Adventures of Jubilee
Moon over Miami
Don / 70 / clear night
11/19/2010, North Miami

Taken just before dinner appeared; actually two images to look as one. The moon wasn't near the hotels.

We arrived at the Florida College anchorage near Oleta campus around noon today. We passed thru 9 bridges and Ft Lauderdale's busy inlet/shipping area. Their 17th Street drawbridge is a sight to see if you never have seen it. The tide and wind were a mean duo keeping us backing from many of the bridges waiting for them to open. We need to do some more shopping tomorrow and visit some friends who live here in the winter.

11/20/2010 | Kathy
I love the moon in this picture! So dramatic! It sounds like you are all doing well and enjoying the trip so far. Al is down on the boat right now hooking up a DVR. He's doing great!
A Little Too Large
Don / 81 / sunny & windy
11/19/2010, Hollywood, FL

Running South thru some of the smaller cities after Ft Lauderdale we came upon this sight that surprised me that a sailboat would even consider such a large display of uglyness. Perhaps this person has always wanted a large ship and is starting with the TV Antenna.

Lake Boca
Don / cloudy/rain expected/ 78
11/18/2010, Boca Raton, FL

We had planned to sail outside today (ocean) to Ft Laurerdale but the weather didn't look great to start with, so we ran the ICW and all of the 11 bridge openings. We were lucky at a few who waited or should say they spaced their opening later for us. We have completed a total of 1047 miles on the ICW and about 168 on the Chesapeake Bay. Today was the first time since we've been travelling that I could see and dive down and touch the keel. I gave the entire boat a look over and scrubb. I even could see the chain and anchor as if was dug into the sand. Totally overwhelming!! Sandy Netting suggested that I purchase a small digital underwater camera and I haven't yet, but this is a real reason to do it.
Sue captured this image of some of the wealth in this area.

11/20/2010 | Kathy
Beautiful house and yacht! Boca is amazing.
Lake Worth (free anchorages)
Don / 85 / sunny
11/17/2010, Lake Worth

It was a hot afternoon that I picked to stroll down SR 1 to find some zincs for Jubilee. The two that I placed on the prop shaft were worn down and one was completely gone. Sue, Dave & Toni decided to shop for groceries and found a Publix around the corner, whereas, I had to walk a mile to the West Store who only had one zinc. I put it on immediately when I returned to the boat.

Pixie has been so close with us these last few days and I hope she is enjoying the trip. We couldn't see making it without her.

Wait'n in the Trees
Don / 80 / Sunny
11/16/2010, Peck Lake

Sue said I was stalking this osprey all day, but I really wasn't. He was calling for his mate and he/she never showed up. I know exactly how he feels when I go shopping with Sue!

Enjoying Peck Lake
Don / 82 / sunny

Our friends the Mershons joined us on the beach after our picnic lunch. We had fun just looking at what washes up and the different shells here in FL.

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