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a journal detailing the cruising adventures of the sailing catamaran Inspiration

03 July 2016 | Prickley Bay, Grenada
14 May 2016 | Ste. Anne, Martinique
05 April 2016 | Prickly Bay, Grenada
05 April 2016 | Prickly Bay, Grenada
20 March 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
20 March 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
29 February 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
08 July 2015 | Prickly Bay, Grenada
03 July 2015 | Grenada, WI
06 June 2015 | Fort de France, Martinique
25 May 2015 | Portsmouth, Dominica
17 May 2015 | Barbuda
15 May 2015 | Portsmouth, Dominica
30 April 2015 | Barbuda
24 April 2015 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
13 April 2015 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
30 March 2015 | Deshaies, Guadalupe
23 March 2015 | Rodney Bay, St Lucia
23 March 2015 | Calviny Bay, Grenada
12 March 2015 | Grenada, WI

Leaving Grenada

02 February 2013 | Mt Hartman Bay, Grenada
We have been in and around Grenada for almost six months so it's past time for us to move on to different waters. We love the island and the people and plan to be back here this coming summer for hurricane season. Of course, the longer we're here the harder it is to leave. we have many friends here - cruisers and locals - who we hope to re-connect with upon returning too.

There's some stronger winds and squalls moving through the area now but those are supposed to stop tomorrow (Sunday) morning with the wind and seas moderating in the afternoon. Monday is forecast to have ralatively light winds and small seas while the rest of the week should also be fairly moderate weather as well.

We brought Inspiration into Mt Hartman Bay (just East of Prickley Bay) to Secret Harbor Marina. We're at the dock to do a few maintenance items that are much easier (or impossible) to do than when anchored out. One was to clean off the anchor line. We have 50' of chain with the rest being line. The chain is ok but the line was full of growth, slime & barnacles - good for cutting up my hands as I bring it in or let it out.

Our plans are to leave the marina tomorrow afternoon and sail around to the west side of Grenada. Then at sunrise we'll cast off and head north. Where we'll end up is somewhat dependent upon the wind & how the seas are running. We may go to St Lucia but may just keep going to Martinique, Dominica or even Guadeloupe.

Naturally, we'll update this blog with our new location as soon as we can get wifi access.

The picture is a shot of St George from the hills above the city.
Vessel Name: Inspiration
Vessel Make/Model: PDQ 36 LRC
Hailing Port: Milwaukee, WI
Crew: Gary Lehnertz / Margi Lehnertz
About: Margi has wrapped up her tax returns and has now joined the boat. (Brad is back in Alaska - until next winter. Brad has lived in Alaska for the past 30+ years. He's now wintering in south Florida and is assisting on the trip to the eastern Caribbean.)
We are taking my sailboat cruising through the Bahamas, then to the Virgin Islands followed by the eastern Caribbean (Leeward & Windward Islands). With the late start we go leaving George Town, we are working our way East & South. We will probably skip the Virgin Islands & the Leeward islands [...]
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