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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
The Commancheros Pan Band
12/09/2011, Grenada, West Indies

This was a very cool concert!!

Tour of Grenada
12/09/2011, Grenada, West Indies

Please see the Photo Gallery link in the right hand side bar for some shots of our island tour!!

Here's Dilly Dally in Clark's Court Bay

Water taxi?
12/09/2011, Grenada, West Indies


On the way to the Bay
12/09/2011, Grenada, West Indies

Mom and Madeline

We're loving it here!
Lisa-hot and sunny
12/09/2011, Grenada, West Indies

Pic of St. George upon arrival

We arrived in Grenada On Saturday December 3rd. We were dropping the anchor in St. George's at 7:28 a.m. and I realized the cruiser's net comes on at 7:30. Wow-there are a lot of cruisers here and they are very active. By listening we could tell where most of the folks are anchored and it isn't in St. George. Capt Dale when to clear us in and drop off the new battery charger that quit working! We hauled anchor and headed to the south of the island where all the good bays are located. Prickly Bay was very crowded so we went a few more bays down to Clark's court Bay. We had heard on the net that there was a potluck with karaoke on Saturday nights so we figured it was the right place for us!! I had picked up a bad cold from Dale the last day in St. Martin and was not able to sing but I really wanted to go too!
We met a ton of people but no kids yet. There are a lot of activities and events planned by or for the cruisers. There has to be a couple hundred cruisers here. Many of them like it so much they just stay here all season. It really has everything you need.
Scott was heading home on Monday so we took an island tour on Sunday. It was great!! We visited Fort Frederick (base for the 1983 army), one of several beautiful waterfalls, Crater Lake at the top of a volcano and had lunch at Belmont Estate followed by a tour of the cocoa growing process. Very nice. Of course we had to buy some of the organic chocolate - yum!!
A lot of the stuff in this bay is based out of Clark's Court Marina which is run by Bob. These folks are great! The have activities and transportation every day. Monday another cruiser made Turkey soup so we headed in to give it a try. Wow-turkey soup Grenada style. Curry and lots of spices. It was very good. Tuesday we took the shopping bus in to town. That itself was an experience!! When we returned we headed to the other side of the bay where Bernadette makes the best Rotis on the island. A Roti is actually an unleavened bread that is a lot like a tortilla crossed with lefse. They do up some kind of curry (chicken, beef, fish) and wrap it all up. They were fantastic and huge. We got 2 meals out of them! After eating we walked down the road to the Rum distillery. A guy at Bernadette's place told us it was about ΒΌ mile/500 yards/10 minutes. Yeah right - 2 miles later we arrived and they are not doing tours! Ugh. We still got to sip samples and then took a bus back! Wednesday was Lora's last day with us and she wanted to do some more dinghy exploring. Dale and her went off while the rest stayed back to clean-up and try to get some schooling done. When they returned we went back in to the marina for Burger Night followed by a movie on the big screen TV.
We said our goodbyes to Lora on Thursday - she has become a part of the family and we will really miss her!! THANKS for everything Lora!!
Friday we signed up to go to a steel pan band Christmas concert. Any other great time was had by all. The kids really enjoyed it. They shared some history about the pans and how they are made. Plus, they let us come up and bang on them. The musicians were all teenagers or young adults. Madeline talked with one girl a bit and they are gonna meet on Facebook. Cool.
Today is Saturday and I am doing the laundry the old fashioned way. I will not wait this long again as I took up ALL of the clothes lines!! I am glad there are no locals around to laugh at my 'hanging' skills. I realized I have never put 2 loads of laundry out to dry before!! Very few people have dryers here and the marina does not either!
We have had a great time here so far and are starting to settle in. We are definitely staying until after Christmas. I really want to be somewhere for a while before Christmas to give us a bit of the feeling of belonging. I am sure there will be a big cruiser bash too!
Hope things are going well for everyone at home - we miss you all too!

12/10/2011 | bev
Great to hear from you. Sounds like lots of fun. Can I do the same for xmas as your birthday through Kathie ?Jakes party tomorrow and temp going up to 40,goodie. Will you have an address in Granada?Bye.y
12/11/2011 | Ilona Rouda
Great photos, great stories! Thoroughly enjoy staying in touch through your blog and Facebook. Hi to everyone! And don't stop enjoying your adventure.
12/18/2011 | Jane Eckensweiler
Hi Dilly Dally! It's so much fun to read about your adventures. Have a wonderful Christmas.
Old Rosie
12/20/2011 | Jeff Owens
Merry Christmas DD Crew!!!
Now this is a passage
12/01/2011, The Caribbean Sea

We left St. Martin yesterday about 3:30. We motored for awhile and then the wind picked up enough to put the sails up about 9 pm. the winds are pretty light at 7-10 mph. We are still making over 5 knots so we'll keep sailing. The swells are way down and it's a pretty nice ride. We hope for another fish today but no luck !! I suspect we will be in Greneda on Saturday.

12/01/2011 | Thomas Leigh
Nice heels Madeline! I'm sure Dad was impressed (LOL). Sounds like you are having a great time. We are still waiting to see that beautiful turquoise water in Florida - Definitely not on the ICW!
12/02/2011 | Suzanne, Brady and Carter
Carter says - "Why does it take so many days to go from that little island to the other one? It is less than an inch on the map!"

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