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Endeavor Together
At Sea - Day 2 - December 1
By Gina

A game of scrabble on the deck!

Our second day out might have been the calmest weather we've experienced since leaving San Diego!  And it's HOT!  So far, no  sightings of the migrating humpback whales but we saw some huge sea turtles swimming along the surface, and some flying fish. The kids kicked back all day, reading (Jamers), watching movies, making bracelets (Sydney), keeping cool.  I didn't push any school on them for the day. Rick & I took turns going down below, making ourselves rest, even though neither one of us could sleep. It's good to just relax.

We decided to skip our original planned stop of Isle Isabel and continue on to Ensenada De Matanchen.  Evidently there's a storm brewing off the mainland and we should plan on being in PV by Monday the 5th.  We'll catch Isabel on the way back in the spring.  This evenings night watch was very enchanting.  The half moon hung in the sky, the stars shined brightly above, and out on the horizon it was almost fog like.  The ocean was so calm, and these big round flashes kept appearing among the phosphorescent boat waves and just beyond. They must have been jelly fish.  It was so beautiful.

12/07/2011 | chiara
So great to hear from you. Love your comments, it is like being there with you. Miss you and love to all.
At Sea - Day 1 - November 30
By Gina

Leaving Los Muertos

Since our estimated time of departure was 12 noon, we got the kids up early for some school.  Nothing too strenuous, just math, history, vocabulary, and writing.  While they were hard at work, I got busy putting together a few meals for our long passage.  Even though we were not anticipating rough weather, it's nice to be prepared just in case for the 2 nights off shore.  By the time we left Muertos, the wind was blowing 10-14 from the NW which is perfect for a broad reach sail.  According to one forecast, that should be the strongest breeze we see until it slowly dwindles down to 4-8 kts by the evening. And that is pretty much how it played out. My first watch was from 10pm to 2am and conditions were dead calm.  The half moon dipped down over the horizon before midnight, leaving the sky illuminated with millions of stars.  I enjoy these peaceful bits of alone time with my coffee, chocolate, and a good audio novel. But, I'm usually ready to crawl into bed when I hear Rick rustling town below, getting ready to start his shift.

12/08/2011 | marisa
I love your updates!!! And scrabble on the deck? I am so jealous! It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Tell the family hi for me!
La Paz to Los Muertos November 29
By Gina
12/07/2011, 23 59.214'N:109 49.620'W

A shot of the pool and golf course at Costa Baja as we leave the bay

We hit the fuel dock early and by 740am we're out in the channel once again!  OH it is so beautiful out here and it feels amazing to be away from the marina!   Our first stop will be back to Los Muertos since the angle to Puerto Vallarta is favorable from there.  We are not anticipating a rough day, but possibly a few hours of confused seas.  The lumpy portion of the ride was short lived and the day turned out beautiful.  The winds were too light for most of the day, however, the engine was off and sails were up for a few glorious hours.
We arrived Muertos & dropped the hook at 330pm.  Among the 5 boats anchored were our friends aboard the Pearl;  Bob, Shari, Sydney, and Annie Buelt from Olympia who use to be our dock neighbors when we had our boat at Swantown Marina.  They left home   mid August and like us, are heading towards PV.  We had them over for happy hour, as well as Terry & Diane, and swapped stories over a glass of wine in our cockpit while the kids watched a movie down below.  We look forward to meeting up with them again in PV.

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