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Endeavor Together
Tenacatita 02/19/2012 - 03/04/2012
By Gina

The 14 mile jaunt north from Barra was a piece of cake and we were soon anchored in Tenacatita with about 25 other boats. Rick wasted no time in rigging up the whisker pole off the port side of Endeavor with a line attached for the monkeys on board to swing and plummet into the rediculously cold 72 degree water. Pearl came over and joined us in the cockpit for a few beers, allowing us to catch up since our last visit a few weeks prior. Annie was brave enough, or just crazy enough, to join Sydney & James, while her sister, Sydney, having more sense, watched from the comfort of the cockpit. We later enjoyed Sherrie's delicious Black Bean soup & Bob's "Red Neck Margaritas" aboard Pearl, along with Harmony, and then some of us got jiggy with it (or "jelly with it" as Rick would say) as Annie schooled us on the fine art of dancing with Wii Dance! Good times!

We all enjoy this anchorage at Tenacatita. It's secluded, there are no vendors, the beach is beautiful with a good size surf for boogie boarding & kayak surfing (but a bit challenging at times for dinghy landings), & one awesome palapa restaurant called La Vena. There is a large resort at the end of the beach that likes to party until the wee hours of the morning to loud Charo-type-music. After a few nights, annoyance gives way to acceptance of the fact that people like their music loud here in Mexico! Oh and we love the wildlife....more on that later.

There is such a great sense of community among the cruisers who stop over here for any length of time. Darrel and Rita aboard Overheated do a great job organizing daily activities such as Mexican Train Dominos at the palapa, bocce ball on the beach, and for the energetic, a swim to shore. They also organize a Friday night dinghy raft-up where everyone who wants to join in brings a side dish or appetizer to share along with books & DVDs to swap. It's a fun way to meet our neighbors and hear their stories and receive great advise.

We fell into quite a pleasant little routine here in Tenacatita. A bit of exercise in the mornings for Sydney and I with yoga on the deck, followed by coffee and school & later a long walk on the beach which usually included swimming and kayak surfing for the kids. We end up at the palapa for guacamole, beverages, and conversation. Back on the boat we all curl up in our favorite corner with a good book before dinner, then maybe a movie before bed. Aaahhhhhh...we will miss you Tenacatita!

By Gina

For the past month or so, we've been hopping around the Costalegre region from Chamela to Manzanillo, with stops in Tenacatita, Cuastecomate, Barra de Navidad, Melaque, Carrizal, Santiago, & Los Hadas. Finding it hard to pull ourselves away from this beautiful area, we decided to skip the long trek to Zijuatanajo this year, giving us freedom to really take it all in.

We've enjoyed all of these uniquely different stopovers, but we have our favorites. The very top on our list of course is Carrizal. We will forever compare all future snorkeling excursions to this. We were also pleasantly suprised by how much we enjoyed Santiago Bay. We had skipped this stopover when we were in the Manzanillo area last month due to the nasty red tide. It's located only 4 miles from Carrizal so we decided to break away for a few days and anchor around the corner in the bay. This gave us an opportunity to provision up, enjoy a long walk on the beautiful beach, and sample some quacamole at one of the palapa style restaurants. It was a picturesque setting and perfect location to help our friend Terry celebrate his 60th the rain! Yes, winter reared it's ugly head and settled in upon us on the 6th of February, bringing with it torrential downpours and much cooler temperatures. It was only in the 70's during the day, getting down to the upper 60's in the evening! We almost had to put blankets back on our beds! I had almost forgotten how constant grey skies can zap my energy. I have to admit, the cooler temps were a nice change, but we were so relieved to see the grueling 10 days of winter finally pass!

We hung out in Carrizal and Santiago for a few weeks before heading back to Barra. I do believe someone had ticked off Neptune, because he did not make the 20 mile passage from Carrizal a pleasant one! High seas and a consistant 25knot wind at our nose caught us totally off guard as everything down below ended up on the floor when it was all said and done. We had gotten too complacent having had consistantly benign seas since leaving La Paz! It took us a bit longer than anticipated but we arrived Barra a bit tousled & exausted but quite safe.

Aside from being a cool little town, Barra is a somewhat central location making it a natural hub for most of lifes necessities.....decent provisioning, funky tiendas, laundry service that will pick up and drop off at your boat, diesel and propane, awesome cafes, icecream (Sydney), and THE BEST Carniceria (meat market) we've found. If we're lucky, I reconnect with the rest of the world via the somewhat reliable internet service at the cruiser friendly Sands Hotel while the kids swim in their pool. Oh, and the French Baker! Yes, we have our own resident french man who tours the marina and lagoon every morning in his panga making us all fat with his freshly baked pastries and baguettes! My personal favorite is his blasted almond croissants! Can't resist!

