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S/V Avocet
Last major project is done
10/28/2010, Alameda

There has been a low level depression on board Avocet since Marcus helped me take down the old spreaders last month. It's a little uneasy to know that your sailboat is not able to sail. However, with the help of Mike, Amie, and Ally the new spreaders went up yesterday. And with that, the last major project before heading South is done. Thanks for the help guys! As I said before, Amie and Marcus will both be missed on this trip but I'm glad they have both had a hand in helping me prepare.

Just a few more things to do, get some things stowed away, provision and top off the tanks and Avocet will be ready to go. Feeling good.

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Two weeks to go
10/25/2010, Alameda, CA

As the flurry of activity continues to peak, bordering on chaos, I am amazed at how Zen like life becomes. Don't think, just do. As the departure date approaches, I become less aware of it. Too much to do, no time to think about it. "Are you ready?" They ask, "Just about." I reply. "What do you have left?" "Just a few things here and there." Really, it's better for both of us if my answers are vague. . .

The galley tile is done, new faucet is in, salt water pump installed, new galley plumbing is in, the shower sump has been replaced, deck drains have been replaced, upgraded the engine room electrical system, and new lighting in the forward and aft cabins is in. Supplies are finding their way on board and gear is being stowed. The crew are making their travel arrangements, routes are studied and guides are consulted.

It will continue. The excitement, the pressure, the uncertainty. The time will come when we top off the tanks, slip off the dock lines, and stow the fenders - I won't be needing those for awhile. The Perkins will rumble and we'll make our way underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. If the wind is kind, we'll hoist the sails, ease off on the throttle, and eventually let the engine rest. The city noise will fade away, and the sound of wind, waves, and gulls will be deafening. And then we'll be on our way. . .

But before then, just a few things here and there left to do. . .

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10/26/2010 | Kate
Awesome! I'm excited that San Diego is next on the hit-list ... expect a visit from the McElweeners at some point. :) I love how you write.
Here we go again!
10/13/2010, Alameda, CA

Well, after just over a year in Alameda, it's time to move on again. Preperations are under way for a departure in early November - Heading for San Diego.

A couple of the same crew from the Seattle to San Francisco run will be joining me again. Pat, Brian, and newcomer Chris, a longtime friend from Seattle have all signed on. Amie and Marcus will be missed although Marcus has assisted in some repairs recently and Amie, along with her husband and daughter should be arriving in San Francisco within hours on their own boat - Peregrine. Hopefully they will at least be around to see us off.

Things are a little different this time around. I have a feeling I may be looking back over my shoulder as we leave the bay. . .

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10/13/2010 | Josh
Kick ass!
New canvas!
09/16/2009, Alameda, CA

Got some more new canvas. A hatch cover is nice to have!

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09/02/2009, Alameda, CA

Avocet's new steering cables are in place and the system is working great. I'm really happy with the setup and how it has simplified and slimmed down the system. The swage master link to chain is a great way to go.

The backup fuel pump that was blocked (and caused the engine failure last month) has also been repaired. As it turns out, when I had rebuilt the fuel system, I was a little overzealous with the thread sealer. Some of it must have been pushed into the fuel line and that is what caused the clog. Well, lessons learned. . .

Avocet is again ready to hit the water and do some sailing. Now all I need is some time to do it.

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09/12/2009 | mom
ahh, simplified, extra parts and life is good :)
Svendson's Boat Works
08/25/2009, Alameda, CA

I like these guys. Friendly, knowledgeable, informative, and affordable. What more can you ask for?

The rig shop is putting together Avocet's new steering cables and they should be ready for pick up on Friday. They are doing a swagged fitting direct to chain set up that is really slick, much simpler, and less bulky than I had envisioned the terminal/shackle method would be. I'm really excited to get them in place so I can get out and start sailing the bay!

I also spent some time talking with the metal works guy about upgrading the existing encapsulated chainplates to some new externals. Since I'll be replacing the standing rigging at the same time, the project is not only doable, it's going to be almost easy! Not cheap. . . but less than I had expected. . .

It's good to make some progress on the boat again and have some sense of accomplishment.

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08/27/2009 | mom
ok, looking for a nautical dictionary about now. lol Love it when a plan comes together, you sound good. :)

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