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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
You ain't been around if you ain't been aground
08/04/2011, On a sand bar

About 6 pm on Wednesday August 3rd - Dilly Dally found herself hard aground on a sand bar! After working for awhile, the crew decided to have dinner and call it a night. On Thursday a.m. after more futile attempts - Tow Boat US was called. Turns out Dilly Dally was in Canadian waters and had to contact the Canadian Coast Guard. It was a bit of work but they made it off the sand bar about 3:15 pm on Thursday.

08/06/2011 | Tray Murphy
Oh no! But glad to see you're off and back underway!

Somewhere in Lake Erie

Looks like the Crew will be arriving in Buffalo, NY sometime tomorrow - Thursday August 4th.
From what I have heard, it's been very good motoring weather :-)
No storms to speak of and nothing broken! Sounds like a success to me. I can't wait to have the family all together on Sunday. Then the FUN really starts!

Thanks for following us. Remember, once I am on board the postings will be a bit less frequent as they will depend on finding internet access!

08/04/2011 | pat helberg
i am Suzie's mother in law from santa barbara. i am going to watch you all the way and i know it is going to be very interesting!!
I was so glad Suzie gave me your website so I can enjoy your adventure right along with you! I consider you very brave people and what everyone dreams of but is afraid to do!
good luck on the next stretch!

Dilly Dally is in Detroit

They're moving along!!

Soo Locks Sunday 7/31/11
Lisa the land lubber
07/31/2011, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Dilly Dilly and Crew should be through the Soo Locks Sunday July 31st. They should be in Lake Huron later today. They are making GREAT time.

08/01/2011 | Ilona Rouda
We went over that bridge Saturday morning and tried calling you on our hand-held radio.
08/02/2011 | Lisa Broom
They didn't get there til Sunday afternoon!!
08/02/2011 | Tray Murphy
I'd love to be on board!
Now THAT's a cruising boat!
07/27/2011, Lake Superior, MN

Where is that water line?

07/29/2011 | Steve
Great updates Lisa!
07/29/2011 | Bill
Congrats on cutting the dock lines....
07/30/2011 | Tray Murphy
It's my dream to cruise the way you are! I"ll look forward to following your journey!

07/30/2011 | Stone Family
Bon Voyage! Have a safe and exciting trip.
We will keep watching for blog updates
07/27/2011, Lake Superior, MN

Skipper Dale-look at that smile! He's thinking FINALLY!!

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