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Log of Harlequinn, a Lagoon 380 S2 Catamaran
The End of the Season
05/27/2010, Spice Island Marina

That's a wrap, folks! The staff at Spice Islands are terrific, a very smooth haul out and storage. Cool Runnings apartments next door, hosted by Dr. Sinclair, provided a two day refuge while we cleaned and stored and even managed a quick trip to St. George's to survey downtown and the market. Bus service ( little vans) is great, marine supplies, hardware, groceries are easily available, and we are excited about coming back to explore a market full of fresh local spices, local foods, friendly folks and hikes in the interior. We took American Airlines directly to Miami, easy but expensive. Next season we will explore arriving via Trinidad and then LIAT Air to Grenada, just in case you are thinking of visiting us next year, you might look into that route as well. Reservations for the upcoming season are now being taken. Just remember our rule, TIME or PLACE, not both.
Have a great summer!

Tah Dah!
05/21/2010, Prickly Bay, Grenada

I admit its snake like appearance slowed us a bit as we slipped off the stern steps for a morning snorkel on the reef. We cautiously watched its progress from the turtle grass beneath the boat to a bit of coral just into a nearby white sand patch, brown and white stripes, about 18 inches long and only an inch or so in diameter. It wasn't that interested in us, so we continued with our swim midst clouds of tiny gray fish, slightly bigger forked tail creatures, and bigger yet blue tangs, sergeant majors, parrot fish, and one barracuda. A wonderful final swim of the season, punctuated by the discovery that our "snake" turned out to be a Harlequin pipe fish!
We sailed just a few miles around the corner today, signed up for our haul out on the 25th, made reservations to Florida on the 27th and Seattle June 5th, just in time for Timbull's first U.S. Art Show.

"Yar Matey, there be draggings or dragons"
05/20/2010, Dragon Bay

We lifted anchor early, at 6:15 and headed out towards Grenada, our goal for the last eight months. The island is beautiful and we finally anchored in Dragon Bay, a palm lines beach, we being the only boat there. We took a long snorkel dive on the reef. There are lots of fish and coral and since lobster season is closed, I saw a big one. We have returned to the boat to read and relax ( pretty good at these two things). Dinner was a ratatouille with some tropical vegetables (cho cho) . We hooked a big fish coming in (mahi?) but it got looose when we reduced sail toslow down and haul it aboard. Tomorrow we will sail towards Prickly Bay and Spice Island Marina where we plan to haul/ store Harlequinn while we return stateside. We are currently on what we call the "great eat-down" which involves getting rid of (eating) all of the stuff likely of spoiling in the tropical heat. This makes for interesting and tasty meals. Roni pointed out, a positive today, as she moved a French boxed wine into the frig. The great eat-down leads to more room in the refrigerator for the "great drink down".

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