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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
Marigot Bay - St. Lucia
02/04/2012, St. Lucia, West Indies

Marigot Bay is a beautiful small anchorage. It is hard to see until you are right on it. It is said a British Admiral hide a bunch of boats in here by putting palm fronds on the masts and the French just sailed on by!!
We toured the bay area by having lunch at JD's Mangrove restaurant and then visiting the shops. The actual village is a bit of a walk up the hill so we decided to skip it. Madeline and I found a hair salon and we both got hair cuts - the first since we left!!!
This is a beautiful place to stop but there really isn't anything there other than a few restaurants and several charter companies. It's worth it for the scenery!!


Picture is of The Pitons (on the right)

On Thursday 2/2/12 we left St. Vincent about 8:15 am and arrive in Soufriere, St. Lucia about 3:30. We had to take a mooring ball and the guys ran Dale in to customs to get him checked in. This is a very pretty area and it is known for The Pitons - 2 big hills on the island. It is in a protected marine park area and we expected to pay all the fees. Strangely, they did not charge us. Yippee!
On Friday we got up and tried to decide what to do. You can visit the Volcano or go to the sulpher springs or snorkel, etc. The taxi's (who normally serve as tour guides) were quoting $180 US to take us on a tour - too much. Then the mooring ball guy came over and told us we owed him another $50 ec to stay. Yesterday he told us the $50 ec covered 2 nights. Well - we just decided to leave. We had also heard there is a lot of theft in this area so the mooring ball incident just made the decision.
Funny-there was another yacht waiting for the ball before we were even off of it!!

The town dock
02/01/2012, Wallilabou, St. Vincent

This was the dock built for the movie and it was the main dock in Port Royal. The end nearest shore is concrete and the rest of it was wooden planks. The planks were lost in a storm a few years back so just the concrete part remains. The pilings are used to stern tie yachts that come in to the bay.

Port Royal
02/01/2012, Wallilabou, St. Vincent

Part of the Port Royal set. They have fixed up the top part of the "town" set and made them in to hotel rooms.

Wallilabou Falls Park
02/01/2012, Wallilabou, St. Vincent

This is a big fig tree growing right out of the brick wall.

The falls and more pirates
Lisa-still gorgeous
02/01/2012, Wallilabou, St. Vincent

Today we walked about a mile down to a very nice park that has a pool under the falls where you can swim. This park was only created 3 years ago and it is very nice!! There is a bar/cafe where you can have lunch and they have modern bathrooms and changing rooms. Madeline and I swam in the falls but the boys were too chicken. It wasn't THAT cold.

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