Adventures of Jubilee
Peace & Plenty Visitation
Don / 81 / sunny & windy
01/21/2011, Peace & Plenty Inn

All the cruisers at Sand Dollar, Volleyball, Honeymoon and Monument Beaches were all invited to the Peace and Plenty Inn to enjoy their Bahamian hospitality and meet the new city delegates. We showed up on time to taste their dellcious foods and drinks.

Dinner for our Friends
Don / 79 / sunny

We invited two of our friends James and Doug who have helped us 1# restiching our sail leech pocket and foot lines and Doug for offering his Ro water that he produces on his boat.

Dinner aboard Winterlude
Don / 80 / Sunny
01/18/2011, Hole 2 Stocking Island

While completing our final test in total immersion, Jean and Art, a super couple we met in the class, asked us to their boat for dinner. The folks from "Puff" were also invited and it proved to be a really fun evening. Jean and Art were flying back home to Oregon the following day and wanted to have us all over before they left.

01/23/2011 | Tom Gerard
Hope dinner was good! Finally found you. Looks like a great trip.
Total Immersion Swimming Test
Sue / 82 / sunny
01/17/2011, Honeymoon Beach

We met at 10 AM to take our TI test and see how the results looked as far as how each of us have "grown" in our respective swimming roles. Don did really well from the previous test of 36 strokes in 25 yards to just 17. I improved from 52 to 26.
We won the most improved boat and honors for this class. I was very happy to learn this new type of swimming and do feel less tired while in the water.

Beach Church
Don / 84 / hot
01/16/2011, volleyball Beach

Beach Church - Sue gave the opening prayer from Kim/Dave's Purpose Book; we sang several of our favorite songs; Don sang tenor to blend with the ladies, we only had one bass.

A lot of people wonder what we do all day so thought I'd fill you in. This will be a busy week as we'll be starting our day with our final total immersion swim test in the a.m.; then we'll be helping to clean the volleyball courts in the afternoon, 50's & 60's dance at 5:30 with dj entertainment. Tomorrow is laundry day, groceries, fill up on water, etc. in town. Don has a seminar about electronics at 10:30 and he hopes we'll be back from town to attend. Sue has bible study in the afternoon and then we've invited to a friend's boat for dinner. Wed. is cocktail hour with new friends who have been cruising for over 20 years. Friday is a Tea Party with the cruisers & the town leaders to get to know one another and we get the opportunity to try the Bahaman pastries, etc. Sat. is a bus tour of
the island, haven't signed up yet. Every day 2:30-4pm is fun volleyball. Don will
be teaching the volleyball clinic later on in January. He also hopes to give seminars
on Photog., but we're needing a video projector; never thought to bring one from home.

Choir Rehersal
Don / 81 / sunny & windy
01/15/2011, St Francis

Choir Practice - Sue and I joined the choir last week and sang the following day. Sue is pictured with Toby who she has identified as a look alike as her ex-mother-in-law Ellen Filer in North Cape May, NJ.

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