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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
Here comes the sun....
Lisa-sunny and warm
05/01/2012, Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas

Today is a beautiful sunny day!! We headed in to town to get some laundry done, buy groceries and recon the marina where we needed to pull up to get water. After all our errands were done we motored across the harbor to Stocking Island. This is where all the cruising boats hang out. There are still a good number of boats - like 40-50. We are hearing that only a week or so ago there were more like 200 and in the highest part of the season there are 400 +. A lot of folks like it here and just stay for the whole season. What's not to like about beautiful water, white sand beaches and lots of good company? We really needed in interact with some people as it gets a bit lonely sometimes.
One of the stories of Georgetown is that they call it "chicken harbour". If you are heading south, this is the last place in the Bahamas before you hit the big bad ocean. Rumor has it many folks venture out, don't like it and just come back. Now days I think this has become the destination for many with no intention of every going further south.

Pic is of me getting my hair "blow dried"-check out the water in the background!

Rain, Rain go away
04/30/2012, Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas

We left TCI on Friday in cloudy weather - plus, it had been cloudy and sprinkely all week. Fri, Sat and Sun on passage were the same-cloudy with some rain. It is sooooo humid we can hardly stand it!! The sheets feel wet, your clean clothes feel wet-ugh. We arrived yesterday (Sun) in Georgetown before noon. Could not leave the boat cuz you can't check in on a Sunday. This morning - rain, rain, and more rain. Some 28-32 knt winds too. We have now spent 4 full days on the boat. Dale went in to check us in but that just meant he was soaked to the skin. We have been playing Yahtzee, Cribbage, cards and 1 movie. (Yes, some school work too). Now, dinner and another movie :-). There are lots of cruisers here. They must be getting stir crazy as there has been singing on the VHF. What a hoot!!

We are flyin'
04/28/2012, Nearing Long Island

It's 9:00 pm, I am on watch and we are going to get to our waypoint at Cape Santa Maria by 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. Dale slowed us down cuz at one point our arrival was 2:00 a.m. Now it looks like we will head straight to Georgetown on Great Exuma Island instead of anchoring. We should be there just after noon!! I love being ahead of schedule.

Stopped for the night
04/27/2012, Mayaguana, Bahamas

We left Provo at 6:45 a.m., crossed the Caicos Bank toward West Caicos and headed toward Mayaguana. It is possible to check in there by we arrived too late anyway. So, up went the Q flag and we settled in for the night. We were anchored inside a big reef that runs along the island. We had to pick our way in and throw down the anchor in a sandy spot. Before it got dark we saw another boat anchored off to our right. We had a nice sail over - 59 miles with a beam wind about 15 knts. Our plan is to get up early again and head for the north cape of Long Island, round the cape and anchor. It's 170 miles so we'll be doing another overnighter. Weather looks good so off we go!!

The kids at the top
04/26/2012, Provo, TCI

See. they look really bored.

Leaving TCI
Lisa-kinda rainy
04/26/2012, Provo, TCI

Before we left TCI we had to visit the one and only historic site on the island. Near the anchorage is a hill where you can walk to the top and see a bunch of carvings from some of the early inhabitants of Provo. I guess they go back to the 1700's. The kids thought it was kinda ho-hum. Dale had to walk over and check us out of the country so I figured we could all use a little exercise!!

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