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01 January 2018 | St. Johns Marina, Stono River
27 December 2017 | Georgetown, South Carolina
15 November 2017 | On the hook in Winyah Bay ICW
07 November 2017 | Wrightsville Beach, NC
05 November 2017 | Beaufort Inlet by CG station
04 November 2017
04 November 2017
04 November 2017 | Pungo River
02 November 2017 | Broad Creek Anchorage, NC
31 October 2017
31 October 2017 | Halloween in Amenia, NY
31 October 2017 | Old Point Confort, Va
29 October 2017 | Fishing bay, Deltaville Virginia
28 October 2017 | Fishing Bay
23 October 2017 | Spa Creek, Annapolis
18 October 2017 | Hop-O-Nose Marina, Catskill, NY
31 July 2017 | Aboard Avalon @ Hop O Nose Marina, Catskill, NY
23 April 2017 | Home, Amenia, NY
26 February 2017 | Amenia, Harlem Valley Rail Trail
11 February 2017 | HON Marina-On the hard

November 19, 20 - Cruising on our own!

01 January 2018 | St. Johns Marina, Stono River
Nice, but somewhat cooler
Continuing to catch up on blog posts, now cruising on our own!

We were up with the sun, enjoyed breakfast & headed southward, traveling alone, on our own for the first time! We left Winyah bay and entered the ICW as the weather window had closed for an outside hop. Our trip started out uneventful and we enjoyed a fantastic trip down the ICW all the way to McClellanville SC. McClellanville is an area that was notorious for shoaling and as it was low tide we were in skinny waters! We navigated 3/4 of the way past McClellanville with no problems, then....we ran aground! We backed off the shoal and continued, warily watching our depth instruments, picking our way through many shoaled areas. As we draw 6' and our instruments were showing 4.5'-5' foot depths we knew we were plowing our way through silt, luckily the tide had changed and was now rising. We continued "bumping" and progressing our way through numerous shallow areas for the next several miles and finally anchored at Whiteside Creek.
NOTE TO SELF: Plan hops so as not to travel through skinny waters!
NOAA weather was predicting high winds from the SE for the next 12 hrs so to prepare for the predicted high winds that night as I anchored I deployed an extra 50' of anchor rhode. Whiteside creek was not a perfect anchorage and offered little to protect us from the SE. We made the best of it and settled in, enjoying cocktails, dinner, and a beautiful sunset. As navigating through skinny waters today was very intense we were both exhausted! We checked our charts, plotted tomorrows route, checked the weather and then turned in for the night. That night as predicted the winds kicked up to 30 to 40 knts, making for a rough night for us both! We were up all night verifying our location, and checking that our anchor did not drag. Finally at 04:00 hrs, unable to sleep, totally exhausted and yet full of energy we decided to cook breakfast and prepare for the days trip to Charleston SC.

Our 2nd day traveling alone promised to be as interesting as our first!
After finishing breakfast, we prepared to set out, reviewed charts, weather and performed daily engine checks & maintenance. Finally the winds died down some, but were still 15-20 knts. We had the anchor up at first light and we were on our way facing our 2nd day alone as cruisers! We continued down the ICW missing the scheduled opening time of the Ben Sawyer bridge by 2-3 minutes, not a good start! The operator would not open until the next scheduled opening as we were the only boat requesting an opening! We waited doing the bridge dance and avoiding the many shoals which were along both sides.
After hanging out waiting for the bridge to open we continued on out into Charleston bay which by this time was like a washing machine, the wind was blowing against the tide. We entered the bay with waves breaking over the bow & into the cockpit! After turning to adjust our point of approach to the waves we continued on into the South Channel and into Wappo Creek. Luckily for us the bridge operator there must have been having a good day as she opened the the bridge for us as we approached!
We passed Wappo Creek Bridge, bid the operator good day and entered Elliott Cut where the tide was really ripping threatening to push us into the rocks along the shore! Transiting this short stretch of water with the conditions we encountered was really a challenge, WOW what an exciting transit, no place for a slow moving keel-boat! Not looking forward to doing that again!
NOTE TO SELF: plan Elliott Cut to be with the tide on trip north! Again, today after our passage through the two bridges, Charleston Bay and Elliot Cut we were both totally exhausted and just wanted to stop and decompress.
As the tide was now against us, we decided to stay overnight at St. Johns Marina. The marina was just past Elliott's Cut on the Stono River. Taking a slip turned out to be a good choice as I had revved up the engine to very high rpm's to maintain steerage through Elliott cut which exacerbated our rear transmission seal leak. Captain Muttley also agreed and promptly made the best of his shore leave even before we had finished tying up to our slip!
We docked next to an Australian couple traveling in a 44' Lagoon cat & enjoyed some nice company for the evening!

November 17, 18 - 2nd Departure, Georgetown SC

27 December 2017 | Georgetown, South Carolina
Again we have not posted for awhile!
Since we left Georgetown(the first time) we have shared many new experiences!

