Adventures of Jubilee
Lucky to have the Camera
Don / 80 / Sunny
11/11/2010, Mooring Field

A carefree pelican prowling the territory. They are a sight to see as they glide through the air gracefully and then all of sudden they see a fish & make a big
splash in the water diving for the fish.

Lunch with the Logans
Sue / 77 / Sunny
11/11/2010, Famous Waldos Restaurant

Elaine and Larry Logan met us at the dinghy dock and off we went to Waldos Oceanside dining and hotel in Vero Beach. (Notice the pretty blue water in the background). It was wonderful playing catch up with them and finding out about being a Fl. resident. They have been living in Melboourne which is about 1hr.40 min. from Vero Beach. We really appreciated them coming to see us and taking us around town.

Evening Sky
Don / 75 / warm sunset
11/10/2010, Vero Beach, FL

As the sun drops down in the West, we will begin searching our shopping lists for the bus trip tomorrow.

Arriving Vero Beach Marina
Sue / 78 / sunny
11/10/2010, Vero Beach, FL

We arrived a little before 2 PM and took mooring ball 31 in 11' of water. The current moves a little, but the neighbors are all very friendly.

In View of the Eau Gallie Bridge
Don / 75 / warm sunset
11/09/2010, Melbourne, FL

We rode around inside Dragon's Point and found a swingbridge and lots of large, beautiful homes. There are a couple of marinas and repair yards here as well. When we returned to Jubilee, (we were in the dinghy) we were rewarded with this beautiful site of the Eau Gallie Bridge that connects the mainland and smaller islands.

11/11/2010 | Connie Deamond
You are capturing some incredible photos.
Eau Gallie
Don / 77 / sunny
11/09/2010, Oh Golly!

It didn't take long to go from pants and sweatshirts to no shirts and shorts! Truly summer has returned. It took us about 4 hrs to make the change since it was a cool 51 this morning. We pulled the anchor in front of Titusville Marina and ran the ten minutes in to make sure Pixie could do her normal business. It sometimes slows us down to make these adjustments, but we love her too much not to make these sacrifices.

The secret anchorage just 34 miles away was waiting for us. Sue has been speaking to Elaine Logan and she recommended this beautiful spot of loveliness. 15-20 ft deep and protected from north and south. The porpoises greeted us with many shows and we saw about eight as we entered Dragon Point near the Eau Gallie Bridge.

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