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S/V Journey
We have our new boat Check us out at our new blog:
08/09/2011 Introducing a new chapter
03/16/2011 Ahem!!!!
09/03/2010 Behind the wheel or "What does this big round thing do?"
05/07/2010 gatorama
04/22/2010 More Bahamas Photos
04/15/2010 not a smooth operator
04/14/2010 anonymous happenings
04/09/2010 how I wish upon a star
02/25/2010 My opinion, for what it's worth
02/12/2010 If the boat's a rockin'!
02/01/2010 Bahamas photos
02/01/2010 That would fix 'em
01/30/2010 The end of a Journey
01/30/2010 AGROUND AGAIN!
01/30/2010 Getting to know you
01/24/2010 Just hanging out
01/17/2010 crossing back to the states
01/15/2010 Goodbye Bahamas
01/15/2010 Dolphin House
01/15/2010 Thanks Al
01/12/2010 December 31st race day
01/11/2010 reflections
01/11/2010 things that go bump in the night
01/11/2010 waiting on the wind
01/11/2010 Headed NORTH!
01/10/2010 Kite surfing
01/01/2010 racing in the Bahamas
12/31/2009 Wild Island
12/30/2009 Swimming pigs, no lie!
12/29/2009 chores on the boat
12/28/2009 sunrises galore!
12/27/2009 If yer gonna have a pool- don't have a wimpy one!
12/27/2009 Staniel Cay Divers
12/23/2009 Merry Christmas!
12/21/2009 fins to the left... you get the idea.
12/20/2009 in honor of our family and friends at home
12/18/2009 Allen's Cay, Exumas
12/17/2009 zoom zoom
12/15/2009 raining on our parade
12/14/2009 it's whom you know
12/14/2009 Islander Dough boat
12/08/2009 Early December updates
12/03/2009 computer issues
11/27/2009 Thanksgiving
11/23/2009 We made it
11/23/2009 Port of Miami
11/22/2009 sailing offshore Palm Beach to Miami
11/22/2009 Staging for the jump
11/19/2009 Ft. Pierce FL
11/18/2009 Oh, The Hugemanatee!
11/16/2009 Look! In the sky! It's a shuttle launch!
11/16/2009 Everybody wave now!
11/12/2009 a day on the ICW
11/12/2009 rainy day in georgia
11/11/2009 South of Hilton Head!
11/08/2009 Georgetown,SC
11/05/2009 Still on the ICW
11/04/2009 Our first three days
11/03/2009 Camping at Lejune (just kidding-we can't go ashore!
11/02/2009 Moorehead City to Southport, NC
11/02/2009 On our way!
09/29/2009 Crunch Time
09/23/2009 Up the mast
09/18/2009 Dancing with Ferrys
07/30/2009 Rope-a-dope
07/28/2009 Last one on the left, you can't miss it!
07/23/2009 on a clear day you can see forever
07/23/2009 Cha-cha-chain, chain of fools
06/26/2009 subtropical fun & games
06/16/2009 Gloss it over
06/16/2009 She touched the but!
06/12/2009 It's pronounced "Bowfert"!
06/09/2009 Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
06/09/2009 Strike Three! (but we're out!)
06/06/2009 Laughter, the best medicine?
06/06/2009 Maintain dignity at all times
06/06/2009 Creative licence
06/05/2009 Follow the Journey
05/13/2009 Yay, SailCare!
03/22/2009 Intoduction
Follow the Journey
Who: Martha and Al
Port: Wendell, NC
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