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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
Sailing the Seas again
04/19/2012, The Atlantic

I am sad to report the Broom family is no longer in the Caribbean :-). The good news is we are having a great passage. The weather is warm with enough cool at night that we actually had to dig out PANTS. First time since sometime in 2011. The winds are actually a bit low but we won't complain too much. They shift around from 8-11 knts but are still keeping the boat speed about 5-5.5 knots. Last night the wind died a bit so we motored from 2 am to 10 am. Looks like tonight might be the same. We can even cook on this passage!! But we won't have to cuz Dale made a huge batch of hotdish that we'll need to eat up!! Not much to report. I like this kind of passage making! We should be anchored in Turk and Caicos on Sunday.

04/20/2012 | Deanna
Glad to see you are moving right along. LOVE your pics of El Morro. Heck, all along your journey. Continued safe journeys and fair winds. I am loving the idea of a smooth passage.!? Enjoy Turks & Caicos
Rainy day in Antigua - hoping the guys are enjoying crewing on one of the classics in this rain.haha
El Morro as we are leaving
04/17/2012, Old San Juan, PR

Very impressive. There is another fort in San Juan that is 3 times as large. We wanted to visit but the energy level was real low. Maybe next time.

Old goof balls
04/17/2012, El Morro

Need I say more?

04/19/2012 | Peggy Hansen
Looks like you're having a real BALL!!!
El Morro
04/17/2012, Old San Juan, PR

The northern coast from El Morro

Approaching El Morro
04/17/2012, Old San Juan, PR

El Morro is now a huge park with a very large green area in front of the fort. It was Sunday when we visited and many familes were out enjoying the day. Kite flying was the main pastime and it was very cool to see all of them in the air. We had not seen grass like that for along time. They just couldn't resist.

04/19/2012 | Peggy Hansen
X marks the spot!
Part of the wall
04/17/2012, Old San Juan, PR

One of the many Sentry Posts along the walls that run along the shore.

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