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Cruising in the Sea of Cortez
Cruising, marketing, lollygadding around. No hurry to get anywhere.
Anchoring in Agua Verde
Who: Gary & Phyllis Stratton
Port: Vancouver BC Canada
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Just a Thought
11/16/2010, Puerto Escondido, BCS

. Received a short comment from my brother Herb the other day on Facebook, He said he had looked up our bay here in Escondido and it was pretty remote but it had nice coloured water. Great. You have to love the water, and we really do love the areas up here. They have absolutely everything you could want, lots of swimming, enough shopping that you can get by, a terrific market for veggies, great companionship with all the other boaters and campers. It really is a toss up between here and La Paz. Both have their attributes, both have great people, we do find that La Paz has more activities which is a big draw. A real toughy.

Anyway, Herb's comment reminded me of a little old bag lady that I saw in a small town in Oregon while I was trucking. I had stopped at the Wal-Mart mall to pick up some groceries, and as I was leaving I noticed just outside of the mall, on a large grass strip was this bag lady with her shopping cart etc. But more than that, she had a discarded beach umbrella, (a couple of the struts were broken), and a discarded lawn chair, and was sitting under the shade singing and watching traffic. How peaceful and creative. Now I know, someone is going to say, how about the rain and the cold and snow etc etc etc. but for just that moment in time she was at peace with the world, and isn't that what all of us want, just some point in time to be at peace with the world!

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September Already
09/12/2010, still in La Paz

In the next week I will get out the camera and take a few shots to post. Live in La Paz is still great. "Are we ever going to leave?" seems to be the question. Gary is back from the north country, so I am not batching anymore, but I think he will be the next one on the net wondering what to do with a "bitchy" wife? There are days!!

We have a new threat out at the Magote. A 100 foot schooner, a boat with lovely lines that was built in Turkey, and sunk at Marina Costa Baja awhile back, has been anchored out by the folks at Abaroa's boat yard (the scuttlebut seems to be that they didn't pay their bill) (just remember, I am not responsible for the accuracy of rumors), anyway, it would appear that they are on a 50 lbs danforth, 30 feet of chain, and lots of rope, and are a danger to all. We had to move they were just too threatening. I personally don't think the anchor is even in the sand, so they wander around just dragging their chain and anchor like the old ghosts in the castles of Europe.
So far the wind has been quiet, and even so, the schooner would have wiped us out the other day if we had still be in our same spot. Haven't ventured inside it but someone said it is just a huge empty shell. But it has great lines, and really looks pretty. Would make a good B&B if someone wanted to put the cash into the interior.

Gary came back with lots of energy, I think the north spawns that, so he is systematically getting all the decks clean, and doing all the other blue jobs that he knows I didn't do.

I am still marketing like mad, and I think that is going to slow down because Gary is talking about taking a run up into the sea for a month or so.
Check out:
and get your name in the draw for an earth friendly cleaning kit, great for our oceans.

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Chit chat from La Paz
08/24/2010, La Paz, Mexico

Hi there, hope all is fine in your world. Have been doing more marketing than blogging lately, so some of this news will be old hat to anyone that is keeping up with the world.
Life in La Paz goes on. I think everyone is tired of the heat, in fact one cruiser who shall remain nameless, to protect his wife, came on 22 last evening and asked what he should do with a wife who was nagging him all the time, and driving him crazy! Well, there was lots of silly comments, but I really think that life on his boat is not getting better!! "A woman Scorned" and all that.
There seems to be lots of boats these days going "walkabout" every 20 knots of wind seems to be dangerous these days. 2 small boats went up on the Malacon a couple of days ago, one of them a cute little folk boat, that someone should salvage and love, because it will be toast if we get any serious wind. And of course a boat that everyone calls "Footprints" seems to be leaning on the sandbar every time we get a low tide. Not sure why it has been abandoned but I guess it doesn't hurt it to lean on the sand every couple of days, but again, we have had no wind to speak of.
Our new meeting room is coming along great. There is talk about a 50 inch flat screen on the wall for movie night, I wonder who will pick the movies, let me see, "chick flicks" or "murder & mayhem" hummmmmmm..... Anyway, the progress is great, and apparently there are mucho plug-ins all over the place, so it sounds like lots of places to plug in computers. Probably be ready for the "ha ha" group, because it is moving along quickly. Wheel chair access it won't have tho, because it is upstairs, but a great view of the bay will be had. I mentioned a bar, but someone said that alcohol won't be allowed. Find that hard to believe that prohibition will be in force in Mexico. We shall see I guess.
And last but not least, I have been following the New Dream Plan, that Shaklee has come up with for Canada and the USA, and there are some great new perks. So if you have any interest in making a couple of hundred dollars a week, or just want to win a "Get Clean Kit" go to
Until next time, enjoy.

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6 months away, Social Security Check Cancelled

Well, this morning on our chat net, (I use to call it 21 net, but it has moved to 65 now) anyway, "Blue Wizzard" came on with a news break. He had received a letter from the US Social Security department, saying that his Social Security check ( which would be our old age pension checks, for us Canadians) for July was cancelled due to him being out of the country for over 6 months. If he wanted to question that he had to go to a consulate and prove he was still a US citizen. Of course this raised multi questions, and caused him and his family untold grief. He phoned the gov't department to verify that this was correct, and they said that they had sent out a number of these letters, and were getting "lots" of phone calls. This is a real concern to all of us sailing because, of course we are out of our home countries for more than 6 months, and for a lot of people there is also the problem of mail that hasn't caught up etc. Which means that, if you rely on your SS cheque being in the bank every month, when you go to the bank you might be rather shocked!!

