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Log of Harlequinn, a Lagoon 380 S2 Catamaran
Faster and Cheaper than Fedex
04/22/2012, 17 55.6'N:62 52.3'W, Columbier, St. Barth's

We're legal again, with the gracious help of the staff at Port of Gustavia. A downwind sail across in light air chased by the occasional rain squall delivered us to Gustavia and checked in by four. Sailing is not a cheap sport but the wind is the free part. Speaking of wind, our forecasts have SE in them for the next few days, which is exactly where we need to go. So looks like we will just have to tough it out on one of our favorite islands for a while.

Back to Bart's
04/20/2012, 17 13.7'N:62 38'W, Cockleshell Beach, St. Kitts

When checking into St. Kitts five days ago we discovered our Boat Document was missing from our black leather pouch we carry back and forth to customs & immigration in each country we visit. That's like losing your passport. Phone calls back to Saba, where we had most recently cleared in and out , produced zero results. Visions of drifting around at sea, not even being allowed back in the U.S. plagued us for nights. If we got one reissued, the U.S. government would insist on mailing it only to our permanent address. We finally decided we would wing it, as we do have a copy of the original, and head on south. We cleared customs in St. Kitts, looked at weather and determined we would be off to Antigua's classic yacht regatta at first light the following morning. Dawn arrived with inspiration. Could we have left it in St. Barts? BINGO! Turns out Fed Ex would take 3 to 5 working days. We might as well sail back up. So here we are again, waiting for the winds to move east or better yet, southeast, and back to luxurious Gustavia.

Tucked in for Northeasterlies
04/15/2012, 17 15'N:62 40'W, White House Bay, St. Kitts

Still tucked in, flat waters but catabolic winds dancing off the hills and scooting across the bay with great glee, shooing minature clouds of spray in front of them.

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