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Sailing with Inspiration
a journal detailing the cruising adventures of the sailing catamaran Inspiration
Leaving Grenada
02/02/2013, Mt Hartman Bay, Grenada

We have been in and around Grenada for almost six months so it's past time for us to move on to different waters. We love the island and the people and plan to be back here this coming summer for hurricane season. Of course, the longer we're here the harder it is to leave. we have many friends here - cruisers and locals - who we hope to re-connect with upon returning too.

There's some stronger winds and squalls moving through the area now but those are supposed to stop tomorrow (Sunday) morning with the wind and seas moderating in the afternoon. Monday is forecast to have ralatively light winds and small seas while the rest of the week should also be fairly moderate weather as well.

We brought Inspiration into Mt Hartman Bay (just East of Prickley Bay) to Secret Harbor Marina. We're at the dock to do a few maintenance items that are much easier (or impossible) to do than when anchored out. One was to clean off the anchor line. We have 50' of chain with the rest being line. The chain is ok but the line was full of growth, slime & barnacles - good for cutting up my hands as I bring it in or let it out.

Our plans are to leave the marina tomorrow afternoon and sail around to the west side of Grenada. Then at sunrise we'll cast off and head north. Where we'll end up is somewhat dependent upon the wind & how the seas are running. We may go to St Lucia but may just keep going to Martinique, Dominica or even Guadeloupe.

Naturally, we'll update this blog with our new location as soon as we can get wifi access.

The picture is a shot of St George from the hills above the city.

02/03/2013 | Bruce Sanders Lehnertz
Good sailing!! It's been very cool to hear about your travels, and stays to islands I've yet to meet. Stephon and I would love to come down and visit at some juncture. Get him PADI certified, and spend some time with you guys and with the reef beneath, as well as the islanders.
Holidays in Grenada
01/09/2013, Prickly Bay, Grenada (still)

We had a wonderful time while Mom was here. We got to go on two island tours with two different guides. One guide told (& showed) us all about the native plants that grow around the island. The other guide went into a lot of the history & talked about what it was like growing up here. It was great to get two different points of view.

We went to a Grenadian home for Christmas. We had Christmas Eve dinner at the de Big Fish restaurant. We also had a Boxing Day pot luck at the de Big Fish. We went to Grand Anse Beach. We got lobster and Gary cooked it one night. He also cooked sailfish one night.

We played lots of games including Rumicube. Mom brought us a Mexican Train game - we love it. She brought us lots of items that we could not get here. She also brought me a new pair of Keen Shoes that I ordered over the internet. The Keen's that Amanda gave me when we were on the cruise were not able to be glued anymore. Hope (from Starshine) gave me a pair that someone gave her and were too big. So now I have two pairs.

At Cool Running, the hotel that we stayed at, they had free laundry after 5 pm. I was able to wash all the rugs from the boat. Cool running also had the best internet connection since we left the U.S. We were able to Skype Sue and Steve on Christmas Eve and got to see their Christmas tree.

I was also able to talk to my Mom twice and sister, Fran, and brother, Steve.

We moved back to the boat on Saturday, December 29.

Monday was New Year's Eve. We went to de Big Fish. The dinner was seared tuna. It was delicious. We also had a bottle of Champaign. The music was great and we did some dancing. We got to watch the fireworks in London. We were back at the boat before midnight and got to watch fireworks from five different directions around the bay. It was raining at the time so we were lucky to be on the boat.

Picture is of mom by Concorde Falls

01/11/2013 | Jan
Happy New Year!!!
01/27/2013 | Sue
This is a great pic of Mom. She raved about her visit with you! Glad she was able to go! She sent me nutmeg & cumin. Love it!
02/01/2013 | Laurel
Where are you now - we want more news - are you guys fine - we are and I gave notice for May 1 at the LATEST, sooner if someone is hired and trained before that - we're still trying to do the RV thing...
Comments from Mom L
Helen L
12/26/2012, Grenada

I am having a marvelous time here. The island of Grenada is the most amazing place. The people are very friendly and the bus & taxi drivers even ask your name and introduce themselves. The vegetation beyond describing. We have gone on two tours - one along the east coast & inland and the other along the west coast and inland (the island is only 21 miles N-S by 12 miles E-W).

This is where almost all your spices are grown and they show you how they are processed. as you can see the monkeys are very friendly. we took a taxi downtown, which was quite an experience. we had lunch and Gary & Margi insisted that I had to have "Oil Down" - one of their famous foods here (& the national dish). Don't ask - I didn't eat much (Gary finished his & had some of mine).

We went out sailing on my birthday anld then went out to dinner on Christmas eve - the rum punches are really good. Christmas Day we were invited to a family dinner with a Grenadian couple Gary & Margi had met. There was aan abundance of food. The turkey and potatoes were the only ones I had heard of, but I tried a bit of everything.

Picture of mom with a Mona monkey in the Grand Etang forest

12/27/2012 | Bruce Sanders Lehnertz
Happy Belated Birthday, Mom! And Happy Holidays to all. Glad to hear Mom got there in good stead, and it was great talking to you guys they other day. The reception wasn't great, but I think my confusion was caused more by the surprise (and a little disbelief) of getting a call from Mom and Margie. You guys are all heroes in my book. Gary and Margie for identifying their dream and working steadfastly toward it. And then having the courage to follow through. And Mom -- you are the most amazing woman I have ever known. I love you all. Mom, thanks for the Christmas gift. It was quite a surprise, and much appreciated. Stephon sends his love to all, and I hope that later in the year we might be able to find you on some island where I can teach Stephon to dive.
01/02/2013 | Katy & Marcel
Happy New Year! Sounds like Mom had a great vacation and birthday! We miss you guys but are so happy that you are living your dream! Happy sailing!
01/05/2013 | Helen(Mom)
I got home in good shape but had to spend the night in a pricey hotel in Chicago because of my screw up on dates but had a great time and it was worth it. The island is facinating, the food not so much so. Gary and Margi took great care of me.
Reading Program Christmas Party
12/20/2012, Grenada, West Indies

