost 40 businesses to advertise and do all the layout himself. It was very cool to be there to see the very first papers hit the streets.

Visiting with Lee

The purpose of our stop in St. Augustine was to catch up with our old friend Lee from Krasna. We last saw him here in late November. Rather than heading further south, he is staying in St. A and has actually started a newspaper.

This is taken at the small marina where he lives. He is barely recognizable with all his crazy hair cut off. The other gentleman is Bob, he is an old friend of Lee's who is a woodworking genius and owns the marina where Lee lives.

We truly enjoyed getting to know Bob and greatly appreciated his hospitality, letting us stay 6 nights.

And hello St. Augustine

We made great time coming up from the keys, only 3 1/2 days to St. Augustine. Pups spotted the beach as we came in the inlet and got pretty excited - Jake is saying "Please, can we? can we?" They love nothing more than to be let loose to run on a good beach.

Goodbye Marathon

We pulled out of Boot Key Harbor in early July, headed north once again. Here the boys, in new life jackets, look wistfully back at the beach.

09/16/2010 | Pauline
Love this photo! Too cute.
One last CA pic

Here we are with sister Martha, her fiance Pete and niece Tara with her friend Chris.

Hanging out with Anne in CA

Here is Anne, looking great despite being completely immersed in Conways and their nonsense for a whole weekend.

And still more Conways

Here all are 13 of the next generation - all together for the very first time. Very cool.

Conways, Conways and more Conways

Here are Bess and her 8 siblings in Santa Barbara for brother Donald's wedding.


Another highlight of the California trip was catching up with Marcel and Anne. Funny enough, Bill and Marcel just happened to be wearing the exact same thing - right down to the blue Keen's on their feet.

We will start to post with more frequency as we are headed north bright and early tomorrow. We are headed to Annapolis for a few months - so we look forward to catching up with all our DC-VA-MD friends and family.

07/07/2010 | Chelsey
At first I thought that was Mike Ware. I was so confused.
07/19/2010 | Gail
I thought they were the waiters
07/22/2010 | The BH
OK, it's been a few days now... where the heck are you?
Bess and Tara

We have been remiss in posting lately - that silly work nonsense has been to blame.

In June we traveled to California for older brother Donald's wedding. The highlight of the trip was getting to visit with niece Tara.

Hasta la vista La Buena Vita (and Cliff)

Well after a very fun winter with Harold and Val, La Buena Vita left last week.

Val's brother Cliff, having grown accustomed to sun, fun and leisure days reading in the cockpit, has gone to Texas and back to work.

We're not sure when exactly we will see Harold and Val again as they intend to do the Caribbean next year.

Before they left we spent a day dining around Marathon. This pic is taken at Porky's, one of our favorite places.

The tree growing up through the restaurant should give you some idea of the ambiance of the place.

05/28/2010 | Erin
OMG! Can we trade lives for just one day -- please!
Aaah, three whole days off!!!

With the winter season ending here in Marathon, things at work are slowing down until Memorial Day. As a result, Bessie was able to swing a few days off.

So today we got to act like cruisers again - sleeping in, exploring in the dinghy, swimming and stopping for lunch at Burdine's. Here we are with Harold and Val from La Buena Vita, Val's brother Cliff visiting from Texas, Dick and Larry from Ula G - and, of course, the hounds.

Tomorrow's agenda includes snorkeling, swimming and 25 cent wing night at the Hurricane.