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Moving along
Steve Hollen

Due to some better "Free" features, our main blog for our travels on the Pacific coast of Mexico is at:

But if you are still interested in the modifications that I have made to the Andalucia, our 1976 Irwin 37, this is the place.

The Old Aft Cabin Bed
Steve Hollen

I have been asked by other Irwin owners, what have I done to our boat since we bought it. The Short answer is, at lot. Most modifications were made for comfort and added storage and some were made to make our cruising life easier. The following pictures show some of what I have been doing for the last 30 years.
The first one is a picture of the Aft Cabin as it was on the day of Purchase, January 2 1979, with son Tim in the bed.

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Aft Cabin Bed Modifications
Steve Hollen

Picture # 2 is what it looks like today. The aft cabin bed is king size in two directions and still room to get out without killing your mate.

Aft Cabin Cabinet Modifications
Steve Hollen

Picture #3 is the cabinets I replaced the bench seat with to give us someplace to store bedding and clothes. This cabinet also gives us shelving and walls to place things like A/C and Satellite dish Controls (oh yes, DirecTV).

Remodeled Galley
Steve Hollen

Though some would say installing Granite counter tops would weigh the boat down too much. I would say keeping my crew in the galley a higher priority. I added drawers where there was a refrigerator, added cabinet doors to store pots and pans and a wine rack over the engine cover (something to keep the champagne in). Finally, though you are never finished, I also moved the facing of all the cabinets away from the bulkheads to allow a table sized plate to lay flat inside (the companion way ladder has been removed for a clearer picture).

Electrical and Electronics
Steve Hollen

In the Main Salon I have relocated and condensed all the electronics and Electrical controls into one area. So far nothing has given any RF interference problems.
You can also see the porthole treatments that are just wetted in place (no glue) due to too much time in marinas wanting privacy.

New deck hardware
Steve Hollen

On deck, due to the dismasting, we were given an opportunity to redo the running rigging (we are still trying to figure that all out), so we lead all lines to the cockpit.

New deck hardware
Steve Hollen

The main mast is now organized with all lines going into the cockpit to allow short handed sailing of the boat. All heavy lift items lead to that Lewmar 44, 2 speed, self tailing winch.

10/30/2010 | Barb 'Bobbi' Adler
I love, love, love what you've done to the Andalucia!!!! Granite friggen-counter tops, self tailing lines to the cockpit, a huge storage compartment and come on, a big-O king sized bed aft. It's unbelievable! I'm so glad that you have taken such great care of her and I couldn't be prouder of you Steve! Way to go!


S/V Andalucia
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Port: Mazatlan Mexico
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