He thinks that he may have sorted it out, because he called Barbra Boxer (sp)( I think she is a senator, being Canadian I don't know all the US gov't officials and their designations,) anyway, she agreed to sort it out for him, and he feels that the government official can be trusted to do that, so he is feeling relieved. I guess time will tell whether he has to go down to Cabo and show his passport etc. to the consulate.

So, if you get said letter, you might try his route and call up your government official and see if it helps.

After that, Bob from "Pantera" came on and said that if Canadians were out of the county for 6 months our Old Age Pension checks were cancelled as well. I disagreed with him, and he bet me a looney he was correct, so I looked it up today on the net, and Bob you owe me a looney! Not only are they not cancelled but they are paid anywhere in the world, and if you want they will deposit them anywhere in the world in the correct currency. It comes under FAQ--Do I have to be in the country to collect?

So,, As the anchor drags, that's all for today.

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Going crazy with the wind

Everyone says this has been an unusual summer, and I hope that is true. The wind is driving me crazy. We have had constant 20+ sometimes even 30+ and I can't seem to get the halyards quiet, so every night is a challenge.
Other than that is has been a great couple of months for me to catch up on my internet marketing. The learning curve has been most gradual, sort of like the waves, lots of ups and downs. But I should have realized much sooner that like all good things, you can't just become an expert overnight. That is what college is all about, and make no mistake, learning marketing on the internet is not just a quicky night course.
But, it is all coming together now, but not until I yelled,"HELP" from some of my friends. "like how come you can make money, and I don't"? the answer "maybe because you are like a scatter gun, all over the place, not focused". So, I am learning to be focused.

I found one program that I really like;

and I am staying on course much better, in fact it encourages me to go from #1 to #2 etc. finish one step and go to the next.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, who'd a thunk it!

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A Couple of Necessities

Well, here I am again a boat widow in La Paz. Gary has done his yearly "we need to increase the cruising kitty" thing, and is back driving truck for a friend of ours in Canada. He also of course gets to visit with kids and grandkids and friends etc. So all in all he feels he is keeping his hand in and his license updated. Altho, at 71 I do think it is time he allowed his license to expire.

I, on the other hand get to boat sit, and catch up on some marketing etc. etc. and also update my blogs, which have been badly ignored this year.

We had our last SASS (sisters acquiring sea skills) today. And it was a great meeting, altho much smaller than usual. The bay has really cleared out for the summer with some people heading up to the USA and others heading up to the sea, and of course the gang that puts their boats to sleep for the summer. (a reverse hibernation that the bears all do). One thing that came up at the meeting was how many topics we all wanted to cover this year and didn't get time to do, so our agenda for next year is already covered, and I'll bet we don't get them all done then.. But we did have some great meetings covering, self defence, banking in Mexico, first aid on board, dinghy management etc etc. So it was a great year.

I want to do a meeting geared to all the handy stuff we find we can't live without on our boats, and get everyones ideas. I know I have a couple of very special goodies. One of them is my vegetable tupperware containers. And for all those people who haven't looked at a tupperware catalogue for years, they really do have some great NEW things. and these containers are in that category. They have little toggle vents which you change depending on what you put in them, and they keep veggies fresh for just ages. I have had tomatoes that have been great for weeks, and lettuce that just won't go bad, I eat it too fast. But it is great for carrots, etc etc etc. Check out the tupperware website, that you can probably find at or some such. Also their onion keeper is a real find. Snaps shut and you can throw it in any fridge and no smell and the onion keeps for ages.

My other thing that I am going to talk about a bit today, is a little closer to my heart and that is our Shaklee cleaning products. Environmentally safe, biodegradable, and works great. I am trying not to sound like a commercial, but these products work, and for a boat they are terrific because they take up so little room. One bottle and a few squeeze bottles and you have cleaner for your windows, for spots, for walls and floors, for eye glasses for countertops for fine fabrics etc etc. If it needs cleaning try this product first.

And for boaters this is one place where you can make a huge difference. When you get the "Get Clean" kit instead of the normal super market stuff, you can keep 110 pounds of packaging waste out of the system. And you can eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gases. That is really substantial. In the 80's when we did the south Pacific we were amazed at how many plastic bottles etc were floating around in the oceans hundreds of miles from shore. And although the farthest I have gone this time around is down here to Mexico, I don't think it has gotten any better out there. So we all need to make a difference.

Anyway, I will get off my soap box, and leave you to it. If anyone has other products that are things you really find great, send me an email, and if you would like to check out the shaklee stuff go to

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05/13/2010 | Jonathan
Hello! A friend suggested I troll sailing blogs and forums to find a summer adventure/possible job. I apologize for the unexpected message, but, well, here goes: I'm a 4th year jr. high teacher/tutor living in Walnut Creek, CA (all core subjects, esp. English, and also Bible, photography, volleyball), 29 years old, very fit, with sailing experience (including some racing in Marina Del Rey) and EMT trained. Jack of several trades (including cooking, guitar, etc). Are you willing/able to point me towards any wholesome people needing crew for a voyage this summer? Priority would go to a boat where I could earn some supplemental income or at least have expenses paid (especially a family with kids that I can tutor/teach onboard while also crewing). Crewfile and other sites haven't really turned up anything like this, so I hope word of mouth might! Again, sorry for any inconvenience, but I do hope to hear from you. Thank you!

-Jonathan Vince
05/13/2010 | Phyllis
Hi Johnathan, I applaud your enthusiasm but I don't know anyone at this time that is looking for crew etc. Try a little earlier in the season before everyone has run off to their summer hidey-holes. We tend to get a few people each year looking to crew, and I think that what you are doing for advertising yourself is a good as anything. Good luck

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