Adventures of Jubilee
Deserted Beach; Oceanside
Don / 80 / Sunny
02/01/2011, Georgetown, Bahamas

We found a deserted area on the oceanside yesterday and I went swimming for about an hour to relax.

Headed into G-Town
Don / 80 / Sunny
01/29/2011, Georgetown, Bahamas

We will be headed into Georgetown this morning to visit the Exuma Market and to upload our files on the blogsite you are reading. We are enjoying the relaxed atmosphere here and the warmer weather. Hope all is staying warm back home.

01/30/2011 | Jim Bastinck
You guys look great! You REALLY picked the best January to be away for your special adventure. The plows are running out of space to move snow. It's piled 7'high in my parking lot. Going to visit the cabin tomorrow....brrrr! jimb
02/02/2011 | Roberta
Loving all your great pics and notes. You are making us long for spring and sailing on the Chesapeake. What a wonderful adventure you are having.
Don / 80 / Sunny
01/28/2011, Volleyball Beach, G-Town

Skip from "Flying Pig" gave a two hour semimar about VHF Radio, Cell Phones, SSB, and Wifi Technology. We counted about 140 people that attended.

Tow Back From Goat Cay
Sue / 82 / sunny
01/27/2011, Goat Cay

Sue & Don made a trip to Goat Cay by dink so Sue could see Dr. Fox at the clinic regarding her muffled hearing loss - due to wax build-up in the ears. Sue bought meds & will return next wk. for checkup. When returning to our locked up dink that afternoon, our outboard decided to not start. We rowed over to the only boat in the cove and asked if they had an spark plug ratchet wrench - they didn't know what we meant as they spoke only French. Then I asked for the use of their vhf radio & I was able to reach our friend Doug who came & towed us back to our boat.

Anniversary Party
Sue / 82 / sunny
01/26/2011, Volleyball Beach, G-Town

We were invited to Marie-Antonine's 50th anniversary (a boat) party on the beach on Wed. This was a dressy affair and we haven't come prepared, but we are just first timers here. The lady in the blue dress is Toby and Karen on the left with Judy to the right.

Necessary Items 5
Sue / 79 / sunny
01/24/2011, Volleyball Beach, G-Town

Our anchor chain is attached to a Rocna Anchor and about 100' of 3/8 chain to keep our boat from moving. Also a substantial help in all this is our nylon snubber that fits between the chain links and gives the required springiness to the hard and durable chain.

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