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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
Touring Provo
Lisa-cloudy and warm and windy
04/25/2012, Provo, TCI

The weather was predicted to be pretty windy and they were right. The few boats in the anchorage are just hanging out til Friday when the winds will be back down. We will be leaving Friday too for a 180 nm passage to Long Island. We'll leave in the morning and arrive sometime the next day.
Tuesday was a boat day because we couldn't get a car until Wednesday. There is not a lot to "see" on Provo as the main attractions are sun, sand, diving, fishing, snorkeling, etc. It is a limestone island that just pushed up outta the sea. It's flat and scrubby with nice long beaches. We noticed that the buildings all look so nice and colorful. We didn't see a lot of the rundown area like we see down island. It is very much a tourist island. We visited some of the shopping area, ogeled the huge resorts, checked out other marinas and stopped at The Hole. It's a big sink hole - neat. I wanted to tour the Conch Farm but the rest of the crew was not really interested. I am such a tourist at heart!! Anyway, we finally stopped for a beverage at Da Conch Shack. It is supposed to be "famous". We had the conch fritters - yum. Dale took a turn at blowing a king conch. We ended up having dinner at the place next door called Horse Eyed Jacks. Perfect choice cuz they had a spot out of the wind!! Good food too and not too pricey - stuff is pricey here. We paid $9.00 for a loaf of good, hardy bread - eeeks. Last stop was for groceries - I just closed my eyes and signed the charge slip!!
Tomorrow we will be hanging on the boat doing some school and getting ready for the overnighter.

The pic is of the sink hole but I could only get about a fourth of it in a picture.

Wall Dives
Lisa-cloudy and warm
04/23/2012, Provo, TCI

Monday we took off early to take the really long dinghy ride to South Side Marina where Caicos Adventures is located. Dale had booked a 2 tank dive for us and luckily met another family that had a 6 yo boy who would gladly watch Wyatt while we were diving. Good times for all!!
I was very excited about diving in TCI (Turks and Caicos Islands) as it is supposed to be awesome. Well-I have to say our first dive was very disappointing. It was a wall but the coral was very brown and not a lot of fish either. We saw none of the "wow" fish other than Lion Fish which are bad news-invasive and destructive.
Another gal on the boat agreed and even told the guys that it wasn't a great dive site at all. So, we had high hopes for #2 and they delivered. An awesome wall, great colors, more fish. I did not see the sharks :-( but I saw a cool Flounder and some very pretty Parrot Fish, a Filefish and lots of others. We all agreed that the reef wall reminded us of Finding Nemo with the way it just dropped off to the great deep blue water. Cool!!

Made it across the bank!
Lisa-hot and sunny
04/22/2012, Sapodilla Bay, Provo, Turks & Caicos

Pic is of the endless clear water of the Caicos Bank - gorgeous!

We arrived in Provo (short for Provodenciales-the largest island in the Caicos group) about 4:15ish on Saturday 4-21. The remainder of the passage went with incident. Winds stayed light but strong enough to sail the rest of the way. When we arrived at the edge of the Caicos Bank I insisted on crossing the bank motoring. The bank is a 60 by 50 nm area the averages about 8-10 feet deep. It is strewn with coral heads and navigation is strictly by sight. It is also a beautiful place with awesome fishing and diving. We posted Scott on the bow to watch the water for coral heads. We crossed at a point where we had to go 20 miles to get to Provo. We really didn't have any trouble but my heart was in my mouth for most of the time. How exciting!!!
After getting the anchor down we tried to figure out how to check in without much luck. No one seemed to be around. Another boat in the anchorage called us to tell us they had the same issue AND to offer us a BIG piece of fresh tuna they could not eat. Yippee! Tuna steaks for dinner - and they were really good.....
Today Dale ended up hitchhiking with Scott to the airport to check us in and get Scott in and out and on to a plane. It took hours. Today we are trying to sort out a couple of scuba dives and a rental car. Provo is not a "walkable" town and taxis are very expensive (round trip is more than a car). I discovered a free wifi signal so we are very excited!! ;-)

Another Beautiful Day!!
Madeline Broom
04/20/2012, The Cockpit

I usually don't enjoy passage making. Living in the cockpit, never seeing more than blue water and blue sky, with nothing to do gets VERY boring. Even taking a shower is difficult!! But this passage has been AWESOME! You can do everything when it's this calm, besides cartwheels! From making the whole crew breakfast, my soon to be famous egg, ham, and cheese sandwich that I make warm on the stove, to whipping up eight small eclairs.It has been wonderful, right now we are on a broad reach sailing from 5.5 - 6.5 knots and according to the GPS we are supposed to arrive at West Caicos around 3pm. Although the clouds have been hovering around the horizon making it not very good for a green flash, we have had a gorgeous sunset. Lighting up the sky with reds,oranges, and my favorite pink! If it keeps up like this I'm going to get a very good nights sleep :)

04/21/2012 | bev
Madeline you are sounding so grown up. Like areal sailor.
Sailing the Seas again
04/19/2012, The Atlantic

I am sad to report the Broom family is no longer in the Caribbean :-). The good news is we are having a great passage. The weather is warm with enough cool at night that we actually had to dig out PANTS. First time since sometime in 2011. The winds are actually a bit low but we won't complain too much. They shift around from 8-11 knts but are still keeping the boat speed about 5-5.5 knots. Last night the wind died a bit so we motored from 2 am to 10 am. Looks like tonight might be the same. We can even cook on this passage!! But we won't have to cuz Dale made a huge batch of hotdish that we'll need to eat up!! Not much to report. I like this kind of passage making! We should be anchored in Turk and Caicos on Sunday.

04/20/2012 | Deanna
Glad to see you are moving right along. LOVE your pics of El Morro. Heck, all along your journey. Continued safe journeys and fair winds. I am loving the idea of a smooth passage.!? Enjoy Turks & Caicos
Rainy day in Antigua - hoping the guys are enjoying crewing on one of the classics in this rain.haha
El Morro as we are leaving
04/17/2012, Old San Juan, PR

Very impressive. There is another fort in San Juan that is 3 times as large. We wanted to visit but the energy level was real low. Maybe next time.

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