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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
04/11/2012, Tamarindo Beach

I just love turtles!!

04/15/2012 | Patti Giese
Great photo, even if you didn't take it. Turtles are so fun. Barracudas, tho, put me on alert! This sounds like a nice place.
Moving West
04/11/2012, Culebra, Tamarindo Beach

Easter Sunday turned out to be a very pleasant day. While snorkeling, I noticed the anchor of our neighbor was only laying on the sand. I swam over to let them know. We had almost no wind so it was not an immediate concern. These folks are a young couple from Norway with a 10 month old on board. Dad was telling how difficult it was getting to keep the little one contained. So, I went back to the boat and sent Dale back with 40 feet of lifeline netting that we are not going to use. They were thrilled. As Dale chatted, I realized I had a big pot roast for dinner that certianlcould feed 2 more. We invited them for dinner!! Kristin, Helen and baby Klara. Turns out their refridgeration was broken and they had only eatencanned food for awhile. We had a very nice visit and they stayed pretty late for "cruisers". This is the best part of cruising - meeting people.
Monday we headed back to Culebra to pick up some milk and a few things. Tuesday we motored around to Tamarindo Beach on the West side of Culebra. Wow-another beautiful spot. We snorkled around and saw lots of fish. Madeline and I swam back to the boat and went over the grassy area. We saw at least 10 turtles, a barracuda, 2 sea stars and some people too!!! :-) Awesome!! I pirated (arrrgh) the pics off the internet as I don't have a waterproof camera. Looks just like what I saw!
We recieved an e-mail from Gail and Barry who we had met up with in The Grenadines. They are in Fajardo, PR so we decided on Wednesday we would head over there and meet up again.

Happy Easter to all!
04/08/2012, Culebrita

The easter bunny found us!! The bay is getting full of power boats again on this Easter Sunday. Love to all our family members who are celebrating the wonder of Our Lord Jesus today without us. You are in our prayers!

Who's on top?
04/07/2012, Culebrita

Looks like the real top of the lighthouse must have blown off in a hurricane. The coast guard still keeps a solar light on this place but it is no longer maintained. Too bad.

The lighthouse
04/07/2012, Culebrita

Dale up at the top.

Easter Eggs
04/07/2012, Culebrita, PR

The red works the best!

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