Blog entry Dec 15

Today (Sat, 12/15) we went to the Mount Airys Christmas Party. With other cruisers we had put together gift bags for the children. It included silly bands, temporary tattoos, yo-yos, candy and hair ties for the girls. The cruisers also chipped together and bought a big screen TV for program. The head of the program Miss Jan also had gifts for all the children. Kyle and his brother Zardik were there. I have been working with Kyle and a few other boys for several weeks. I walked up to a woman who was talking to Zardik and found out she was their mother. I got to talk to her about how well Kyle has be doing. He really takes his reading seriously.

We sang Christmas songs and Hope read a Christmas book to the group. There was all kinds of food and cakes. Someone made a beautifully decorated cake. They women in the serving area put together plates of food. First for the children then for the adults.
We got to try a new bread called "bakes" they were round flat bread smaller than an English muffin. Very tasty.

Joe, a cruiser from Chicago, brought this magical substance that you added water to to make snow. Remember this is a county that will never have snow. The children loved it. They went outside to play with it & soon most of them had "snow" in their hair & on their clothes.

There was a woman there named Tracy, she works full time as a teacher, she got everyones attention and made them be quiet. All of the sudden the Prime Minister of Grenada (and Carriaco & Petite Martinique) was there. Miss Jan was very surprised. He was driving by and stopped for a few minutes and talked. I was very impressed.

Keith our driver to Mount Aries every week is also a tour operator. We will be going on one of his tours when Helen, Gary's Mom, comes to visit.

Sorry this posting got delayed. Mom got in last night just fine. She & Margi went to a Grenadian cooking class last night and we're having lobster tonight. I (Gary) got 3 BIG lobsters from local fishermen for our dinner.

The picture is from one of our earlier reading sessions with the kids.

12/23/2012 | Sue Vatcher
It was so good talking with you, Margi, and Mom today! Caught up on your blog, and am so jealous of the wonderful life experiences you are having. So neat to hear you helping out the young people on the island. Hope mom can bring home some good spices for us!!! Have a very merry Christmas. Love to all!
Grenada Happenings
12/19/2012, Prickly Bay, Grenada

Blog entry Dec 14

Christmas is coming in Grenada. Today we went on a Christmas Rum tour. We started out at the Merry Bakers with "build your own" hamburgers. Then we went to Clarke's Court Rum Factory. They make all different kinds of rum including rum punch. Gary got to taste them all. We bought Sorrel Rum. Sorrel is a flower that ripens near Christmas and juice is made from it. It is very sweet. Then we went to Westerhall Rum Factory. We had a very informative tour by a man who is third generation Grenadian. His family came from Scotland. His grandfather was a blacksmith on the island. Westerhall has moved its distillery to Trinidad because they have more flat land. On the grounds of Westerhall, they had the equipment that was used since the 1700's. They also had a fascinating museum.

We are enjoying Grenada and looking forward to Gary's Mom's visit. We talked to some local fisherman about getting lobster when she is here. Tomorrow is the big Christmas Party for the Mount Aries Young readers program.

This week we went to SeaUs for a wonderful dinner. It was Fish Curry with rice. It was so good. Then we had SeaUs over for dinner. I made pasta and we drank our last bottle of Dad L's Mead. It was nice to share it with friends. We enjoyed playing many games with them. I love to play various board games including RumiCube and card games. They brought us a phase 10 game. Gary then blew a so long blast on the conch shell as they left the harbor on their way back north. We will miss them!

Mom will be bringing us things that we can't get here. I wore out my Keen shoes and have re-glued them about 10 times. It will be nice to have a new pair.

The picture is of Margi & our island tour guide Cutty with one of the Mona monkeys.

In Grenada for Christmas
12/02/2012, Secret Harbour, Grenada

We are still in Grenada. We have decided to stay here for Christmas since Gary's Mom is coming down for Christmas to spend a week. We are so thrilled. We have been looking into places for her to stay.

Yesterday we went to the Mt. Airys Young Readers Program and the woman in charge invited us to her house for Christmas. We can bring our guest too.

On Wednesday we played Mexican Train Dominos and a man from a charter boat said he had extra food and liquor and wine that he did not want to leave on the boat for the charter company. There were 6 of us that were able to get food and drinks. It was very nice of the man who gave it to us and we got some free food & a bottle of wine.

I get to play Mexican Train Dominos on Wednesday and Saturday - Wednesday is for women only.

Our friends on SeaUs, Ryan and Olivia, had to fly back to the US for a funeral. Windy has a guest - Beau. He is such a wonderful dog. He is more than twice as big as Windy. He is very good and does what we tell him to do. He is fine riding in our dingy even though the one he usually rides in is much different. He eats 2 cups of food twice a day to Windy's ¾ cup. They both finish at the same time. Beau knows how to go to the bathroom on the boat. We are hoping that he will teach Windy while he is here.

Before they left Ryan & Olivia caught a BIG fish and gave us some. We had wonderful meals of fish for several days afterwards.

Although I missed taking care of Georgia and Camille on Black Friday, I do love it here.

The picture is from our hike to the 7 Sisters Falls - also known as the St Margaret Falls.

12/04/2012 | Rachel
its so good to hear fr y guys love the pic of the falls i did think of you on black friday i'm sure you didn't miss it glad you will have family down for christmas well you all have a great holiday and be sure to post more often

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