Adventures of Jubilee
Building an Appetite

Early in the morning Don captured this image only 100 yards from our mooring at Green Point. He entered it in the DPP print competition in Aug and won best in show. He's a lucky guy!

Returning from Annapolis

While passing some friends they surprised us with this image yesterday, so we added it to the many that we cherish of our sailboat.

Last week we spent a weekend in Annapolis visiting the harbor area on a mooring. Highlights were seeing some of the super yachts at AY Harbor and the yummy gelatos (Italian ice cream) with misc flavors. Pixie also enjoys walking in the harbor must be a so much fun to take in the bouquet of perfume of other dogs at 10k times what we relate to.

Swimming w/ the Nettles
09/17/2009, Edge Creek / Choptank

Sue and Miranda swimming in Den Wallace's nettle net to cool off!

09/17/2009, Oxford

We arrived on Friday afternoon after a light air race that we won by just one second.... yes believe it or not, it only was a second!

From l to r Geri Walker, statistician, chief bottlewasher and moral support; Harwin Smith, helmsman, KIA and most likable guy; Sue Engler, typically the boss and pocketbook chairperson; Don Engler, do-it-all and keep the boat looking pretty & fast; Miranda Dipres, grandaughter....can't do a thing wrong.

We had a great time and will return again next year.

Adventures of Jubilee
09/17/2009, Chesapeake Bay

Thanks for visiting our blog today!

We have been planning our trip South and it looks like we will be leaving the first week in October this year (2010). We'll keep you informed of our trip down the coast; either travelling in the ICW or outside, and accross to the Bahamas.

09/17/2009 | jim b
Annnnticipation.....stretches out the joy of planning your trip South. Thanks for sharing your sailing dream!
09/19/2009 | Harwin Smith
Your Blog is a great idea. We can keep up with your sailing adventures on Jubilee.
The Best to U
Don / 85 / sunny / hot
12/31/1969, J&K Computers G-T

Yep... this is where we spend our time writing to you folks on our blog. Today we were here for more than 4 hrs catching up on our blog, email and facebook accounts.

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