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Christian Allaire's Sailing Life
Sunset for Malvern Pennsylvania
Capt Chris
07/28/2008, Salinas Puerto Rico

Here it is Kathleen! My dear friend, the former Kathleen Walsh, perhaps the largest Rolling Stones fan ever asked that I pay attention to the smaller details of my good fortune here in the Caribbean. So while having dinner in the cockpit this evening I snapped this sunset picture looking northwest toward the interior of Puerto Rico. It is a very nice part of the day as the trade winds die down and just prior to the Latin beats start thumping on shore.

So I have officially vacated my slip at the marina and am now out in the anchorage until I leave for points east and south. I like being at anchor much better. The wind blows through the boat more efficiently, helping to cool things down. More privacy to. The downside is that I have to shut down the frig and freezer. They simply use to much electricity. My wind generator puts out alot of juice to top up the batteries, but with the heat the refrigerator compressor runs constantly. So what I will do is buy things that need cooling every now and ago and then run the refrigerator for a day or two until I consumed the perishables. So that is it.....more later!

Capt Chris

07/28/2008 | fletch
great pic.
07/29/2008 | Kathleen DeAnna
I have been smiling all day! Thank You. Talk to you soon. Kathleen
07/29/2008 | Tom
Look's like Ted's
07/29/2008 | stacey
wow.. thanks for letting us see through your eyes. what a view!!!! stacey
Education of a Wondering Man
Capt Chris
07/26/2008, Salinas Puerto Rico

Book recommendation. I am on my second reading of this magnificent personal reflection by Louis L' Amour. The education portion resides in his extensive reading he did during his wandering years, plus the life's lesson he learned while knocking about during the Great Depression. His reading lists contained within the memoir are a gem and quiet extensive.

Louis quiet school at age 15 and left South Dakota to try and manage to stay alive and feed himself. He is the epitome of adventuring. He was a sailor, longshoreman, Hobo, worked in silver mines and also was a tough boxer. He traveled in all modes and all the while he had tons of reading material with him. He was a true lover of books as I think anyone who becomes such a success must be. What a great read!

Capt Chris

07/28/2008 | Kathleen DeAnna
Enjoy all of your entries - hey, just tried to send an email - your box is full baby - hope you are well - enjoy all of the small moments of this wonderful adventure - take in a beautiful sunset for the Malvern gang! Be Safe Christian - Love. Kathleen
You've Heard of St. Croix? Well it's the Island to the Left.
Sunny and beautiful, light trades
07/25/2008, Salinas Puerto Rico

Within the sailing community the movie Capn Ron really is the best film every put out by Hollywood. Capn Ron is a true God. In fact when I was at Blue Water Charts and Books in Fort Lauderdale in December they pulled up the sale's data on the movie. Turns out Captn Ron out sells just about all there products.

So not so long ago a gaggle of sailors were at the Cruiser's Galley eating some vittals and watching Captn Ron. Now we had all heard the rumors that the movie was filmed here in Puerto Rico with the bulk of it done right here on the south coast. So wouldn't you know it, were watching a scene where Kurt Russel destroys Martin Shorts video camera and then says, "Hey swab get me another brewski." As I glanced outside of the Cruisers Galley and across the street, I realize the scene were watching was filmed a smooth hundred yards away. Beautiful. I leaped out of my chair.
Not only that the "Cuban" scenes were all filmed here in Salinas. Jazzed? You bet.

So for you Captn Ron fans pay attention the next time you watch the film and you will notice the backdrop looks pretty much like the above picture. I took it from the spot where the scene was filled.

Capt Chris

07/26/2008 | tom
Always stand clear of the ladder boss....
07/26/2008 | Wayne
"Don't worry. It can happen to anyone Kitty!"
The Tropical Picture
Capt Chris, sunny and hot
07/22/2008, Salinas Puerto Rico

Here is a shot of Tropical Storm Dolly that likely will reach Cat 1 status today. Dolly's genesis was from "94L" which I showed in my 9/13/08 post. Everyday the forecasters mentioned the high potential for cyclone developement and the tropical wave moved WNW everyday. On July 13th I was bit concerned about, but as time passed its track was far south of Puerto Rico and in any event it never developed.....until just the other day. Although we did get a doozy of a thunderstorm with a great deluge when the tropical wave passed. You just never know what the tipping point will be for a low to develop further. It has been a pretty active month for July. However the water off the east coast of Africa where the tropical waves meet the ocean for the first time is a tad cooler than average. This may be the element that protects the Christa this year. Hope all hands in south Texas are hunkered down!

Capt Chris

Thanks for the B-Day Wishes!
07/21/2008, Salinas Puerto Rico

Thank you to all hands for the birthday wishes! I received all kinds of comments, emails and phone calls. I feel the love!

So an early birthday present to myself is the Amazon Kindle. One of the things about living on a boat and cruising is the lack of storage. This situation is a double edged sword. For folks who value a simpler life or for someone who has accumulated to much crap, the best way to downsize is to move aboard a boat. Daily, you will be forced to pick up your stuff and stow or face the consequences. A sailor simply cannot go out and buy new cloths or new gizmos or really bring anything aboard without storage considerations. For beer and wine drinkers the problems of storage grow very thick. Just ask anyone who has smashed a bottle of wine in the bilge while in a seaway. Serious problems not to mention a sea sickness inducer.

Now I don't drink so my liquor storage is a moot point. My thorn is books. In fact most sailors have succumbed to the this healthy "affliction." Up until recently several of my coveted storage areas have been crammed with reading material. Most of the books I have aboard I've read and I just can't part with them. Many are reference in nature and should not be parted with. Enter the Amazon Kindle pictured above. It is an electronic book/periodical reader that can store massive amounts of reading material. Amazon is rapidly converting its entire collection into e-format. It works on the Sprint cellphone network. So I can sit on the boat and shop Amazon and instantly download books for purchase or I can download samples. But there is more. It also has newspapers and magazines and hundreds of blogs, all available instantly. It is designed to have the fit and feel of a paperback book. It does not feel much like a paperback, but is the same size and works like a champ. This gadget mitigates much of my book storage issues. You can store books on the Kindle itself or leave it on Amazons servers.

Check my daily routine, which is full of leisure to say the least! I usually arise at sunrise, between six and six thirty. The mornings are a really special time here in the tropics. The wind is usually very light and out of the north. It is the coolest time of day. I pop out of bed, toogle on Sirius Sat Radio, turn on the Kindle and make coffee. Then I climb into the cockpit with my coffee and read the New York Times or Wall Street Journal or whatever newspaper I have downloaded. I will then read the newspaper. Now for you old school enthusiasts, I really do understand that a part of the enjoyment of reading the paper is the physical flipping through and cutting out an article to tape to the frig to covey how much wisdom you've culled. But try folding the NY Times even in a light breeze and you'll quickly be cussing instead reading. Not an issue with the Kindle. Then again the other day when I was poolside, some little brat splashed water on my Kindle and I damn sure almost started cussing!

Anyway, the Kindle has been one of those devices that has greatly added to my life. Like the iPod which replaced about a tractor trailer full of CD's, I think I will remain faithful to this gizmo. Ideal for those on move, be it from home to work on public transportation or or me, from the boat to the pool.

Capt Chris

07/22/2008 | amy p
happy b-day my friend! sounds like you're living the life o'reilly...good for you! Mike's offer still stands whenever you're ready.
love & miss you~

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