After our last post on November 15th, we had anchored in Winyah bay with our boat buddies aboard s/v Autumn Borne. This was in preparation to stage for our ocean hop down the coast to Charleston SC next morning. We both pulled our anchors at first light and headed out, after about a mile our engine temperature alarm sounded, we were overheating! After notifying Dean & Susan our boat buddies of our problem I checked and found the engine cooling raw water pump pulley had worked loose and thrown the belt. After breaking out tools and making repairs, we had engine running in a few minutes, however it did not cool down. We then dropped the hook to check further. Finally engine temp began to drop some but not into the operating range! At this time we had no other choice but to try and make it back to the dock at Georgetown. While our boat buddies continued on to Charleston we limped back to Georgetown and took a slip in Harbor Walk Marina again.
After lunch along the Georgetown waterfront as our engine cooled down, we returned to Avalon where I started checking into the cause of overheating-found the heat exchanger plugged. by now it was time for dinner & we were exhausted! We had quite an exciting day! Repairs would have to wait until tomorrow.

We awoke early removed the heat exchanger, rodded out the tubes, flushed both sides, returned to Avalon and reinstalled the exchanger, tested engine and were ready to continue south. As it was too late to leave after completing repairs we decided to stay one more night & leave early next morning with the tide.

We spent the rest of the day in Georgetown doing something we had not done the whole trip - we went exploring, to really see some of the local sights was amazing! We realized we had been rushing so much from the day we left Hop o Nose until now, that we had neglected "to stop and smell the coffee"! What a lesson in cruising this was for us!

Winyah Bay to Charlston SC.

15 November 2017 | On the hook in Winyah Bay ICW
Pete, Sunny-cool upper 50's
We travel to Georgetown and took a slip at Harborwalk Marina with two other cruisers from HON we are sailing with, S/v Autumn Borne & s/v Second Wind.
After taking time walking to town, seeing some of the local sites, and enjoying some of the local cuisine, we left to stage in Winyah Bay for an outside ocean hop on Thursday.
I must also make note that we found a great place to buy fresh shrimp right off the boat 👍😁 Mmmmmm!
One item I must make a special note of , As we walked through Georgetown we came across to the local VFW post which had a most memorable memorial to pay tribute to all her citizens that have served in every conflict. (See pic) it was by far the nicest we have ever seen.
It will leave a lasting impression on all who stop there, it certainly did for us!
After dropping the hook at our staging location on Winyah Bay at approx 12:15 hrs we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with a few drinks and some nice hors d'oeuvres!
By 13:45 hrs there were six sailboats at anchor also waiting for the outside weather window on their way south!

Mile Hammock Bay to Wrightsville Beach

07 November 2017 | Wrightsville Beach, NC
Pete/Nice, in mid 70's
We spent the night anchored in Mile Hammock Bay( A part of camp Lejeune) there were marines ashore all night performing maneuvers, however we had a great night and didn't really hear all the noise. We were up, anchor pulled and on our way early this morning at 16:00hrs, heading for Wrightsville Beach. We arrived early after a few exciting moments of skinny water at approximately 1500 hrs. and spent a relaxing afternoon. Transferred fuel from the deck tanks to our main tank and transferred water to our main tank. Now ready to go on to Southport tomorrow, to spend a few days in a marina, HOT SHOWERS😁! Along the way today we spotted many dolphins, and a giraffe! (See pic) although the giraffe was a stainless steel statue. Hi Dalia pull up please far away
Captain Muttley is finally getting the hang of using his litter box for all his business! He is becoming a real cruising dog! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? He is 14 and still learning!
Well time to call it an evening, there is another sailboat trying to squeeze into this Anchorage and I need to watch them so they don't get too close ....

Nov 5, Sunday, Bellehaven, NC to Beaufort NC

05 November 2017 | Beaufort Inlet by CG station
Pete, sunny mid to upper 70's
We stopped at Belhaven North Carolina and treated ourselves to a boat slip at River Forest Marina. Had a great time going to shore and seeing this little town. Captain Muttley definitely enjoyed his shore liberty, he christened every bush he could find! We ended up being in the marina with several boats that are traveling south with us.
After getting all the laundry done and taking two wonderful showers we were on our way again this morning towards our next stop Beaufort, North Carolina. as we sailed across the Neuse River accompanied by several other sailboats traveling with us on this leg Bunny got some very good pictures of s/v Veruna (Randy & Cindy). We anchored by the Coast Guard base in the Beaufort inlet and we're immediately surrounded by several dolphins! It was really cool! After enjoying a nice dinner made by bunny we relaxed with a glass of wine in the cockpit and enjoy the views, a spectacular moon rise above the inlet !
Well, 40 Miles to Cedarcreek our next stop which we will knock out tomorrow. Time to do a little reading before turning in ....

Pungo River, NC

04 November 2017
Vessel Name: Avalon
Vessel Make/Model: 36' C & C racer/cruiser
Hailing Port: Hop O Nose Marina, Catskill, NY
Crew: Captian: Muttley our Jack Russell, Crew: Pete & Bunny Fraleigh
Finally we are now both retired and heading out on our first cruising trip south down the ICW! We are now traveling south, seeing new sights, experiencing new things, meeting new friends, sharing new experiences while cruising aboard Avalon. [...]
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