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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
Here fishy fishy!
11/25/2011, St. Martin


Lisa-hot and sunny
11/25/2011, St. Martin

Today we decided to split up. Madeline really wanted to hit the shops in town with me and the rest decided to go snorkeling. Both groups had a very nice day and we met back up about 3:30. We decided to rent a car to visit some of the island and also to get Keith to the airport tomorrow. We drove north from Marigot on "the road". It is no more than 7 miles either way on this island so it didn't take long to get around. As we crossed in to the Dutch side you could actually notice the difference. The Dutch side uses the US dollar and the language is English. We saw a bunch of fast food restaurants and it was a lot more like home than the French side. We found our way to the waterfront in Phillipsburg and found a good restaurant for dinner. Wyatt found a couple of girls to play with so he was happy. Everyone slept well that night after a full day.

Needs no title
11/24/2011, St. Martin

Marigot Bay

Turkey (and chicken)
11/24/2011, St. Martin

A great dinner! yum!

Thanksgiving Day
Lisa-hot and sunny
11/24/2011, St. Martin

Dale, Lora and Keith went out on a recon mission in the morning to figure out what is where on this island. We can get to the Dutch side by dinghy but it turns out it is a pretty long ride. St. Martin has a big lagoon inside the island which is the center of yachting activities. You can get anything you want that is boating related here. The lagoon is also ½ French and ½ Dutch - gotta share ya know! I told them not to come back without potatoes for dinner. Have you ever had canned potatoes? They're alright - especially with gravy! So, I made us a Thanksgiving Dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans and corn. Our dessert was from the French bakery - yum!
We are finally getting the boat cleaned up and re-organized from the passage.

End of a great day
11/23/2011, St. Martin


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