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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
The Glass Window
06/03/2012, Eleuthera

At the northern edge of the west coast is a spot they call the Glass Window. The island becomes very narrow here and the window in the rock occurred naturally over time. A road was built over the "window" to maintain access across the island. The Atlantic is on one side and the Bank on the other. A rogue wave damaged the bridge and pushed it west about 7 feet. It was closed for many years at that time. Currently, there is a functioning bridge again. It is an awesome site. I would love to see it from the air with the dark blue of the Atlantic on the other side.

Hangin on...
Lisa-sunny and warm
06/03/2012, W Coast of Eleuthera

Sunday we left Governor's Harbour and headed north up the coast. The scenery was beautiful with the turquoise water coming right up to the high cliffs. There are a very settlement along the way but no good places to anchor. We decided to just keep on going north. If we made good time we would go through the cut and all the way to Royal Island.

Along the way we would see houses just perched along the edge like these two!!

Goofing around
06/02/2012, Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera

We went back over to the government dock area to have ice cream at a cafe where we had burgers for dinner. Wyatt thought the big fat rope was pretty impressive.

The Old Library
06/02/2012, Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera

Here's a pic of the pink and green library - love it!

Man it's hot
06/02/2012, Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera

We are now in Governor's harbor on Eleuthera. This used to be the capital of the Bahamas. There are a lot of neat old Victorian houses from the earlier settlers. We walked around a bit and checked out the few shops, bought a few provisions, etc. Tomorrow we'll be heading farther north. We won't have internet for a few days.

Not much to report
Lisa-partly cloudy and warm/humid
05/31/2012, Rock Sound, Eleuthera, Bahamas

We are still in Rock Sound killing some time before we need to be in Nassau. There is a great grocery store, hardware store and laundrymat here. Plus, they have a nice library that will let you use the PC's. We bought internet time that we can use from the boat so we are good either way.
We have been doing some boat cleaning and a bit of homeschooling. I should have been a bit more diligent on the daily math as we are finding ourselves doing math everyday in order to be done by the time we get home. Schooling has gone fairly well for us. The worst part is the current crack down causes complaining since we have been a bit lax on the first half of the trip. That said, I am not at all concerned for the kids. They are both very bright (thank you!) and will jump back in quite well. I can here the homework complaints already. When homeschooling, there isn't any "homework" !! :-)
We will be heading further north on Eleuthera starting tomorrow. Our goal is Spanish Wells on the north end and then to Nassau.

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