Keeping with the topic of tasty food, usually when we come to Barra after being in a more remote anchorage such as Carrizal, we're grateful and somewhat desperate to go in to town and let someone else do the cooking and dish washing. We've enjoyed some great eats at Mexico Lindo, Pepi's, Bananas, La Officina, Fortinos, and that cool tree house restaurant that I can never remember the name! They all have something a bit different to offer in menu and ambiance, but all are worth going back to. Pepi's is a sidewalk cafe with only 3 or 4 tables offering deliciously cheap 25 peso burritos; follow that up with a stop at the icecream store around the corner and everyone is happy! La Officina is a favorite for great burgers and margaritas, owned by a young gringo and his wife along with their friendly brindle boxer dog, Homer. Fortinos restaurant, located on the beach in Colimilla, is easily accessed by dinghy from the lagoon. They have the best fish tacos and coconut shrimp we have found with a charming setting and great service! It is not uncommon in Mexico for meals to be prepared and served one or two at a time, with several minutes in between. But at Fortinos, our meals were served fresh, hot, and arrived at the same time. Lifes simple pleasures!

This was our 4th and final stop here in Barra. We're heading back north to Bandaras Bay in a few days, with stops in Tenacatita, Paraiso, and Chamela before arriving La Cruz the first or second week of March. We're looking forward to returning to La Cruz and we anxiously await the arrival of our close friends from home, the Buck family!!! James misses his buddies and talks about them constantly, and I'm giddy with the thought of spending a week with my Rhonda!

We probably won't have internet until we're back in Banderas Bay, but look for a long overdue blog post from James sometime in March, and maybe, just maybe one from our captain as well! He keeps promising and we'll hold him to it! Until next time....

02/27/2012 | janet sweeney
WOW just found the blog bit.Tina told me yesterday.All this time & I've missed so much. What wonderful writings, I assume Gina; then on to Sydney's.Very impressive & fun filled. Beautiful pic of you & your friend Amara.
Enjoyed seeing James lounging on aft deck.
Anxious 2 continue & see more.So happy I found this. HAVE THOUGHT OF U ALL ALOT
leo would b proud of U Rick.
b safe, healthy, have more fun & experiences
and know U R in my heart. j
03/14/2012 | Mary Latimer
Hi Rick, Gina, Sydney and James. What wonderful experiences you are having! Your trip is a trip of a lifetime and so enriching for all, especially Sydney and James at their age. We have enjoyed "catching up with you" via the blog and your photos are amazing! Gina your writing of your experiences is very interesting - you ever considered being a writer??? Seriously, you have a knack for writing your adventures in a manner that has kept us intrigued. We returned from 3 weeks in Hawaii this year to rain and SNOW (in March) Jeez. Enjoy your adventures, stay safe and thank you for the opportunity to share your wonderful adventures. Love, Mary and Mike
03/18/2012 | rhonda
The giddiness is here too, baby! Can not wait! Is it too early to start packing?
Manzanillo & Carrizal - January 13-24, 2012
By Gina

I had always wanted to travel to Manzanillo. In my minds eye I saw rustic fishing villages, a few small hotels, endless white sand fact, this is where the movie "10" was filmed! When we rounded the west corner into Bahia de Manzanillo with the white stucko of Los Hadas wrapping itself around the sloping hillside, it had the look of a Mediterranean village. Beautiful! The anchorage was tucked in a small nook of the bay just outside of the Los Hadas marina, surrounded by what seemed like one sprawling resort with a beach here and there. Larger hotels and more beach continued it's way a few miles around to where it merged gradually with the industrial life of Manzanillo. When dreaming of visiting here, I must have been in denial about the large commerical port located at the east end of the bay!!!

During our stay here, we enjoyed great times with friends, swimming in the pool everyday after school, playing volleyball, and the close proximatey to laundry facilities and grocery stores were convenient. Rick & Sydney even went on a zip line excersion into the jungle with a few other boaters! But after a week, we were anxious to leave the constant smog and red smelly water that had rolled in and made the bay uninviting. A quiet cove was calling our name.

We found one of those places where you can just be. The book you can't wait to finish sits on your lap unopened and without notice. No commotion from the boat. Everyone is in their own personal space. I am noticing the color of the water, the swell of the ocean as it gently lifts our boat up, and puts us down, before continuing on & eventually I hear it crash against the steep pebbly beach and surrounding rocks. We swing subtly, back and forth on the anchor chain, giving us a changing perspective from the cockpit. This is Carrizal. An isolated, uninhabited cove just around the corner from Manzanillo. It reminds us all of a favorite gunk hole in the San Juan islands, with a few obvious exceptions. No wet suits required to jump into the 80 degree water. On opposite sides of the cove are magnificent coral reefs, providing us with the most vibrant colors and vast array of sea life we've seen so far. We shared the cove and enjoyed snorkeling & happy hour with our Washington friends aboard Pearl, Harmony, and Wades Away.

It doesn't get much better than this!

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