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Our Family Sailing Adventure
The Broom family takes a break from the rat race aboard SV Dilly Dally.
This is the Bahamas
06/14/2012, Shroud Cay

Another lovely spot!!

Up a creek
06/14/2012, Shroud Cay

The water was like glass in places. Shallow. Easy to spot turtles, rays, etc.

Shroud Cay
Lisa-hot and humid
06/14/2012, Exumas, Bahamas

Thursday we spent a nice day at Shroud Cay. Shroud is a couple of land sections with mangroves and creeks connecting them. We pumped up the kayak and Madeline and Gus took the first round. They paddled all the way up one of the mangrove creeks. After an hour and a half the parents sent out a recon but they came back one there own. Candy, Rich and Maddie J all took a spin in the beautiful water. Later Dale, Rich and I went looking for Camp Driftwood. It's a place where some old sailor built a camp and then in the 80's the government used to spy on the drug runners on Norman's from there. We went through the mangroves until we reached a nice lagoon called The Washing Machine - that has to do with how the current will twirl you around. Anyway, it turns out the camp was up the hill right where we were, we just didn't know it!! Still, a nice tour of the area.

Here's Madeline and Gus in the kayak.

Trying to find the ruins
06/13/2012, Hawksbill Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

Later we all piled in the dinghy and went looking for the hiking path up to The loyalist built Russell Ruins.. At first we stopped on the wrong beach so Dale went in search of the trail - he found it. This plantation settlement was on top of the "hill" on Hawksbill Cay. The trail was quite overgrown with scrubby bushes and it was hard to imagine that anything edible could ever grow there. There were quite a few remnants of homes, a bee hive oven, and maybe a rock fence. It was neat but very hard to take pictures of.

Here's Rich and Candy on the beach.

Look closely......
06/13/2012, Exumas, Bahamas

As we were swimming back to the dinghy I saw what I thought was a very straight stick in the sand. Finally my eyes recognized a very nice ray laying on the bottom. The ray started stirring up the sand like it was trying to hide itself when we all were looking at him. It was very cool - or "nifty" as Gus would say!!!

06/13/2012, Exumas, Bahamas

Pretty coral head - this soft flower looking thing will pull back in to it's "stem" when you wave your hand by it. We love these things!!

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